This is a Digimon 02/03 crossover, I resisted long enough and so here it is.

for readers who read other crossovers of this type.

Catalyst of Light

By Firehedgehog

Chapter One

A young boy of fourteen walked slowly through a beautiful green park, he was enjoying its sights and smells as he often did when he had time. His red eyes were filled with determination, yet after all his adventures he still retained his innocence.

At that moment he smiled slightly, he could just barely hear the sound of someone trying to sneak up to him from the bushes. He adjusted the paper bags in his arms, he didn't want to loose grip on them and ruin the food in them.

"Takatomon," a childlike energetic voice called, Takato laughed as a small red dinosaur like creature glomped onto him with an almost vice like grip.

"Guilmon, I told you to stop calling me that," Takato laughed joyfully, Guilmon blinked and sniffed the air.

"I smell bread, and peanut butter," the rookie Digimon said happily, Takato once again laughed when his Digimon gave him a very good puppy dog look.

'He's been playing with Lopmon and Suzy again' Takoto thought with a sweatdrop, since coming back from the Digital world the tamers had grown closer and Suzy was enjoying it to the fullest.

'I still don't know how Lopmon can stand those hugs, of course being a Deva might help' Takato thought, he gently shoved Guilmon from the bags and headed to where everyone was waiting.

"What took you so long gogglehead," the ever sarcastic Rika said when they came into sight, Takato sighed and wondered if she would ever lighten up.

'The only person she's soft to is Renamon, and we don't see that happen often' Takato thought, he smiled slightly as Terriermon another Tamers partner giggled.

The dog/bunny rookie was the partner to the tamer Henry Wong, Henry was half Chinese and Japanese. Last of all was Jeri, she had lost her depression when Leomon had been reborn and returned to her.

"Where's Kazu and Kenta?" he asked, Terriermon giggled and Henry answered.

"Kazu had gone visit relatives, and Kenta was invited along... you know they go everywhere together," Henry told him, Takato sighed and seated himself between Henry and Suzy.

"Can we eat now?" Guilmon asked with a soulful hungry look, this got him no pity as the humans laughed.

"Don't worry Boy, as soon as all the foods out we'll all eat," he told his partner, Guilmon gave a happy cheer.

In another part of multiful universes a being of pure evil began to break through the walls of the dimension it was in, not long ago it had been trapped here. Of course he wanted to escape, he needed revenge on those dratted children that had put him here.

'I almost had everything I needed, all I needed was that dark spore in the humans neck to complete my plan' Daemon thought angrily, he glared at the world of the dark ocean around him. It had been a year to this day that they had put him here, he was severely weakened by this place and he needed to find a source of power to use.

Daemon used his powers to scan through the multipul dimensions in search of the power he needed, he had enough power to pull that power source here...then that power would be his to control.

Chapter Two

Takato glared at his reflection in the mirror, his once chestnut brown hair was a startling white colour. It had changed this colour when Calumon had given him his power, it seemed while Calumon was allowed to stay a Digimon evil had still wanted its power.

Calumon had been hunted down and almost killed when the evil had tried to get his power, Calumon was almost deleted when they got to him.

'But it was too late to save the white Digimon, he was too hurt too badly' Takoto thought sadly, to there surprise Azulongmon had appeared and told them that if Calumon died with the power of light of Digivolution... no Digimon would ever be able to Digivolve unless with a tamer.

Calumon to his shock had chosen him, then Takato remembered an incredible light and blacking out. When he woke up he could feel Calumons power inside of him and it was his power now, his hair had changed to this pure white colour... and he knew he was something more then human now.

He didn't tell the others this, they were already too worried about him... Azulongmon did tell him that ordinary Digimon wouldn't be able to find the power now that it was hidden inside him.

It was then that his eyes widened as he saw something in his reflection that caught his attention, for a few split seconds he had thought he had seen Calumons symbol on his forehead.

"Please tell me I imagined that, my life is weird enough as it is," he whispered, making sure that the symbol there he sighed in relief when he couldn't see it.

"Must of been too long a day," he muttered to himself, as he turned away from the mirror he never noticed the four triangle marking Caumon had flickered on his forehead for a split second.

Daemon cackled in glee as he finally found his target, the power he could feel from this person made the Digital worlds power seem like an ant.

He reached out with his power and touched that dimension tighter, then with a twist of his power he grabbed the holder of the power and pulled.

Takato screamed, he felt as if something was grabbing his body and mind and pulling. He really didn't know how to describe it, and whatever it was it felt more evil then De reaper ever was.

"Takatomon," Guilmon shouted, the next thing Takato vanished from his home time line and dimension.

Daemon blinked as a limp body appeared in front of him, to his disbelief the power belonged to a human boy. Then he smirked when he realized that this boy was more then human, this boy would also help him get his revenge on the digidestined.

"Ummmmph... where in the world am I," the boy said coming too, it was at that moment that Daemon saw something flicker on the boys forehead.

He stopped himself from gasping in awe, somehow he had grabbed the ultimate power of legends. The power that allowed all Digimon to digivolve, the light of digivolution.

But he was surprised it had chosen a human body as its shell, but no matter he would use its power to his goal.

"Welcome to the dark world, I am Daemon and what can I call you," Daemon said, he might as well find out the boys name since he would have

no choice but work with him.

"I'm Takato, wait a minute... did you say Daemon," the boy said looking up, Daemon laughed at the boys fear filled look.

"I'm in big trouble,' the boy whispered, Daemon continued to laugh enjoying Takatos fear.