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Spoilers: Not really, but up to season 2 to be safe. Completely AU from there.

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Santana Lopez was many things, but a fool was not one of them.

For example, she knew that something was really wrong with Rachel Berry the moment the girl set a foot inside Mckinley High wearing those tight jeans. No pants suit, no awful animal sweaters or knee socks. Just a plain button down shirt and jeans so tight that Santana was going to have the curve of that ass engraved in her memory for a very long time. She knew that Berry was hot under all the argyle and the diva attitude. She'd have to be blind not to notice, but the midget never acted like she knew it.

Something happened over the summer, something big, because now Berry was parading around Mckinley with more opened buttons on her shirt than the amount that would be considered proper for school. Not to mention, she was now flirting with everyone that crossed her path, Santana included.

And that's one of the things that caused Santana to cringe. Rachel Berry had flirted with her dared to laugh at her face, and instead of wanting to punch her; she had been extremely attracted to the midget.

It was... unsettling.



Who gave her the right?

Nobody knew why, but Rachel left Glee without any remorse or explanation. She made Shuester cry, and she even dared to dared to tell Sue to shut up, which would be considered a dead wish. However, to top it off, there was THE QUINN SITUATION.

Not only did her gaydar ping like crazy every time Q and Berry were in the same room. The looks they exchanged on a regular basis could be qualified as PG18 sometimes, but Santana never imagined that they would act on it. Rachel had always been obsessed with the giant and too blind to pay attention to anything or anyone else, and Quinn, the perfect head cheerleader, had enough shit in her life to add 'out and proud' to the list and put an even bigger target on her head. But when the new, improved and extremely gay Rachel Berry finally saw the light, Quinn didn't hesitate to jump on the train. Well, she did hesitate at first, but something must have happened to make Quinn change her mind in the span of a day.

Maybe, if the horrible scarf around Quinn's neck had been any indication, Berry was too good an opportunity to pass.

But something in her gut was telling her that things weren't that simple. Rachel's personality had made a 180 turn. In addition to being playful and flirty, she was also cranky and aggressive, and not in the cute Chihuahua kind of way, but more along the lines of someone who's about to go into a murderous spree.

However, it was the moment she saw Rachel lift the hockey player from the ground that sold it. Little smurf Berry was scary. There was something dark in her eyes, something that, in that moment, made Santana's whole body shiver in fear. She didn't even stop to think about how impossible it was for Rachel to have lifted a boy twice her size, to slam him against the lockers, and made him hover a couple of inches from the ground. Santana was pretty sure that the only thing that saved the jock's manhood was Fabray's perfect timing. The instant Quinn's hand touched her; Rachel's anger deflated enough to release the poor boy, who ran down the hallway as soon as he found himself free.

Santana was ready to demand answers, but she hesitated for a moment, which Quinn took advantage of, and silently asked her not to say anything before taking Rachel away from the curious audience gathered around them.

The next day there was a wolf at school. A fucking wolf.

Maybe she was reading too much into the situation. The only plausible explanation she could think of was that Berry may have been abducted by a sect during the summer and was now addicted to some kind of mind altering drug, because if she started to let her thoughts wander, she'd start to believe Brittany and her crazy stories about Rachel being a creature of the night.

The strength, the confidence, the anger, the fact that she bolted from chemistry at the same moment that Quinn cut her hand, and what Britt told her about Berry's eyes going pitch black when she found her at the infirmary... It was like a giant neon sign spelling the word BLOODSUCKER for everyone to see.

And now Quinn wanted to talk.

She had been staring at the text for the last five minutes, unable to decide what to do.

-Need to talk. Could you come to my house?

"This better be worth it..." She said before writing a short reply.

-Is this about the midget?

Quinn's answer came instantly.


"She's coming."

"Well, no turning back then," Rachel said after letting out a deep sigh.

Quinn dropped the phone at her side on the bed and turned to meet her girlfriend's eyes. She knew that Rachel was not happy about telling Santana, of all people, about her condition or what happened to her fathers, but she understood Quinn's need to have someone else at her side.

