Catalyst Of light

Chapter Thirty-One

The phone wasn't ringing; it hadn't rung in quite some hours. No matter how much he wanted it to ring, over twelve hours with no word.

Worry… all he could do was worry, and hope that in the end everything would work out.

'TK, where are you?' he thought. TK had vanished at schools end; he hadn't contacted anyone in any mean. Patamon was also missing, but Gennai had told him that neither were in the digital world.

His parents were searching for TK, there frantic phone calls in hope TK was found were disheartening. He only hoped; that if they got called it wasn't the hospital.

Or a morgue.


His head hurt, that was the first thing he became aware of. A low grating headache just behind his eyes, at that point his subconscious mind was seriously considering going back to sleep. Yet other things called his sleep dulled mind to wakefulness, the familiar sound of Patamon's breathing and the tantalizing smell of fresh bread.

The gurgling of his stomach decided him, sapphire shaded eyes opened and still half asleep he sat up. He blinked his eyes, getting them use to the light and rubbing the grit out of them.

Seriously, if the sandman was real he would have asked him to lave less in his eyes.

"…" he said confused, he didn't recognize where he was, but at least Patamon was here.

Next to the bed on a side table, was a plate of fresh pastries of the breakfast variety. His stomach rumbled, demanding food. TK blushed a bit; then quickly began to dig in.

As he finished, soft laughter caught his attention. Startled he looked up, for sitting on a chair across the room was an older teen.

TK froze for a moment, the teen hadn't been there a moment ago and he hadn't heard anyone enter.

"What?" he said grumpily, after all he wasn't a morning person, and he was in an unknown place.

"Davis would never let you live it down if he saw you eat like that," the teen said, TK stared at him… the guy knew Davis?

"Davis, where's Davis!" he demanded, dear lord he had to apologize. He would never forgive himself for Davis treatment, the goggled boy was not the idiot he acted like.

"He's running an errand, he'll be back in twenty minutes," the teen said.

"Who are you, where am I?" he asked confused, he guessed he was in a hotel of some type.

"Well, were in a hotel… but you've probably figured that out. As to where exactly, you'll know once you look out the window," the teen said.

"You still haven't answered my other question," TK grumbled a bit. The teen laughed, emerald eyes bright… he knew he should recognize this guy.

"Takato, my name is Takato," the white haired teen said.

"Takato..." TK whispered.

"By the way, did you know you have a weapon in the bed; I think it's yours," Takato said pointing, startled TK followed the direction of Takato's finger and gasped.

"Impossible," he said, for there at his side, was no other then the bow from his dreams.

It was also very solid to the touch.


Davis hummed to himself, as he unlocked the hotel room door. He guessed that TK would be awake by now.

"Davismon!" Guilmon said happily, as he spotted the gogglehead. Davis had to sweat drop, since when had he become Davismon?

"Davismon… I like Davish," Veemon said from his perch on Guilmon's head, Davis ignored the following silly argument between the two rookies.

He wasn't a mon, he really had to talk to Takato about his partner, Veemon and Guilmon were corrupting each other.

"Ah good, your back," Takato said, leaning out of the bedroom TK was.

"TK's awake," he said, it wasn't a question but a statement.

"Worried about you, I haven't explained anything. So he's rather confused," Takato replied.

"Great…" Davis sighed, he would have rather everything was explained. But no one could have everything.

Taking a deep breath he entered the room, Takato closed the door leaving the two humans and Patamon alone.


TK felt relief when Davis finally arrived; everything was so out of control. While Takato was friendly, he hadn't explained anything.

"I'm glad your okay," TK said with a sad smile, he had to force away the guilt at his past actions.

"Actually, I'm the one that should be saying that to you," Davis said and they shared a laugh, but soon it grew quiet.

"I... was controlled," TK said whispering, his vice almost unheard.

"I know," Davis relied just as softly, his eyes understanding. Then TK was crying, great tears from so many things.

"Hey hey, it's okay," Davis said, taking his friend into his arms and hugged him. His right hand rubbed TK's back I calming motions, Davis felt his shirt quickly becoming wet.

"You must think me disgusting, I'm the chosen of Hope and I was easily controlled," he said; his voice hoarse from crying.

"Ow..." TK said; eyes wide in disbelief. Davis had just bopped him on the head, but not too hard.

"Doofus, no ones perfect. Your human, I'm human. Things happen, so get over it. You have your whole life ahead of you, now you can really make a difference in the world," Davis practically yelled at him.

TK stared; then finally gave a weak smile.

"Your right, and first things first," TK said, Davis blinked.

"Oh?" Davis said.

"I'm sorry for everything I've done to you Davis, but also thank you for still being my friend," TK said.

