Prince of Equestria

Chapter 1

The Rise

Day, a time when ponies can bask in the crisp air. The sun was shining, the birds chirping, and the flowers giving luscious smells. A great horned owl was flying toward the library. Although nocturnal by nature, Owloyscouis would travel to the library, waking up one of his friends before settling down to sleep in the branches. He landed on a windowsill and prepared to wake the dragon that slept inside.

"Who!" he tweeted, the dragon waking in surprise.

"Gah!" he glared at the owl, "Owloyscouis how many times have I asked you not to wake me up like this!"


"Me Spike."


"Spike, you know fangs, claws, breaths fire."


"Wait a second didn't this happen last week?"


Spike face palmed. "Ah just get out you crazy owl." Owloyscouis winked then flew to his nest. 'I'd better make Twilight some breakfast,' Spike thought. 'She'd love breakfast in bed.'

Spike proceeded to the kitchen putting on his chef hat and apron, cooking some pancakes and grilled asparagus stalks. He proceeded upstairs to Twilight's room. She was snoozing quietly on her bed. "Twilight," Spike said. She woke up, eyes opening slowly. Her mane was a mess, normally brushed so not a single strand was out of place, now wild from tossing and turning all night.

"Hey Spike," she groaned.

"Are you okay Twi?" Spike asked.

"yeah, just didn't sleep too well."

"That's not something a little breakfast can't fix." he gave her the tray of food and she perked up a bit.

"Thanks." and she began to devour her meal, simultaneously brushing her mane.

They headed downstairs to open shop. "Spike would you go get the paper please?"

"Sure thing Twilight." he replied and ran outside and came back in shortly. "Here you go Twi."

"Thank you." she levitated it to her face and opened it. In bold black letters she read: Come one come all! Tonight at 10 pm there will be a lunar phenomenon called the Blood Moon. The alignment of the stars cause magical effects that cause the moon to turn red. This is a once in a life time deal so don't miss it! She set the article down on a table and told Spike.

"We should totally go Twilight!" he exclaimed.

"We will, it's just one thing concerns me."

He looked at her, scratching his head. "What's that?"

"How come I've never heard of it before?" It was true, because Twilight had read so many books that she was almost a walking encyclopedia.

Spike rolled his eyes. "Oh come on," he said. "Is that it? Twilight not even you can know everything."

"I guess you're right," Twilight sighed.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Twilight clopped over and opened it. Standing in front of her was Derpy Hooves, the mail pony.

"Package for you." the googly-eyed pony said, handing it to Twilight. "Have a good day now." and she flew off. Twilight headed in.

"Who was that?" Spike asked.

"Mailpony." Twilight used her horn to open the package. Inside was a dusty old book. She looked at it curiously. "Spike, did you order this?"

"I don't think so." He took it out and a note fell out and landed on the table. Twilight picked it up and read: 'My dearest daughter, I found this on my travels, and thought this would interest you. We miss you darling.

Sincerely, Daddy'

"Well that was thoughtful," Spike mused. "I wish my dad got me gifts."

"We don't know who your parents are Spike."

"Oh yeah..."

Twilight read the cover. "Legends of Equestria." She flipped through, pictures of strange creatures appearing on the pages. She found a legend that stood out from the others.

It had a black pony, surrounded by fire. "The Dark Fire. Long ago a stallion was heir to Equestria's throne. He had a sister who had competed with him on just about everything. Their father had grown old and he decided to step down from his throne. When the stallion learned this he was filled with joy, as traditionally the eldest became ruler. But this was not to be.

The father crowned the sister as ruler of Equestria. Enraged, the brother fled, burning everything in his path. The sister tried to reason with him but was shunned. His anger and jealousy had corrupted him. He attacked her but she bound him in chains of light and blasted him to the core of the planet, never to be seen again. That is why volcanoes are blistering hot, as the magma is fueled by his rage."

Spike yawned. "Some story Twilight."