"We don't have to tell her everything right away," she said, taking Rachel's hand in hers, absently studying the lines on her palm, "We could tell her about Andrea saving you and the vampires, and maybe what happened the first day at school and why we are together... Maybe we should wait to see her reaction and then decide about telling her the rest."

"You mean about the monster walking around Lima with my daddy's skin waiting for me to convert before starting a family party of blood and violence around the state?"

Rachel had delivered that sentence so impassively and quiet that it made Quinn shiver. It was astonishing and incredibly scary how the girl could go from the old, naive, and bright high school girl, to this emotionless and cold woman with no light in her eyes in a split of a second. Rachel was usually so charming and affectionate, so warm and human, that sometimes her darkest side took her by surprise. The demon was still a part of her, a strong part trying to get to the surface, and those seconds when you could see it buried deep inside those beautiful eyes were like a knife to Quinn's heart.

"Let's see how she reacts to the vampire thing first and leave the scarier stuff to some other time, okay?"

"No." Rachel's voice was softer now. "No. She needs to know everything. This is not just about me anymore, and I'm not going to let someone else get into my mess of a life so recklessly. If she's going to be by your side, Santana needs to be prepared."

"So, maybe we should give her a 'Welcome to the club' gift, then. I'm thinking a nice id card, a pin, maybe a couple of stakes?" There was a smirk on Quinn's lips that Rachel smoothly took away with a kiss.

"You think you're so funny…"

Quinn was going to reply but, in the end, she thought that it would be immensely better to answer her girlfriend with another kiss, one that left her breathless for a moment, which she took advantage of to straddle Rachel before assaulting her neck as if she was the vampire one in their relationship.

It was all a distraction, Quinn's way to make her stop thinking too much. Rachel knew that and welcomed it anyway.

"You know what I really am?" Quinn whispered against her girlfriend's neck, receiving only a groan as a response. "I am extremely good with my hands."

And to prove her point, she let her hands wander under Rachel's shirt while her lips traced slowly along the other girl's throat, before stopping to gently suck on the spot over her jugular. Rachel wasn't in any position to deny her advances, so she decided to let her girlfriend do as she pleased and enjoy a completely carefree and happy Quinn Fabray as long as she could.

They would deal with the world later.

Almost an hour passed and Rachel's fingers were now wandering softly up and down her girlfriend's back when she heard someone at the front door of the house.

"She's here."

"Has she even knocked yet?" Wondered Quinn. "How good is your hearing?"

"Pretty good, and Santana has a very unique walk." She made a pause to listen quietly. "Judy is opening the door right now."

"Well, we better get out of this bed then, or my mother will send her up and she'll catch us like this. Imagine Santana's face if she catches us all naked and cuddled together in bed."

"I would pay to see that."

Quinn, laughing, hit her girlfriend playfully before getting up and throwing her a shirt to put on. Rachel was enticing enough with clothes on and she knew that getting caught half naked would give Santana a very wrong idea about why she was there.

Rachel, showing off and making use of her speed, was ready before she even had the chance to put her pants on and smiled at her before leaving the bedroom. When Quinn, fully clothed, finally went down the stairs to join them, she found the girls in the living room, Santana with her arms crossed, looking slightly pissed and staring at an amused Rachel.

Before she could say anything, Quinn heard a noise coming from the kitchen and assumed it was her mother. She had been wondering why Judy didn't knock on her door that morning like she usually does, but then remembered that her mother probably heard them last night and she might be a little uncomfortable.

"I'm going to talk with my mom for a second, okay?" She said to both girls. "Do not start this conversation without me."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Not funny, Lopez." She said while leaning to leave a quick peck on Rachel's cheek before whispering in her ear. "I'll be back. Try not to kill each other in the meanwhile."

She went into the kitchen where she found Judy with a box on the floor, surrounded by a variety of food cans and packages.

"Good morning dear! You could have told me that your friend Santana was coming over so early, I would have prepared some breakfast," she said, entirely too cheerful.

Well, if Judy wanted to avoid the awkward conversation, Quinn was happy to comply.

"Good morning, mom. Don't worry about it, I had to talk to her about something for school. It was kind of last minute. Anyway, what's with the box?"

