The next few days passed quietly with Harry barely saying a word. He felt so guilty about what happened, Hermione knew it and kept giving him sympathetic smiles which of course didn't help. At night Harry was most lonely, unable to stretch his wings he became truly stiff. He spent most of night gazing out the window until he became so tired he had to fall asleep and even then some nights he was plagued by visions usually the same one. Sprinting through the woods followed by the hunters. He hadn't told anyone about them, best to keep his growing powers under wraps!

Dinner on the Tuesday was slow quiet, everyone cramped around the long thin dining table which matched the rest of the gruesome kitchen. With the whole order staying for dinner before the meeting, Mrs Weasly spent most of her time near the cooker preparing more food as more people turned up. Even Mungdungas came against all the remarks he received. He cowered quietly in the corner avoiding eye contact with everyone especially Mrs Weasly! Dinner was awkward the order wanted to crack on with their meeting but Molly banned any talk in front of the kids, as she called them. Sirius broke the silence.

"Arthur did you manage to find out about you know what, which we are not meant to speak about?" he raised one eyebrow!

"Yes but the ministry's not giving much away apparently the weapons still hidden" Arthur gave it away; he fiddled with his fingers looking down awkwardly. Everyone's eyes were now upon him.

"Arthur" shouted Molly whilst washing a dish.

"Weapon, Voldermort wants a weapon, what is it?" enquired Harry enthusiastically.

"See now look what you've done, he's too young to know!" said Molly walking forward towards the table "Go on all of you bed now" she instructed gesturing to the door. They all got up at a snail's pace waiting for someone to stand up for them.

"No, Harry stay, he's my God son and he really should know what happening!" Harry glanced to Molly. She was fuming like a kettle ready to scream.

"It's not your decision, I have just as much as right as you" she retorted "Remember what Dumbledore said!"

"I haven't forgotten what he said, Harry must know! He can stay" answered Sirius equally fiercely "Remus do you agree?" he snapped.

"Yes" He said solemnly.

"Well Then that settles it!" She answered, obviously annoyed "Fred George, the rest of you bed now"

"What we're of age you can't make us! We have as much right to be here as everyone else, Don't we Dad?" bawled Fred looking towards his Dad for support.

"Arthur back me up here they can't stay can they?" she paused waiting for a reply "ARTHUR" she glared into his eyes.

"Well actually the boys are right they are of age!" he said still not looking up "it's their choice just like the rest of us if they want to be here!"

"Fine but the rest of you bed!" Harry suddenly felt extremely guilty another argument he had caused!

"What that's not fair Harry's not of age and he can stay Hermione and I want to stay! We're with Harry thick and thin!" Yelled Ron finding his voice. Again Ron had managed to make Harry feel even guiltier and now he had brought Hermione into the argument as well. She looked quite petrified staring forward as if she would like to be anywhere else but there right now!


"Molly they have a point" Said Kingsley resting his hands on the table! She looked around the table everyone sat still agreeing with Kingsley.

"Alright go ahead stay but Ginny bed no questions your too young" she threw her hands in there air and moved back to her seat followed by Ron and nervously Hermione.

"What!" Answered Ginny and when know one backed her up she stormed off up the stairs cussing violently. The portrait screamed as she passed. Remus ducked out to shut it up quickly. With Harry's hearing he could still her here when she eventually reached her room.

"We believe Voldermort has found a weapon!" said Moody seriously looking straight into Harry's eyes.

"Well I could have worked that out for myself!" replied Harry.

"Something he didn't have the last time, something so powerful, humans will hide in fear! Problem is we don't know what it is at the moment ministry have their hunches, everyone does but so far we can't think what it could be" said moody.

"And what are you doing about it?" Asked Ron.

"Well when we know what it is we intend to find it before Voldermort does" responded Tonks happily. Her purple hair radiant.

