Title: Sharp

Characters/Pairings: Faberry.

Spoilers: Not really, but up until season 2 to be safe. Completely AU from there.

Summary: The first day back at school was supposed to be about new beginnings, but Quinn never expected that the starting of Senior year could also bring a completely new Rachel Berry; sexier, bolder and totally out of character Rachel Berry.

Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own any character on Glee.

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After skipping the previous lesson (because let's face it, there was no way that neither of them were going to be in time for class), the girls had taken different paths. Rachel said something about already being late to meet Andrea, and the blonde actually couldn't afford to skip Calculus if she wanted to pass the exam they had the next week.

So, there she was, waiting for the teacher to arrive, doodling absently on her notebook, when she saw Santana walking towards her desk with a huge smirk in her face.

"Congratulations, Q."

Quinn turned slightly on her chair to look at her friend, who just sat next to her, and raised a questioning brow at the girl. Santana and her ambiguous ways of starting a conversation…

"What for?"

"Gettin' laid?"

A few of their classmates turned to stare curiously at them, but Quinn reacted immediately and shot them an ice glare, urging them to mind their own business.

"Do you have to be so crass all the time?" She whispered, pulling Santana closer in an attempt to avoid the rest of the class hearing the conversation. The blonde tried to stay stoic under her friend's stare, but she could feel her ears starting to burn. "Besides, I didn't."

"You sure? Because I'd have sworn that the huge, satisfied grin on your face was Berry's doing."

She knows? Oh my God, she knows! But… but we've been cautious, and I haven't even taken Rachel's hand when we're around people… She can't know about this… If Santana… If she starts asking… I wouldn't mind telling her that Rach and I are kind of together, but that could lead to more questions…

"Leave the gay panic for another moment, blondie. I'm not here to judge you." She smirked, clearly not knowing the real reason why Quinn was freaking out. "If anything, I'm a bit jealous. Well, not really, because I've got Britts and all, you know? But, if the midget does everything with the same passion as she sings, you must be a lucky bitch."

Quinn forgot the panic for a moment when Santana's words made her mind wander to the auditorium. Rachel's lips, her tongue, her warm and silky skin, the way her body arched under her touch…

If only you knew…

"Well, she refused our proposition, so there's no way I could know."

Her hazel eyes widened.

"Oh my God, I said that out loud."

"Yeah, you did." Santana snorted. "But seriously, no worries. Half the school wants into those tight pants now. You just were faster than the others. And just because I'm feeling generous, I'm gonna give you some advice. If you want to keep all this in the down low, you better stop eye-fucking the hobbit every time you see her."

"I don't do that."

"Yeah, you do. You've been doing it for the last two years, only now it's getting more obvious."

Her friend's statement calmed her down a little. If Santana suspected that there was something going on between them before, she wouldn't ask too many questions about it. Santana only seemed interested in the nature of their relationship, and didn't seem to care too much about the brunette's change over summer. She'd ask, eventually, Quinn was sure of that, but as long as she could avoid the issue, the better. So, if she came clean with Santana about her feelings and the fact that she couldn't stay away from Rachel anymore, maybe her friend would be satisfied.

Quinn was going to tell her. She was ready to explain why she didn't care if it was obvious anymore, that she'd finally realized that what she always thought was wrong, was the only thing that actually felt right. But when she finally had made up her mind about Santana's words, about the fact that she hadn't been so good at hiding her attraction towards Rachel as she always thought, and that she was fine with her friend knowing, the teacher was already starting the lesson.

Rachel was sitting on the most hidden bench in the park.

Actually, it was the best spot there, surrounded by trees, near the lake but not near enough to catch the attention of the people walking around. Also, it was the perfect hour to bask in the amazing feeling of the sun caressing her skin. Andrea knew that she loved to do that. After the failed attempt to put an end to her new life, when she realized that the daylight wouldn't kill her as she thought, Rachel had started to appreciate the sun and its warm a lot more.

Cassandra was there at her feet, with her body completely relaxed and a content expression, also enjoying the peaceful atmosphere around them.

Approaching the girl slowly, she saw the light smile in her lips (a smile that she immediately understood after seeing the dark spot on Rachel's neck) and she felt happy for her friend. What Andrea didn't expect was to hear the almost unnoticeable melody coming from her.

Rachel was singing.