"Oh? I guess I forgot to tell you. There's a charity act at the shelter downtown. We are bringing food and some old clothes.

"Do you need any help?" She offered. She knew that the talk with her best friend was urgent, but she also wanted to keep some kind of normalcy with her mom after the changes they were going through lately. "We can talk to Santana later."

"Don't worry, sweetie. Do you remember Arthur, the gentleman at my baking classes that I told you about? He and his partner are going too, and they kindly offered to share a car. They are really lovely." She put the last cans of food inside the large box and picked it up. Then, she leaned towards her daughter and kissed her cheek.

Before she could leave, though, Quinn felt the urge to clear the air, at least a little, about what happened the previous night. She wanted to be sure that having Rachel there really wouldn't make her uncomfortable.

"Mom, about yesterday..."

Judy, knowing her daughter too well looked at her and smiled tenderly.

"We'll talk about that at the right time. I know it's awkward and we should have had that conversation a long time ago, but I wanted you to come to terms with that part of yourself on your own. As I said yesterday, I'm nothing like your father and I won't love you any less for being who you truly are."

Quinn wanted to say something, but there was a knot in her throat and a river of tears threatened to fall from her eyes.


"Later, I promise. And make sure that Rachel stays for lunch." Quinn nodded, still unable to speak. "There's some coffee and freshly pressed juice in the fridge for breakfast. Call me if you need anything, okay?"

Judy left the kitchen softly after that, and seconds later, Quinn heard her shouting a clear 'goodbye girls!' before the front door closed.

"I'm the only one freaking out because your mother just hugged Rachel Berry like she was a long lost daughter?" Was the first thing Santana asked her when she finally joined them in the living room again.

"You should have seen Quinn's face last night when Judy told us she's okay with whatever we do as long as we do it behind closed doors."

Santana's eyebrows rose to her hairline in surprise.

"Your mother knows you like the ladies now?"

"My mother knows that I like Rachel, yes. Oddly enough, she seems happy about it."

"More than happy. She kind of loves me." Rachel teased with a big smile and a glint of mischief in her eyes. "I think one of my superpowers is to charm the Fabray ladies."

"That's it. You're not meeting my sister. I'm not fighting my own family for your attention."

"You're no fun."

Both girls had to stop the playful banter when Santana loudly cleared her throat.

"So, Q…" She started. "Why am I here? I sure hope it's not just to flaunt your newfound happiness in my face."

"Not quite. I'm pretty sure you already have an idea."

"Maybe, but I'm trying to think of something else that makes more sense because my actual hypothesis seems like a script for the Twilight Zone."

"Twilight Zone is pretty accurate." Rachel said while she perched herself against the corner of the couch. "What's your hypothesis?"

"Well, not really mine but Britt's. She thinks that you're a vampire."

Rachel didn't seem fazed by the new information.

"Brittany is a very smart girl," the vampire smiled fondly. She obviously held Britt in high standards and that was one of the very few things that Santana always liked of her.

"You're a bloodsucker? For reals?"

"It's a bit more complicated than your usual vampire stories, but yes."

"But, I've seen you walk outside in daylight, without sparkling, and you look pretty alive to me. Isn't that like… against vampire rules or something?"

"As I said, complicated." She sensed Santana getting irritated and decided that it was time to come clean. "I know that Quinn told you that I had a rough summer..." The other girl nodded. "Well, that's the understatement of the year." Rachel paused and took a deep breath. "Last summer I died, and when I came back, my whole world had changed."

Quinn knew the story from Andrea's point of view, but she'd never dared to ask Rachel about it. Listening to her girlfriend now, and hearing the real horrors of the attack, how she knew she was going to die, it made Quinn's blood freeze. Seeing Santana's face, she knew that her friend wasn't feeling much different.

"I'm going to vomit." Santana said, clearly disturbed.

"That's pretty much the first thing I said when I woke up the day after," Rachel continued. "I opened my eyes and all I could see was blood. Everywhere. It was the only thing I could smell. I tried to convince myself that I was still sleeping, that it was only a nightmare, but then Andrea started explaining what happened, saying that it was the only way to save me. It was the first time in my life that I truly hated someone."