"And do you know where to start?" asked Hermione

"Well we are guessing the..." Harry's view changed drowning out Moody's voice, The Kitchen disappeared .he was stood in a rich drawing room, the angles of the walls distorted, it almost felt alien, the walls were dark tinted with silver furnishing. Portraits hung across the elaborated patterned black walls. All the pictures blonde pointed snotty people dressed in the finest clothing. Someone paced forward; Harry couldn't see his face but his voice he recognized it was barely above a whisper. He kneeled next to a large tattered red armchair where another man sat his hand resting on the edge. Harry walked forward he only saw the back of the chair but the hand was unmistakable. It was bony ugly looking grey in colour the hand of Voldermort no doubt.

The man spoke "My lord it's true the weapon will be ready as you prophesized!" he whispered close to Voldermort. Harry still didn't recognize the man. His head was covered by a black hood and his face was hidden under the shadows. On his hand he wore a snaked silver ring containing a green diamond. It gave Harry no clue who he was all Death Eaters praised the snake!

"Good you have done well don't worry you will be rewarded! When the time is right you must bring me the weapon, your loyalty has been noted!" A woman tall gaunt almost crazed in appearance walked in holding a dagger in her hand. She paused, straightened up and moved over to Voldermort.

Harry recognized her from the wanted posters scattered around. Bellatrix Lestrange, Sirius's estranged cousin. There was no resemblance between them, maybe once but now she looked utterly bedraggled! Her hair was a mass of knots, her dress ripped, she looked ghostly. Her eyes had a homicidal craze about them. "They figured it out the weapon's weakness!" She squealed with excitement "He can't tolerate human blood! You stab him with a dagger drenched in human blood he will surely die, hah! Otherwise he is quite immortal!"She spat the last word out. She held the dagger out in front of her. Harry recognized it but he wasn't sure it had a crest of arms on it. "This one has been lined with snake blood it can kill him" she said with pure joy and a sense of pride almost jumping up and down on the spot.

"Yes but remember I need him first before he dies he has a greater purpose!" answered Voldermort, she quietened, with a wicked smile.

"You don't know the honour I would feel if you asked me to fetch the weapon for you!" there was so much pleasure in her voice. The light from the fireplace highlighted her features making her look more sinister, evil in fact.

"All in good time Bella! All in good time" The vision began to fade darkness over crowed the room leaving only the light from the fireplace visible. Suddenly Harry found himself back in the kitchen!

"Potter? Harry you alright!" grunted Moody touching his shoulder. Harry blinked his eyes went green again. Moody was leaning over him staring him straight in the eye whilst the other eye was spinning round crazily.

"See I knew this was a bad idea he can't take it!" said Molly quick to judge.

"I know what it is!" said Harry in a trance like mood. Staring at the candle but not really seeing it at all. He rocked slightly.

"How?" asked Tonks leaning forward a little.

"A vision" everyone leaned forward slightly, urging Harry on "It was in a dark horribly depressing manor, He was there with two others, one was Bellatrix the other" Harry shrugged his shoulders.

"You're a seer! Have you had any other visions and what was the weapon?" enquired Lupin, Molly looked extremely nervous she began biting her nail.

"Yes I have and the weapon it's a person someone powerful but not ready, he said only an inflicted wound by human blood would kill the weapon, they had a dagger infused with human blood, ready to... I don't know I didn't see". All was quiet nobody spoke for a moment. Tonks smiled.

"So he's not going to use this weapon but kill him!" exclaimed Tonks cheerfully "Well that put's our worries down slightly!" They gaped at her. Arthur shook his head in amazement at her stupidity.

"No, he said he would kill him after!" cut in Harry looking up! After they managed to get Harry to confess up about his previous recurring vision, making more fuss about it than what Harry thought it needed. "Yes there were men after me yes and yes the black rock that made me shift!" Harry thought he was being perfectly clear except now he had repeated it three times; they all sat back in their chairs curious faces thinking about the vision!

"So there was a dagger, it could link" Finally said Lupin "but you can't remember what it looked like!"

"Not really, no" mumbled Harry. Night was upon them so the meeting had to end, Harry left slightly earlier than the rest ready to transform through to morning. He didn't loiter about tonight he was tired, tired of Interrogation. He drifted into a dreamless sleep immediately.