Well, not really singing, singing. It was just a barely audible whisper that probably only Andrea and the wolves could hear, but there were words and a melody.

She slowed her steps, walking in awe at the melodic voice coming from the brunette, unable to look anywhere else that wasn't Rachel's peaceful features. Andrea couldn't recognize the song, but she didn't really care. Rachel was singing. Yeah, okay, she probably wasn't even aware, but there was a song in her head, trying to get out, for the first time in months.

Cas raised her head and stared at Andrea for a second, before standing up and going to greet her darker friend, nuzzling Fenris softly and then biting one of his ears playfully. The hunter nodded slightly at the animals and both wolves went running, chasing each other around the park.

Hoping that the few people around wouldn't pay too much attention to a pair of really big 'dogs' going around without supervision, she closed the final distance between her and the bench and knelt in front of Rachel, extending her arm to reach her cheek and stroke it tenderly with the back of her hand.

"This is nice, isn't it?" Said the brunette, leaning against Andy's touch and smiling.

"I haven't seen you smile like this before. Are you happy?"

"I'm getting there."

"With help?"

"Yeah. She's helping a lot."

"I'm glad."

Andrea retreated her hand and went to seat at the girl's side on the bench. Rachel opened her eyes and turned her head to look at her.

"You knew from the start, didn't you?"

"From the first time you said her name."

Rachel frowned and diverted her eyes towards the ground. In the time they'd known each other, Andrea had learned that it was something that the brunette usually did when she was scolding herself for something.

"How could I have never noticed?"

The hunter laughed, passing an arm around Rachel's back, making the girl rest against her.

"No offence, Rach, but you are a bit self absorbed."

"None taken. I'm used to hear that."

"Besides, she seems like the kind of person who tends to hide her true thoughts."

"She is. I guess that's one of the things that attracts me the most. Her capacity to manage her actions and not show her true self fascinates me. I always wanted to get a peak inside her head. Now she's letting me in and I'm kind of overwhelmed."

"And now Quinn is the one who has to work hard, right?"

"You know how difficult it's been for me, Andy. And it's not just the whole 'I'm a monster and I'm going to kill you' thing. I told you about our previous relationship, how we treated each other."

Yes. Rachel told her about her tempestuous relationship with Quinn over and over, and over again. Really. She'd talk about Mr. Schuester, Kurt and the others from time to time, but the blonde was obviously her favorite subject. Sometimes, the girl was angry, lashing out everything that she couldn't say to Quinn's face, scolding herself for not being more aggressive and confronting her when she had the opportunity. But some other times, most of them really, there was a hint of something in her voice… something that sounded like defeat and longing. And, if that wasn't enough prove to affirm that she had, at least, a mild obsession with the girl, her eyes, those beautiful chocolate orbs, sparkled every time that Quinn's name escaped her lips.

Andrea had been so jealous.

"You made up your mind, then?"

"Kind of. We've always been gravitating around each other and it's getting harder to go against it."

"Have you talked about it?"

"Not really talked… but we arrived to an agreement today. We are there for each other, and we're trying to accept that."

"Mmhm. So, girlfriend?"

"That's… a big word that no one should mention yet."

"But, it's there."

"Yes, it's there. More than I expected."

"How's that?"

"I mean… I've known Quinn for years and I've never, ever, expected her to be open about this. She was president of the Celibacy club, captain of the Cheerios, and has been raised within a very religious family. To walk through the high school's hallway holding the hand of a girl isn't really how a nice Christian girl should behave. Don't misunderstand me. I know that Quinn is a very accepting person, and she's never had any issue with gay people. That would be a huge problem with her two best girl friends seeing each other, you know? But, accepting that about herself? Not even in my wildest dreams."

"She's holding your hand in public?"

Rachel looked at her and huffed.

"Out of all I just said, you choose to hear that?" Andrea shrugged. "And no, she's not holding my hand. Not yet. But she said she wants to. She said she's not scared of what people could say anymore. Those, coming from Quinn Fabray, are big words."

"Almost like saying…"

"Almost." She said interrupting her friend before the hunter could utter some words that were better unspoken yet.

"And what about you?"