"Andrea's the chick that was with you at school?"

"Yes. And before you say anything about it, no, I don't really know how to hold a grudge against someone. I really believe that she only did what she thought was best at the moment."

"Rachel adores her now." Stated an amused Quinn.

"And you're okay with that?" Santana asked her friend with a smirk on her lips. "Because they seemed pretty close."

Quinn frowned even if she knew that her friend was only trying to annoy her. Santana's comment made her remember the first time she saw Andrea and Rachel together at school. The memory of her girlfriend being confident, flirty and touchy with the other girlstill engraved in her memory.

"It was a bit tense at first," she admitted. "But Andrea and I have talked about it and we know where we stand. It still feels awkward sometimes to know that you two used to…" She looked at Rachel who nodded in understanding. "But we're good now."

Santana was silently staring at both girls smiling at each other when something suddenly hit her. It had been there the whole time they'd been talking, in the way they stared at each other, the feather like touches, the smiles..., but she hadn't stopped to think about it until now, even if it was pretty obvious.

"Oh Dios mio!" She exclaimed.

"What?" Asked Quinn a bit worried. "What's wrong?"

"You two banged each other already!"

"Do you always have to be so crass?"

"Yes." She didn't hesitate. "You did it before I came here, right? Oh my God."

"Why it's so difficult to believe that I want to fuck my girlfriend at every opportunity I have? Have you seen her?"

Rachel almost laughed out loud at the way Santana turned to stare at her.

"Because you're still Rachel Berry and it's kind of difficult to associate the words fuck and girlfriend with your persona. When I proposed the threesome with Britt I was half joking, but I'm starting to believe that, without blondie here in the picture, you'd have said yes."

Rachel shrugged.

"I can't say that the thought didn't cross my mind."

At that, Quinn frowned and Rachel was pretty sure that she even heard her girlfriend growl.

"I have to say, I love this new Berry."

"The old one was pretty lovable too." Said Quinn.

"Yeah, but no fun. The wild side is an improvement."

"You've got no idea, San."

"The offer still stands, you know?" She said at Rachel. "Quinn knows it wouldn't be the first time Britt wants to include her and it wouldn't be an issue."

"As honoured as I feel, I think we'll pass for now."

"A shame." She shrugged. "But something tells me that you didn't make me come here only to talk about Wild Berry. There is something more to all this vampire thing, right? The thing that wanted to rip apart that jock from the hockey team the other day wasn't Berry at all."

Rachel's eyes darted to the ground and a sigh escaped her lips.

"Andrea saving me had consequences. Big and dangerous consequences. I knew about the problems it caused with her family. There hadn't been a new vampire in ages and it's kind of a taboo to create one, despite the circumstances that led to it. But there was something worse that I wasn't aware of. The creatures that attacked us at Port Harbour are vicious demons with the capacity to infect their victims with their DNA, and create more like them."

"And you were infected?"

"Yes. When Andy, against any logical thought, decided to turn me seconds before I died, it somehow stopped the process. When my heart started beating again later, I wasn't human anymore, but I wasn't a demon or a vampire either. I ended up being everything at once."

"So, we have plain old Berry but without the plaid and weird sweaters. Thank God for that by the way. Flirty, sexy vampire Berry, and murderous, bloodlust, demon Berry, all in that tiny package?" The other girl nodded. "Damn, it must be pretty crazy up there." She finished, pointing at Rachel's head.

"Most of the time, yes."

"And you, Fabray, must be bonkers too. I've known for a very long time that you were gay for Berry's ass, but getting involved in all this insanity doesn't seem like something that you'd do."

"Well, it was kind of difficult not to get involved after someone..." She turned to glare at her girlfriend. "...got too excited and bit me in the middle of a school bathroom."

"In my defense, I told you to stay away. I even broke a sink, and instead of running away, you decided that it was a good idea to get closer."

"I was furious and you were acting weird!"

"You were bleeding!

"How was I supposed to know that you were a damn vampire?!"

