A/N: This is, like, the darkest thing I've written. Well, I'm on an extreme writing rampage today. I've written a one-shot, a new ending to a story I lost inspiration to, and this. More to come.

Rated T for language and dark stuff.

You fall through the veil.

Wow. You're killed by a fucking curtain.


Really, though, Sirius. You lived through so much in this hell of a life.

Your family.

Child abuse.

The Willow Incident.

Your best friend and brother's death. (But did you really live through that?)


Life on the run.

Number Twelve Grimmauld Place.


Why were you killed by drapery?

Such a simple thing.

After all you've been through.

So incredibly fucking ironic.

You're getting bored of all this freaking darkness and nothingness.

Why can't you just move on to the bloody afterlife?

Even if it is hell.

Although a life of hell ending in an eternity of hell is just plain hellish torture.



Your brother. Your brother is here to save you.


Yeah, not Regulus. Only a daft bastard would think he's your brother.

"It's too early…"

You were rather young to die, eh, Sirius?

"It's irreversible."

You speak only the truth…

"Yes… come on."

You are going home.

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