"Me? I'm terrified. One of the reasons why I accepted this, apart from the fact that I seem to be physically incapable of staying away from her, was because I was sure that Quinn wouldn't want to be public, at least for a while." She saw her friend raising an eyebrow at her. "I know you're thinking that it has nothing to do with our real situation, and that I should be happy that she wants to be on the open, but people knowing about us means that we'll be dragging more attention. They'll watch every little step, every single touch and try to hear every single word we exchange."

"That's a bit too much, don't you think? You're not a celebrity, Rach."

"You don't give enough credit to the gossipers in this town. It's like the national pastime in Lima. And believe me, after all this time, Quinn is still one of the main targets."

"I've heard that you're pretty popular now, too."

"Can you believe it? All my life wanting to be noticed, and now that I want to hide from the world, they won't leave me alone."

"Can you blame them? With that body of yours showing, the difficult thing would be to go unnoticed. Besides, admit it, Rach, you are loooving it."

Rachel punched her friend lightly on the shoulder and diverted her gaze to the wolves, getting lost for a moment in her thoughts before replying to her friend.

"Maybe a little." She smirked. "But it's still highly inconvenient."

"So, what you're saying is that you're afraid of having a slip that, because of you're new local celebrity status, people could notice."

The brunette simply nodded at Andrea's statement.

"Well, the vamp you has already been out and people seem to love it. I'm not saying that you can go all fangy around school, but to slip into that persona from time to time could be fun. You've been able to control it until now so, I don't think it should be any different. The third part of the trio could be more difficult to handle, but as long as you keep it under wraps, I don't see the problem with being open with Quinn. That girl may be the one to unfold your wildest side, but she's also the only one that seems to be able to control it."

"You really think it'll be okay?"

"I think you should give it a try. She deserves as much. You both deserve it."

Rachel took a deep breath and then let go the air with a loud sigh. Andrea knew that she could see the logics behind her words, that she was right. The hunter watched patiently as the resolve slowly emerged on Rachel's eyes. She was making her decision. Hopefully, the right one.

"I'll do it. I'll try." She said. Then her features turned into a darker and more serious expression. "But first, I need to know that she's going to be safe."

"I'll make sure of that."

"No, that's not enough." And there it was. She could see it. Rachel Berry was going to ask her something that Andrea was sure would go against her own will, and she wouldn't have any other option than to say yes. "I want you to promise me that you will protect her, no matter what or who is threatening her."

There was no need to say the words. It was in the vampire's eyes.

'Even if you have to kill me.'

At that moment, she hated herself, because she loved Rachel too much to say no.

"I promise."

Rachel nodded as a thank you and Andrea knew that it was her cue to leave. The last few minutes had been too intense to go back to casual chatting, and the silence would be also uncomfortable. So, whistling to catch the wolves' attention, she left a sweet peck on Rachel's cheek and got up from the bench.

Two balls of flying fur were instantly at their side. The hunter saw how Cassandra hesitated, staring first at her and then at the shorter brunette, who extended her hand to pat her in the head and smiled.

"Go have some fun chasing monsters. I'll be okay."

Andrea was ready to protest, but her friend glared at her before she could open her mouth and she knew that there was no point at arguing because she was going to lose, anyway.

Once Andy and the wolves were gone, she let her body relax against the bench and closed her eyes again, letting the gentle breeze and the sun caress her skin.

Rachel knew that what she was asking Andrea to do was really unfair. Putting that weight, that huge responsibility over her friend's shoulders, knowing that she wouldn't say no because the hunter would do anything for her… That was making her feel like a real monster.

But, what else could she do?

You are so cruel.

The voice, mocking her, made her shudder. Suddenly, the air around her was ice cold.

Poor Andrea. She's so in love with you that she'd do anything you ask her. You love having that power, don't you?

"That's not true."

You fucked her, played her to make you feel better, and now you're asking her to protect the woman that has everything she wants.

"Shut up."

Why? You know it's true.

But you don't have to feel bad.

That's just who you are.

That's what we are.

A cruel, soulless monster.

"Shut up!"

The demon's laugh roared at the back of her head and she felt helpless.

She had to stop it.


For Andrea.

For Quinn.

Now that she knew what she wanted, Rachel wasn't going to give up so easily.

"I don't want to hide it."

After the lesson ended, she had followed Santana to her locker and leant against the cold metal, while her friend left the books there before going to the Glee meeting.

"Ookay…" replied Santana a bit confused.