Meanwhile, Santana was watching the argument with great amusement. It was like watching an old married couple banter and it felt odd but, somehow, it took away some of the weirdness of the situation. She was aware of how important it was that her friends trusted her enough to explain what happened and what was going on. After all, she was someone that had been nothing but hostile towards Rachel since the day they met.

"Okay then, let me recap the situation." Santana said while crossing her arms. "You were attacked by a demon like monster that also killed your parents, saved by a vampire that also turned you into one but without the dead part, came back to Lima and attacked Q's neck because you finally could smell the fucking unresolved sexual tension between you two, right?"

"That's accurate."

"Then, you proceeded to burn every single person who made your life hell at Mckinley." Then she turns to point at Quinn "Except Fabray here because you make her hot in a totally different way..."

"I make you hot?" The vampire stared at her girlfriend and delivered the question followed with a wiggle of her eyebrows.

"You know you do." Smirked Quinn.

Santana, immensely grossed out, cleared her throat to draw their attention back to her.

"Stop. This situation is already weird enough, I don't need to watch you two ogle each other in front of me." The girl sighed deeply and brought a hand to massage her temple. "So, now you've found that the demon which attacked you has the face of your dad, discovered that you also got that demon part in the exchange and that now it wants to take over?" Rachel nodded. "Your life is a mess, Berry."

"Tell me about it."

"And now that we're talking about messes..." She said tentatively, trying to approach something she'd wanted to discuss. "I know this is not the best moment, and I'm probably going to regret asking. You two will jump each other at every opportunity, and I'll need to buy ridiculous amounts of bleach to clean my eyes..."

"San," Interrupted Quinn. "The question?"

Santana lifted an eyebrow at her friend and then returned her attention to Rachel.

"The point is," she continued. "Even if I know that I'd have to put up with your public displays of affection, we need you back in Glee, Berry."

At the sudden request, Rachel's demeanour changed completely and her body adopted a guarded position. It was evident that she was struggling with that topic.

"We already discussed that and it's out of question. I'm not going back."

"Is Broadway Diva Berry really gone? Because that's hard to believe."

"Do you really think that there could be a future for me where my name is in neon lights? Can you imagine the headlines? RACHEL BERRY! NEW BROADWAY SENSATION! IF YOU CROSS HER SHE'LL EAT YOU ALIVE!"

"Calm your tits, drama queen. I'm pretty sure you would have eaten alive anyone on your way to stardom, vampire or not. Remember the crack house incident?"

"Oh my God! It was one time!"

"Besides…" Quinn jumped into the argument to defend her girlfriend's point. "I think that sending the competition to an inactive crack house and literally ripping apart a critic because they didn't like your performance are in totally different categories." She turned to Rachel and gently took her hand. "That's why you don't want to go back to Glee Club? Because you're afraid they'd make you mad enough to lose control?"

Rachel sighed deeply and let her body fall on the couch behind her.

"You know it wasn't in my plans to stay here in the first place." She replied. "It wasn't even my idea to come back to Lima. Andrea thought it was the best option to make me feel normal, human. She didn't count on the memories of years suffering abuse and mockery making me angrier. She did count on you making me horny, though." They both let go a heartfelt laugh before Rachel continued. "I quit Glee Club because I was going to leave and yes, also because my self-control isn't the best right now and I would have jumped at the first one to piss me off."

The girl stayed silent for a moment. Her eyes suddenly fixated on a spot on the floor.

"Besides, I don't understand why it's so important now that I go back." She almost whispered. "I don't even sing anymore."

"It's important because I'm tired of hearing Aretha praising herself all day long. Hummel is moping around without even paying attention to the songs because he doesn't understand why you are being such a bitch to him. And don't even make me start on your ex-boyfriend. Good riddance by the way. Finnept spends his days crying on a corner because you broke his fragile heart. And Shuester is the worst of them all. He doesn't have a clue on how to hold the club together and get us ready for competition. It's really pathetic when you think about it."

"What? Mr. Shue's ineptitude? That's hardly new," stated Quinn.

