*Note: This takes place the same time Mordecai and Eileen go out on a date.*

The autumn leaves looked beautiful as they cascaded up the sidewalk. Margaret's eyes followed the dancing leaves as they lead up the street. Margaret sighed, she envied Eileen going out on a date with Mordecai while she was stuck here working for the rest of the day. And it's not just any day either, it's a Friday! Margaret looked over at the costumers and saw that there was barley anybody there. Just some old guys playing checkers and a girl who seemed to be studying for her final exams in school. Wait a minute….SHE FORGOT TO STUDY FOR HER FINAL EXAMS! Margaret got up and raced towards her car, hoping her books were in there. Relief had entered her when she saw the books, but soon escaped her when she realized how much stuff she had to study. Margaret grumbled a few curse words as she trudged back to the Coffee shop, with a nice load of books accompanying her.

A few hours pass, though it seemed like it was decades in Margaret's eyes. She at least got the main material down, thankfully. She gladly focused all her attention on her studying, that was, until a certain raccoon entered the shop with a bored look on his face.

Rigby came to the Coffee Shop because he had nothing else to do. Not only was he still in a fight with his best friend, but he also was out on a date with the girl who liked him! Not Mordecai, him! Rigby bored face soon turned to fumes the more he thought about the date between the two, though to be honest, he never really understood why he was angry in the first place. He kept thinking about it, until he saw Margaret reading. Reading? Out of all the people in the world, why was this girl, reading? Everything was starting to get strange around here.

Rigby walked right up to Margaret and said, "Why are you looking at those-ugh- books?" he looked at Margaret's face who suddenly looked annoyed. She turned to him and started sighing.

"Because Rigby, I'm studying for my final exams for college." Margaret answered. She turned back to her studies, hoping he would go sit down somewhere.

Rigby's face looked shock he responded "You go to college?" Margaret's face looked even more annoyed than when he first came here. She face palmed herself when he asked that, and here she thought he already knew that.

"Yes Rigby, I go to college, now can you please leave me alone so I can study!?" Margaret finished while she shooed Rigby off to another table. Now it was Rigby's turn to be annoyed, how the hell was he suppose to know she went to college? She looks more like she belongs to a hooker school, than an actual college. He thought the woman didn't even read much. Next thing you know, people like Jack the Ripper are proved innocent when they are in the court house.

A few more hours passed, Rigby just looked like he was about to shoot himself to get rid of the boredom, he knew what expect when he dies anyway, seems like a deal to him. Oh who was he kidding? It would be the dumbest thing he had ever thought of "Here lies Rigby: Death of boredom" He started to snicker, causing Margaret to sneak a glance at him. She felt kind of guilty for treating Rigby like that earlier today, Plus, she was tired of studying. She could study a little bit from now on since the exam was in two weeks.

Though it would be nice if Rigby could help her study, a plan appeared in her head, causing her to smirk. "Oh Rigby!" Margaret chimed. Rigby snapped his head towards her in annoyance. "I know you must be mad at me, but why don't we make up by helping me study…" Margaret winked at him and gestured him to come over. Rigby felt a little hot when she said that last word, who was he kidding? He felt like he was being boiled 3000 degrees in a pot. He walked over there and silently sat down and waiting for instructions on how to help her. Wait a minute….Why was she asking him of all people for help? He didn't even graduate from high school!

"Why are you asking me? I'm one of the dumbest people you've ever met!" Rigby asked confused. Margaret started chuckling and stared into Rigby's eyes.

"Oh Rigby, I'm sure you aren't that dumb" Margaret stated. Rigby looked at her doubtingly and shrugged his shoulders. "Now, lets start with English."

*20 minutes later*

Margaret knew Rigby was dumb, but this was ridiculous! "Come on Rigby! That's a ninth grade word! Ninth grade!" She kept stopping and pointing out the mistakes, Rigby kept getting more and more frustrated that the fact he couldn't even understand what these words even meant.

Rigby finally had enough of this "That's it! Screw your studying! I can't understand some words or definitions, so what? You think I'm suddenly going to turn into some super genius just because you told me to help you study? You knew I didn't graduate high school, why did you invite me over to help you? To humiliate me? Everyone at work already makes fun of me for not having a high school diploma! Now you!?" Rigby said with anger in his voice, but hurt in his eyes. Margaret tried to say something, but was interrupted by Rigby. "Don't try and comfort me, it's not going to make anything better. As a matter of fact, the situation between us before seemed better than this!" Rigby stormed off to the bathroom, leaving a very guilty and hurt Margaret in the dust.

"Oh Rigby, what have I done?" Margaret whispered to herself in agony. She could hear Rigby scream his frustration in the bathroom and hitting the stalls.

She wanted to come in there and comfort him, but that would be awkward. She was going to let him just cool off, but an idea popped in her head instead. One that would be sure to make him happy.

Afternoon soon turned into night, the clock was ticking towards seven in anticipation. Rigby was just about done finishing his little tantrum. He stopped before he was about to walk out the door sighing. He felt like a fool, not for him actually helping Margaret with her college work, but for getting upset about it. Now she must think he is a fool…Wait. What? Since when did he care what she thinks of him? Besides, she is not exactly miss genius herself. Rigby shook his head at such trivial thoughts and continued to walk out the bathroom door. He was just about to leave until-"Rigby, wait!" He turned around looking at the source of the voice calling him. He didn't even know why he'd bother turning around, he already knew it was Margaret. The eager look on her face made him sigh. What does she want? He already forgave her secretly and quite frankly, he was tired.

"You better make this quick. There is a nice, warm trampoline waiting to be laid in, and I'm not exactly taking my sweet time here." Rigby grumbled. Margaret only responded by putting this book in front of him. "A Dictionary?" Margaret nodded.

"Not just any dictionary, a college dictionary that is only given to college graduates. My friends gave it to me for getting straight A's for the semester. I thought it was a cool idea for you to show it off if any of your co-workers made fun of you." Rigby was speechless and had yet another confused expression.

"Umm.. thanks I guess." He took the book and silently walked out of the coffee shop with Margaret waving cheerfully as he walked down the sidewalk. Rigby was frustrated, 'What's with this girl!' Rigby didn't notice the blush creeping onto his face. "Well…I guess she isn't as bad as I put her out to be." Rigby said as he noticed a familiar cart appearing between two cars.

Authors Note: Yay! Another chapter completed! I did start this chapter way, way long ago, but alas! My computer has captured another virus. I actually don't like the way I'm writing this story, seems too…Hmm Cheap. Well, I'd say this is good for the first fan fiction I've ever written. Don't worry, though I may not look like it, I'll update eventually. Thanks and buh-bye!