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Au. Burt and Carol are getting closer and Finn has yet to meet Burt's son, Kurt. Kurt isn't like Finn, he the type of boy that Finn bullies. Finn and New Directions are about to meet the epic-ness of KLAINE! Slash!
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Redefining Views

Chapter 1: Meeting Kurt

Finn Hudson had grown up with only one parent, his mum. His father had died before he was born so he had never had a father figure in his life. His mother had had boyfriends but they were hardly father material and always ended up leaving, leaving Carol a mess and Finn disappointed that none of them had stuck it out. His only male role models were the other boys at school and the people he hung out with were bullies.

His best friend Noah Puckermen was one of the biggest bad asses in the school and was always bulling kids for their lunch money. Finn was popular, captain of the football team, so reputation was very important to him and he wouldn't let anyone take that away from him. That was why he was dating the head cheerleader Quinn Fabray but secretly crushing on Rachel Berry.
Carol of course knew nothing about Finn being a bully. All she saw was her son as being popular and well liked.

Finn was easily swayed though by others though. They could play him like a fiddle. All Finn wanted to be was popular and be liked by everybody. If he did what the other's did, then it guaranteed him his status at McKinley. Of course Glee had slightly damaged that reputation, but a few other footballers had joined and Finn found himself still slightly on top.

The only father figure and role model that Finn had was William Schuster, New Directions director.
Recently though, a man had come into his mother's life and it seemed like the real deal. It was none other than a local man by the mane of Burt Hummel. Burt owned the best mechanic shop in Lima, Ohio; Hummel tire and lube.
Carol and Burt had met when her car had broken down and Burt was the one who had fixed it. They had got to talking and laughing and Burt asked her out on a date which Carol accepted with blushing cheeks.

After the first date, many dates followed and soon the two were in a relationship that seemed to be doing very well. Burt had taken Finn to a baseball game to get to know him and Finn adored him. He was the greatest man he had ever met and Finn found himself looking to Burt as a father figure and a role model of the man he wanted to become.
Like Carol, he was a single parent and had a son that was a couple of months older then Finn. Kurt Hummel didn't attend McKinley though. No, he attended the all boys school Dalton Academy.

The two hadn't met yet, but Burt and Carol were soon to fix that. They thought it was about time that the two of them met.
Finn was sitting in Glee club, watching a fight break out between Rachel and Santana. Santana had been winding up Rachel all week and the shorter girl had finally snapped.
"Guys!" Schuster was yelling over the noise but was getting nowhere.
Puck turned to Finn.
"Dude, tonight, halo round?" Puck asked.

"Can't," Finn answered. "I'm having dinner with mum's new boyfriend and meeting his son."
"O yeah," Puck said, frowning slightly.
"I hope he plays football," Finn muttered.
Kurt didn't.

The Hummel family had a Friday night tradition. Every Friday they would have a home cooked meal and stay in, family bonding. Carol and Finn were invited to their first one.
Carol had dressed up nicely and had ordered Finn to put on a clean shirt and pants. Finn had rolled his eyes but did as his mother had said, not wanting to make his mother any more anxious then she already was. She had met Kurt a couple of time, but wanted the boy to like her.

Carol drove them over and they parked in the street. Finn looked up at the house and let out a low whistle. The house was two story and was beautiful, painted white. They followed the path up to the front door and knocked. They heard footsteps and Burt opened the door. He beamed and greeted them happily.
"Come on in," Burt said. Finn ducked past and Carol leaned up to give Burt a kiss. Finn wondered down the hallway and came out into the living room.

Finn paused when he saw a boy sitting on the couch. He had dark black hair, bushy eyebrows and was dressed in a blue, white and red uniform. The tie was hanging loosely around his neck and he was watching a football game. He turned and grinned when he saw Finn.
"Hey. You must be Kurt," Finn said, Carol and Burt coming into the living behind him.