"This thing with Rachel… You said that, if I wanted to keep it down low, I should stop staring at her…" The exact words had been 'eye-fucking her' but she wasn't ready to say that out loud. "But I don't want to hide it. I'm done with that."

To say that Santana was surprised was an understatement. Maybe she had known about her feelings all along, but surely she didn't expect Quinn to act on it, and much less to be open about her relationship with a girl.

"So, you're serious about the munchkin? Are you two dating?"

"It's complicated. Rachel's life is really messed up right now, and I know that me being involved is making things harder for her, but I can't stay away." She let her body rest against the lockers and sighed loudly. "It's like I've been an incomplete puzzle all my life, a really complicated one, and only now I realize that she's the piece that's been missing."

"Wow, Quinn… She must be good."

The blonde sighed and rolled her eyes, before looking again at the other girl with a light in her eyes that Santana hadn't seen in a long time.

"San… I love her."

Slowly, almost ceremoniously, the brunette closed her locker and smiled sympathetically at her friend.

"I know."

"You know?"

"You're glowing, Q. I knew that you were attracted to her for years. I've seen the sparkles fly every time you two were together in a room, arguing or simply staring at each other. But now… Now you lit up at the simple mention of her name."

"You're not gonna insult her or mock me for wanting to be with the loud, obnoxious, resident diva of McKinley high?"

"I don't know what happened to Berry, or what made you embrace the gay with open arms so easily, and I'm pretty sure you're not going to tell me, but I'm happy for you, Quinn. If she's what you need… You've got my blessing."

"Seriously? That's it?"

"That's it."

"That was too easy. Where's the catch?"

The Cheerio shrugged.

"No catch. I'm your friend and I support you. That's all."

"You're going soft, Lopez."

"Oh, no, don't misunderstand me. I'm with you on this, but once you're out of Narnia and things settle, you two will be my favorite pastime."

"I wouldn't expect less from you."

Quinn knew that she wasn't very fond of hugging, but after being such a supportive friend, Santana had it coming. The blonde surrounded the girl with her arms and squished her tightly, hoping that it would be enough to show how much it meant to her.

"Okay, okay. Enough with the emotional shit." She disentangled herself from Quinn and looked around to make sure that no one had seen her human side showing. "So… now that we're clear that I support you and yada yada… let's be honest. Is she good?"


"What? I'm not asking for details. I just want to know if she's still the same prude from last year, minus the animal sweaters, or she's really the sex shark that parades around school."

"Okay, first? Rachel's not parading around school. She just got a change in clothes and a more playful attitude, but that doesn't mean that she'll fuck whoever crosses her path, and don't say Sex Shark. You're making it sound like she's another Puckerman. And second, as far as I can tell… really not a prude anymore. You thought you'd heard the best of Rachel's voice when she sings? Well, it's even better when she whispers certain things in your ear."

"I bet you had to bring an extra pair of panties every time we had Glee club, just because she was singing."

There's a rush of blood to her ears and Quinn was sure that her face was burning.

"I'll admit that, sometimes, it was really uncomfortable. Now it's getting even worse. We may have some… issues… on that matter that we're still trying to solve, but the grin on my face that you saw earlier? She didn't even have to touch me to put it there."

"Damn, Q. Better stop there, 'cause I'm starting to imagine it and I'm not sure if it's making me uncomfortable or turning me on. And, please, make it official soon, or at least tell Britt, 'cause I can assure you that she'll keep trying to get Berry for a ride with us as long as she thinks she's single. And no…" She raised a hand to stop the blonde before she could open her mouth. "Before you say anything, she won't listen to me even if I tell her to stop."

"I'll tell her. Knowing Brittany, I'm afraid that Rach won't be able to say no for too long."

Santana laughed at that and started walking towards the choir room, closely followed by the blonde. She had to suddenly stop, though, when the brunette stopped abruptly in her tracks before they could go through the door.

"What?" Quinn asked, a bit confused at the expression in her friend's face.

"I just imagined Finnocence face the moment you two tell the rest of the club. When the dwarf dumped him days ago in front of the whole school was fun, but that could be epic. Also, we should hide all the chairs. Oh! Can I bring the camera?"

Turning to the other girl, Santana saw Quinn's face at the mention of the boy and immediately knew what she was thinking.