"Thank you; and I promise to whap you if you do stupid things. I also give you permission to whap me for stupid things," Davis said, they both laughed at that one.

"TK!" Patamon said panicked.

Startled the two boys turned, on the table was TK's Digivice and it was glowing.

"What that…" TK said, fearing the worst.


Takato leaned against the wall, next to the door the two teens were in. His emerald shaded eyes gleamed; a smile was on his lips.

He reached up to his forehead, a headband falling away. The symbol of the catalyst was glowing, the corner of his eyes crinkled.

"In the end we all make amends, I'm sure you'll use this wisely now," Takato whispered.

"I wonder though…" Takato mused.


"It's changed," TK said in disbelief, Davis himself was shocked.

"It's a D-Ark," he said, he had never expected this.

"A what?" TK said bewildered.

"A really cool Digivice, but better then the D3," Davis grinned, TK had a lot of shocks ahead.

"So… what type of things does it do?" TK asked. Davis grinned, and pulled out his own D-Ark.

He'd keep Bio Merging with there partners quiet for now.


Takato smiled, everything was working better now.

"Guilmon, I'm going for a walk," he told his partner, Guilmon nodded and went back to talking with Veemon.

"Davismon sounds funnier though," Guilmon protested.

Takato didn't want to know.


"Oh no! How long have I been here?" TK asked worried.

"Overnight," Davis said.

"Oh Crap, my family must be worried sick," TK said, and began looking about for a phone. Because of this, he missed Davis wince at the word 'Family', but Davis said nothing at how it hurt.

"There's a phone in the main room," he said quietly, TK looked at him greatfully.

"Thanks," he said jumping out of bed, then rushed to the next room where the phone was located.

He barely spared a glance at Veemon and a large red dragon Digimon, who were watching Pokemon of all things.

Quickly he dialed, hoping someone would answer. Barely rung, it was picked up.

"Moshi moshi," a tired voice said, a familiar voice.

"Matt, it's TK," he said, he heard a gasp of relief from his brother.

"Where are you TK? What happened?" Matt practically yelled in his worry.

"I'm safe… let's just say I met my own darkness," TK said softly.

"TK… where are you? Come home," Matt said, still very worried.

"Where does the light end and darkness begin Matt, are we really as we think we are?" TK asked, his heart seemed to be finned with sadness. He had so many doubts, especially now that his mind was truly free.

"TK, please tell me what's wrong. Where you, are you in some type of trouble?" Matt demanded.

"Matt, tell mom and dad I'm okay and safe where I am. I'll be back soon enough," TK said, closing his blue eyes thoughtfully.

"TK come home, what do you mean soon enough?" Matt cried.

"Before I can go home, I have to find myself. Bye Matt," TK said, and hung up the phone before his brother could protest.

He turned, opening his eyes. Standing there was Davis, a thoughtful look on his face.

"So you'll be staying for awhile?" Davis asked and TK nodded.

"For a bit. Hopefully: for only a few days. I've realized I really don't know myself that well, at least not well enough," TK said frowning. He then realized he still held the soul bow in his arms, and wondered what he'd need for it.

"You're always welcome; and Takato can help arrange things when he gets back from wherever he wondered off too," Davis said with a grin.

"Takatomon went for a walk Davismon," Guilmon said, looking up from a cartoon.

"Davismon?" TK asked amused.

Davis sighed, and knew he'd never win against Guilmon about this nickname.

"I still say Pikachu and Patamon have to be related," Vemon said still watching TV.

"No no, TKmon and Ashmon have to be related," Guilmon protested.

TK and Davis exchanged looks; the Digimon had too much free time.

"TKmon?" TK finally said; Davis broke out laughing.


Takato was pleased, things were finally looking up. TK was freed of the dark influence, Davis was planning to be his brother in the Tamer dimension, and Rika was smiling more.

Now, if only he could get back to the Tamerverse so they could set everything right. He's rather not see a domino effect multiverse destroyed effect.

"Catalyst…" a voice sad, stared he turned and his eyes widened.

"Ack!" he muttered as he was hugged bone crushing tight, he fell to the ground with the only thing he could see was pink. Pink hair.

"Fate… what are you doing here?" Takato asked, feeling a headache coming on.

"To visit you of course," Fate giggled happily.

"Takato…" a voice growled, he looked up and gulped. An angry Rika stood there, looking ready to kill Takato's pink haired attacker.

"Rika… this isn't what it looks like!" he said, not wanting to see a cat fight.

"Who is this," Rika hissed.

"Takato is mine Red," Fate smirked, Takato wanted to run.

Why did Fate always do this?