"Ah no. I'm Blaine, Kurt's boyfriend," Blaine said, standing up.
Finn's eyes widened and his mouth dropped open a little.
"Oh. It's nice to meet you Blaine. I'm Carol Hudson," Carol introduced herself, sounding a little stunned.

Blaine came forward and shook Carol hand politely.
"It's a pleasure to meet you Carol," Blaine said. "Kurt has told me all good things about you. Burt too."
"Knock it off kid," Burt said gruffly, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment and Blaine grinned cheekily.

Carol blushed and nudged Burt, grinning.
"Where is Kurt?" Carol asked, looking around.
"He's cooking dinner," Burt explained.
"Kurt is the best cook," Blaine said dreamily and Finn frowned.

It's not that Finn had a problem with gay's. Rachel's two dad's were gay and they seemed pretty cool. If all went well with Burt and Carol, they could get married, meaning Kurt and Finn would be step-brothers and Finn knew what the kids at school would say if they found out that Kurt was gay. His reputation would take a massive hit.

"Dinner's nearly ready," Kurt said, coming out of the kitchen. Finn turned and stared. Kurt was tall (not nearly as tall as Finn) and lean. He was wearing dark skinny jeans with a black and gold shirt and a scarf. He had flawless pale skin and his hair was styled perfectly. He also screamed gay, not like his boyfriend.
"Smell's so good babe," Blaine grinned, sliding an arm around Kurt's waist.
"Kurt, this is Finn," Burt said, nodding to the tallest boy.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Finn," Kurt smiled.
"Oh er- yeah. You too dude," Finn said. Kurt scrunched his nose up at the name dude but let it slide.
"Dinner smells wonderful Kurt," Carol smiled and Kurt beamed with the praise.
"Thank you. It would have been earlier but somebody decided to help but ended up nearly chopping his finger off," Kurt said, throwing Blaine a pointed look.

Blaine flushed and chuckled sheepishly.
"Kurt's the cook," Blaine said. "It's why I keep him around."
"Because that's the only reason," Kurt teased and Blaine wiggled his eyebrows.

A timer buzzed in the kitchen and Kurt quickly slid out Blaine grasp and disappeared into the kitchen again.
"Blaine, you're on table duty," Burt grunted.
"Right! Sorry I forgot," Blaine grinned and headed into the kitchen too.
"Come, take a seat," Burt said, gesturing to the table. They all sat down, Blaine coming out and placing knives and forks on the table and went back to the kitchen. He came back out a second time with drinks.

"So Finn," Blaine asked, sitting down. "You play football?"
"Yeah," Finn said. "I'm the quarter back and captain."
"Wow, congrats," Blaine grinned. "I don't play but I love to watch."
"You like football?" Finn asked, surprised.
"Yeah. I love college football. Buckeyes all the way," Blaine grinned. "It's not Kurt's things but I drag him to some games. I bribe him with scarves."

Carol laughed and Finn gave a weak smile. Kurt came in, carrying plates and placed them down in front of them. Finn looked at his and scrunched his nose. It looked fancy.
"It's just chicken," Kurt assured Finn, catching his look.
"Oh. Why does it look weird?" Finn asked.
"It's not weird honey," Carol chuckled. "It's just something new."
"It's good kid," Burt said. "I freaked out the first time Kurt first served it to me."

"If you did all the cooking, we'd be having take away every night," Kurt said, rolling his eyes.
Blaine sniggered and Kurt shot him another look.
"How long have you two been dating?" Carol asked, taking a bit of her chicken. Finn braved it and took a bite and was surprised that it tasted good.

"We've known each other since we were five," Kurt smiled at Blaine. "We met at kinder. We're best friends."
"We've been dating since we were fourteen, so for three years now," Blaine finished. Finn was shocked and Carol made a soft awing sound.
"Kurt's mum and Annie, Blaine's mum, were good friends," Burt explained. "Blaine's father, Edward, and I are good mates too. Family friends."