"Don't, blondie. Don't you dare to feel sorry for the Jolly Giant. He treated you, both of you, like crap. He has no right to be upset or make you regret anything. This was bound to happen sooner or later and, honestly, if he hasn't seen it coming, he's dumber than I thought. Although, I have to admit that it would have been fun to see you running into the church the day of their wedding, shouting 'I object!', stealing her from the altar and driving to the sunset. That would be something I'd like to have on tape. "

Quinn shouldn't have taken Santana's words seriously, but she couldn't help but wonder how things would have turned out if Rachel hadn't been killed and returned home as a vampire. The assault at the hallway the first day of school would have never happened and the diva would probably still be together with Finn. With Rachel not making that first step, the blonde would have remained silent about her attraction (and probably miserable). Looking at it, the wedding scenario that Santana just presented wasn't so crazy, although she wasn't so sure about the stopping the wedding and kidnapping Rachel part. She'd always been too coward to even think about doing something like that.

A shiver ran down her spine.

Just the mental image of Rachel in a white dress, saying 'I do' to Finn Hudson, made her cringe.

"You're such an open book that ain't even funny, Q." But Santana still laughed. "You're gonna have nightmares about that now, don't you?"

"For the rest of my life."

When they finally went into the room, there was no one there yet so, they went to seat at the final row of chairs and kept talking, while they waited for the others.

"By the way, could you tell her to come back to Glee already?"

"There's no point, and we really should stop pressuring her."

"Ugh… I never thought I'd say this, but we really need Berry back. Without her here, Aretha's ego is out of the roof, and the others are too fucking depressed to even suggest a song. Not sayin' that I'm willing to beg her or anything, but she's really the only one with enough drive to keep this club together and make us win competitions."

"I know that. But she's done with the club, Santana, for good. And I really can't say that we don't deserve it, because you know as well as me that she's always been the main target when we needed to let go all our frustration. Yes, sometimes she's too much to handle, but that doesn't give her so called friends the right to use the girl as their personal punching bag."

"Resentful much?"

"It's not that. She has dealt with the insults and the disdain of the others before; the difference is that now there's nothing that motivates her enough to endure it. Really, at this point, I don't care if New Directions has lost its main voice. I just want to hear her sing again."

"I thought that she just left Glee because she'd have enough with people putting her down…" Tina, followed by Mike and Brittany, hadn't even walked completely through the door when she interrupted the girl's conversation. Santana didn't really have the opportunity to pay attention to what she was saying because, before she could realize, there was a hot blonde cheerleader sitting in her lap. After Brittany's effusive greeting, she turned to Tina again to find that she was still talking. "She isn't singing at all?"

Quinn smiled sadly at her.

"Andrea said that she'd never heard Rachel sing, and they've been together the whole summer."

"Who's Andrea?" asked a confused Mike.

"That hot new girlfriend that Berry ditched us for."

Quinn growled at her friend. She knew that Santana was using that tone just to rile her up, to see how she would react, but the blonde couldn't help but feel threatened by the mere thought of the history that Rachel and the hunter had together.

"But I thought that Rach was having sweet lady kisses with Quinn."

Everybody stared at Brittany, who was playing absently with Santana's hair, not really aware of the weight of her words. Immediately, their attention was once again on Quinn, obviously waiting for the girl to freak out and deny whatever the blonde cheerleader's words could mean.

But Quinn just crossed her arms and grumbled some words to herself.

"Andrea is just a good friend." She replied after a moment with a pissed tone.

Telling the others that what Rachel and the hunter had was a mere friendship felt like a big fat lie. But what could she do? There was no way to explain the deep bond that the girls shared without giving them clues about the other thing.

"They looked closer than just good friends the other day."

Raising her eyes, she found Puck at the door, followed by the rest of the boys and Mercedes. Of course he had to say something.

"Well, they aren't that close anymore, okay?" Quinn was starting to sound exasperated.

Kurt raised an eyebrow at Quinn's reaction. He wasn't sure why they were talking about Rachel and the mysterious girl, or why Quinn Fabray insisted on denying that there was anything else than a platonic relationship between them with so much passion in front of the whole club, but he knew how jealousy looked like.

"Anymore?" This time was Sam's turn to look surprised. Finn, standing at his side, kept his mouth closed and an unreadable expression that Quinn was sure meant that he hadn't processed yet the information.

"No shit, Q! They've really done the nasty?"