"No, missing Berry. I won't repeat this ever again, but there's like this giant hole in the room. You've seen it, Q. Every time that someone turns the wrong way or sings a note too high, we all hold our breaths waiting for the dwarf's tantrum, and I'll deny 'till the day of my death that I said this, but she's not there and it's fucking depressing."

A tiny smile reached Rachel's lips at the knowledge that someone that once was determined to make her life a living hell, now cared enough to ask her to go back.

"Santana, I appreciate that you miss me, but it wouldn't be the same. I'm not the old Rachel. Even If I went back, I wouldn't be breathing on your necks or trying to make everything perfect. I love music and maybe someday I'll wake up and want to sing all day long again but, even then, Glee is not for me anymore."

"I guess it's settled, then. New Directions is doomed."

"Somehow, you don't seem to care much about that."

"Not really. I'm more worried about the monsters walking around the state in human skin."

Rachel nodded.

"That's a wise thing to do."

Santana then stayed silent, obviously pondering if she should ask whatever was in her mind now. Rachel already had an idea of what that question was.

"It's okay to ask," she said.

Santana raised her eyes to find warmth and understanding in the vampire's gaze.

"I know that you want to keep all this between us, but there must be some way to warn people about that demon. Maybe tell them that your father's gone crazy and to stay away in case he shows up in the city."

"If we do that, said people will start asking questions that I can't answer without causing mass hysteria." Santana was ready to reply to her when Rachel continued. "However, you can tell Brittany."

"Rach?" Questioned Quinn, confused. Didn't her girlfriend tell her that they would only tell Santana?

"It's okay, Quinn. Brittany is smart enough to know that something was wrong with me, and I'm sure that she would keep the secret."

"What can I tell her?" Asked Santana. "Because I refuse to repeat everything you said to Britt. She's too pure to hear about all that stuff."

"She already knows I'm a vampire. You can tell her that she was right about that. And... About my fathers..." Rachel paused to take a breath. "Tell her that they are dead. Tell her to run if she ever sees one of them."

Santana left not long after that. Rachel wasn't sure if Brittany would remember how her dads looked like, so she promised to give her a picture of them to refresh their memories.

Before she left, the cheerleader made something that caught the other two girls completely by surprise. Quinn could count with one hand how many times her best friend had hugged her, really hugged her, and seeing Santana surround Rachel's petite frame with her arms, and letting the other girl bury her head in her chest, made Quinn's heart grow fonder of her best friend.

"Thank you for not giving up." She heard Santana say before letting Rachel go.

They hadn't been talking for more than a couple of hours, but to Rachel, it felt more like days. After retelling her story, the gravity of everything that happened since she died hit her hard, and she felt exhausted.

Once Santana had left, Quinn took her girlfriend's hand and dragged her towards the couch again. Without saying a word, she guided Rachel to lay with her, embracing the petite girl in her arms and burying her head against brunette locks that smelled like lilacs.

She loved lilacs.

She'd never realized how much that fragrance had been part of her life. It was a delicate scent that, subtly, had surrounded her every day. Something that she missed during the weekends, when she was alone at home, and never wanted to admit why. Now, in the moments when they were entangled together, she could rejoice in that scent, engraving in her memory the way it made her feel.

"We're going to fall asleep if we stay like this." Rachel said, with her voice not louder than a whisper.

"It's okay. Mom probably won't come back until lunch and I'd rather enjoy the quiet moments we have together."

"Me too." The brunette whispered. Without leaving the safety of Quinn's arms, she turned to face her girlfriend. "This is nice."


"I'd never imagined that Quinn Fabray would love to cuddle."

"I don't, usually." She replied, burying her face in Rachel's neck and inhaling her scent before lightly kissing the exposed skin. "You're just very cuddly."

The vampire felt another feather like kiss, this time under her jaw, then another a little bit higher, and another, followed by a teasing tongue before gentle teeth started lightly biting her earlobe.

"Are you sure you just want to cuddle?" She asked her girlfriend. "Because I distinctly remember you having plans for this couch."

Quinn didn't answer, at least not verbally, but Rachel felt the grin spreading across her lips.

They didn't fall asleep on the couch after all.