"That's so sweet," Carol beamed. "You two are so cute together."
Kurt and Blaine blushed and Finn looked away.
"Finn here is in Glee club," Burt said and the boys eyes widened.
"You sing?" Kurt asked.
"Yeah. I'm the co-captain of New Directions," Finn said, a little smugly.

"Blaine and I are in the Warbler's," Kurt said with a smile.
"That's great," Carol beamed, looking to Finn who was giving another weak smile. "You should get together and sing sometime."
"I would like that," Kurt said, smiling at Finn.
"Er- yeah," Finn shrugged.
Kurt looked to Blaine, giving him a worried look and Blaine slid his hand to Kurt's thigh, giving it a little squeeze of reassurance.

Burt and Carol kept the conversation. Carol asked Blaine and Kurt all about their school, Dalton Academy. It was a private school that both Kurt and Blaine started attending when they were fifteen.
Both Kurt and Blaine tried to get Finn to talk, open up more. They talked about football, how their friends were on a football team and how Blaine liked to play with them, Kurt sometimes being the kicker.

Finn wasn't biting though, only making short answers. Carol and Burt put it down as being shy and not used to being in this kind of environment. While Blaine and Kurt cleared away the table and Burt went to get more drinks, Carol leaned over to Finn.
"You OK, Finn? Usually you are more chatty then this?" Carol asked quietly.
"Fine. Just tired," Finn lied. "It was a big day."
"If you're sure," Carol said, still looking concerned.
"I'm sure," Finn nodded, smiling to reassure her.

Blaine came out, holding two plates with big pieces of chocolate cake on it.
"I got you the biggest piece," Blaine winked at Finn and put it down in front of him.
"Thanks," Finn grinned and dug in. Blaine gave the other to Carol and Burt and Kurt came back in with the rest of the desserts.
After they had finished dessert, Kurt subtly left Carol and Burt to have some time alone, pulling Blaine into the living room and begging Finn to follow.
"What's up?" Finn asked, frowning.
"I think they deserve at least some alone time," Kurt said, smiling softly. "Blaine's going to watch the rest of this football game. You want to watch?"

"Yeah, that's cool," Finn said and he sat awkwardly on the couch. Blaine sat next to him and started the paused game again. Kurt picked up a magazine and curled up next to Blaine. The shorter boy automatically wrapped an arm around him and pulled him close, eyes still fixed on the screen. Finn shifted and coughed, keeping his eyes on the screen. He'd never seen two guys cuddle like Quinn and he did.

Kurt didn't watch, but just flipped through his magazine, humming occasionally. Blaine rubbed Kurt's arm and groaned when one of the footballers missed a pass.
He tried to get Finn to talk and Finn talked football with him, still slightly shocked that a gay guy liked football.
"You should really change out of your uniform Blaine," Kurt said, his eyes not lifting from his magazine. "You'll wrinkle your blazer."

"Couldn't be bothered," Blaine said, rubbing Kurt's arm and hugging him closer.
"Lazy," Kurt teased and Blaine chuckled.
Carol and Burt entered the living room.
"Finn, we have to get going," Carol said. "I have the early shift tomorrow."

Blaine paused the TV and they all stood.
"It was nice to meet you both," Blaine said.
"Yeah. You too," Finn said.
"It was a pleasure Blaine. We hope to see more of you," Carol smiled.
"Bye Finn. Bye Carol," Kurt beamed.

"By Kurt," Carol beamed.
Finn headed out and Burt walked Carol out.
Blaine turned to Kurt who smiled softly.

"Finn seems OK," Blaine said.
"Yeah," Kurt said. "I thought...Carol said he was childlike, goofy but fun. Did he...did he seem like that?"
"Maybe he was nervous," Blaine suggested, pulling Kurt into his arms. "You know, you guys might be family one day. That's a lot of pressure, especially when your potential step brother is as fabulous as you are."
Kurt laughed and placed a kiss on Blaine's lips.
"That's true," Kurt sniggered. Blaine chuckled and pulled Kurt back into another kiss.

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