Surprisingly, it wasn't Quinn who shot the deathly glare at Puck this time but Brittany.

"You're making Quinn sad." Said the blonde turning then to her friend, and reaching to hold her hand to comfort her. "Don't listen to him. I'm sure they didn't."

Moved by the blonde's gesture, Quinn silently squeezed her hand back, not having the strength to tell her that they actually did it. Brittany always had a great perception of the world around her, and that's why it didn't surprise the ex-Cheerio that her friend knew about how she was feeling. That also meant that Britt was aware of hersituation with Rachel, which implied that she wouldn't insist on including the brunette in hers and Santana's intimate moments.

At least, she wouldn't have to worry about that.

"Wait. Does that mean that Rachel is gay?"

Santana was now starting to get annoyed.

"That means, Beyonce, that the dwarf doesn't care what people think. She'll fuck whoever she wants to, hopefully Q here 'cause she really needs to loosen up a little, and still won't be any of your business. And now, seriously, where's that excuse of a teacher? I have better things to do."

After starting almost fifteen minutes late, and then wasting some more time greeting Sugar, the new and musically deaf member of New Directions that Will insisted would be a great addition to the club, the lesson ended and everyone started to leave the choir room.

But the first ones that headed towards the exit, didn't make it passed the door. Quinn, who was still talking with Santana, Kurt and Brittany about their assignment that week, turned to look at whatever was happening wondering what was the fuss about. She heard some voices, but couldn't understand what they were saying so, gesturing the other three to follow her, she walked to the door.

Only to hear the unmistakable timbre of Rachel's voice.

"…to argue with you Mercedes."

"Mr. Shue is still inside if you want to talk with him, Rach." Said Finn with hope in his voice. Quinn didn't need to see his face to know that there was a huge grin there, probably expecting the brunette to return begging to have her spot back in the club and besides him.

Hopes that Rachel was about to crush.

"No need. I'm just here to pick up Quinn."

The few at the door turned to look at the astounded blonde, whose eyes fell immediately upon the short brunette resting against the hallway's wall in front of the choir room. At first sight, she noticed that Rachel's long hair was damp, and that she wasn't wearing the same clothes as earlier. Now she was sporting looser jeans, a simple black shirt, a pair of boots and a worn leather jacket that obviously wasn't hers.

Quinn couldn't help it as she skipped pass her friends and ran directly into Rachel's personal space. Luckily, she managed to stop herself before she could go further and do something in front of the club that wasn't time to do just yet or, at least, before she could ask the brunette about how would she feel if the others knew.

"So, Rach…" She said playfully, leaning towards her. "Where did you leave the bike?"

The shorter girl smirked and, somehow, Quinn saw that as a signal that maybe Rachel was okay with telling the others. Or showing them. Whatever.

"Outside. Waiting to give you the best ride of you life."

Really smooth Berry.

Judging the reaction of their friends, the double-entendre of Rachel's words didn't go unnoticed. Half of their audience's mouths were agape. Puck was grinning, and Finn, Mercedes and Sam had similar frowns, all for different reasons, while Brit and Santana had matching smiles. Kurt was leaning on the doorframe, arms crossed, and rather interested at how things were unfolding in front of him.

The blonde ignored them and leaned closer to Rachel to whisper in her ear.

"Tell me you won't mind if I kiss you right now, because you're making it impossible for me to hold back."

As her reply, Rachel moved an arm around the blonde's waist, gently flushing them closer. The blonde knew, she could see it in her deep eyes; she was hoping inside that the bold move wouldn't freak out Quinn in the process.

"I won't mind." She said, staying just a breath away from Quinn's tempting lips, giving the girl enough space to change her mind.

Space that the taller girl didn't need at all.

She tangled her fingers with the dark chestnut tresses, pulling the girl even closer to her, and went for it without thinking twice about it. As soon as her lips touched Rachel's, she heard Kurt's distant voice saying something about magnets, and there was also some shouting and whistles, but she didn't care. Soft lips were against hers, already parting slightly to let an adventurous tongue lick intentionally the corner of Quinn's mouth, asking for permission to go further, and her brain just shut down to anything that wasn't that kiss.

Her bliss was short lived, though, because Rachel stopped the kiss too soon and stared at her concerned.

"Are you okay? You're heart is going crazy again."

Quinn nodded. She was more than okay. She wasn't even aware of how her body was reacting to their proximity. That was good. Extremely good, and really promising for any encounter that they could have in a near future.

She was leaning, ready to capture Rachel's lips again when the sound of metal crashing interrupted her.

"What the hell, Rach?" Finn was fuming, being a poor locker the victim of her anger.


The brunette diverted her eyes from the beautiful hazel in front of her and stared annoyed at the boy.

"You broke up with me just days ago and now you're going all lesbo with my other ex-girlfriend? What's wrong with you?"

"As you said, Finn, we are no longer an item. I don't think you have any say at what I do with my life. So, please, refrain from making another scene and leave the school's furniture out of this."

"Are you two dating, now?" Queried Mercedes, not realizing that what she was asking could make Finn angrier. "Cause if you say yes, I'll go home this moment and start packing for the end of the world."

Rachel looked at Quinn again, waiting for a signal to know if it was okay to speak freely. The blonde beamed. As if she needed her consent after that kiss. But just in case, to reassure the shorter girl that she could say anything she wanted, the blonde just leaned slightly against the her, and let her lips brush gently against the girl's cheek.

The brunette simply smiled.

"We are enjoying each other very much, thank you."

"I always thought that this moment would be highly uncomfortable…" started to say Kurt. "But looking at you… I don't know. It feels right, as if it was always meant to be like this. Does it make sense?" He asked turning to his boyfriend, who nodded, and the rest of the group. He saw Tina, Mike, Sam, Artie and Brittany also agreeing. For the smirk plastered on Puck's face, it was obvious what he was thinking about. And for Mr. Shuester… Well, he was obviously lost in translation.

Meanwhile, Finn was seeing red.

Even if Quinn had just been talking to Santana about him before the club session started, the concern for Finn and his reaction had totally disappeared the moment she saw Rachel waiting for her in that damn leather jacket. The memories from their encounter at the auditorium flooded her mind and she couldn't help it. It was time. She had to show the others that Rachel was now with her. Finn snapping never crossed her mind.

But now, she could see that the boy was actually seconds away from doing some serious damage, and that scared her. Not because Finn could really hurt them, though. In fact, it was his personal safety what really worried her because, as soon as Rachel perceived him as a real threat, she could snap and break his neck without realizing.

"Okay, enough with the drama. Brit and I are headin' home 'cause this extra time with you losers is making me itchy all over."

She laced Brittany's hand with her own and started heading out, not without nodding at Quinn, at what the blonde answered mouthing a 'thank you'.

With his anger still boiling, and seeing that there was nothing he could do, Finn simply turned away from the group and started walking away.

The rest looked unsure at first, but then Puck shrugged and took a few steps towards them with a big smile. He turned to Quinn with his arms opened and waited for the girl to accept the gesture. The blonde hesitated at first, but she couldn't deny that the strong arms surrounding her felt good, like the comfort coming from a loving brother, as messed up as that sounded. When they moved, the boy simply nodded at her and then turned towards Rachel with a hand raised.

"Jew five!"

Rachel burst out laughing and high fived him.

After the last of their friends had left, Rachel offered her hand to the blonde, and Quinn didn't hesitate a second before interlacing their fingers together.

Hand in hand, they walked out of the school building together and into an almost empty parking lot, where Quinn's car was one of the few left.

"No bike?" She asked with a fake deceived tone and a pout in her face.

"Had I known that you're into that, I'd have got one. Maybe next time?"

"It's a promise." Quinn gave the other girl a peck before opening the car's door for her. "So, if you're not going to join some biker gang, why the change of clothes?"

"If I tell you, promise me you won't freak out."

"Rachel… What happened?"

"I jumped into the lake?"

"And why would you…?"

"I needed to cool down." Quinn stared at her not really understanding. "I'd just had a talk with Andrea, and I was feeling guilty for something I asked her to do, when suddenly there was this voice in my head. I was alone and freaking out because I thought that I was going to change…"

"And you jumped into the lake."

The brunette simply nodded.

"Okay. You know what? Let's forget about that. Now I'm taking you home. We'll snuggle on your couch, order pizza, watch some movies and then, we will go up to your room, lay on the bed, and we'll talk. Because there's a lot we have to talk about."

And maybe, just maybe, after they'd said everything that needed to be said, they'd be in the mood for something else.