"Yeah, dad probably thought this would be good in the foal section." She picked the book up magically and set it on a shelf. The clock chimed and Spike grabbed a knapsack.

"Oops! Sorry Twilight but I'm late for a meeting with the CMC!" He ran out the door as fast as his stubby legs would allow.


Twilight decided to visit her friends. She clopped outside and headed to the town square where they always met. The vendors were selling their various merchandise, while a group of foals (Two of whom were Snips and Snails) jumped rope.

She had arrived, the fountain spraying large amounts of water.

"Howdy Twilight," Applejack said. "Y'all excited 'bout 'th Blood Moon t'night?"

"I know I am!" Rainbow dash exclaimed. "The Wonderbolts are going to do a show and I'm going to finally make it in!"

"Honestly darling is that all you ever think about?" Rarity asked. "Who knows how many dresses I'll be inspired to create?"

"This is going to be loads of fun!" Pinky Pie said. "I'm going to bake loads of cupcakes for everyone! And it's going to be the best batch I ever made!"

Twilight noticed that Fluttershy hadn't spoken.

"What about you Fluttershy?" she asked.

"I don't know Twilight," she said. "It sounds kind of spooky." The bell tower struck three, its chime resounding throughout the town. "Oh no," Fluttershy sighed. "If I don't feed the animals soon they'll all starve. Poor things." She flew to her cottage.

"Yeah I'd better head home too, Macintosh won't be too happy if I don't git home soon." Applejack added. The others said their own farewells as well.


Twilight walked into her home before settling down in a chair. Spike walked in a few minutes later, mumbling to himself. He was muddy with twigs and bits of grass sticking in his spikes.

"What happened to you Spike?" she asked.

"The Cutiemark Crusaders happened." He mumbled.

"Well, lets at least get you in the tub, you're filthy."

His eyes widened in horror. "Oh sweet Celestia no." She magically grabbed him and brought him to the bathroom, turning the water on warm. "Aw c'mon Twilight this isn't fair!" She plunged him in and spent seven hours cleaning, chasing and soaking him, getting every last speck of filth off his scales. Once he was squeaky clean, she gave him a nice pile of gems.

The clock struck ten. "Oh my gosh! Spike we're late!" she picked him up and ran out the door just as he was about to take a bite of an emerald. She galloped to the field just outside of town.

Everypony was there. Dr. Whooves, The Wonderbolts, Mayor Mare, and all five of her friends. They sat down next to them just as the show began. The moon turned from white, orange, and then finally red. There were several oohs and ahhs at this odd form of nature. As everyone looked on, the whole world of ponies was flooded with knowledge. By memories of their ancestors, they were able to become bipedal. Everypony was excited, not knowing that it wouldn't last.


Deep in the Everfree Forest, the light of the moon touched a spot on the ground. A symbol shaped like a crown with fire blazing on it glowed white. Purple-black smoke spilled out of it, materializing into an Alicorn in an anthropic form. He was clad in pointed silver armor, wore a blood-red cape and had a large sword sheathed at his hip. He opened his eyes which glowed the same color as the Blood Moon. "And now...finally..I have returned." He said. He laughed, a deep rumble in the forest.


Princess Celestia sat on her throne, listening to a farmer argue with the C.E.O of a mining company.

"Your Majesty," the C.E.O said. "If you would look at my charts, you'd see that the soil is filled with minerals that could very well boost my company's sales."

"But in order to git em you'd have tuh ruin mah crops." the farmer retorted. The argument was getting heated when Celestia was saved by the magical appearance of a letter.

"I'm sorry but we'll have to sort this out another time." she stated. The guards standing by the doors escorted them out, the two ponies still arguing. Celestia sighed leaning back on the throne. 'I need a vacation.' she thought.

Remembering the letter, she sat up and opened the envelope, magically pulling out the paper. It said: My dear Celestia, I'd gather an army if I were you but we both know that wouldn't stop me. I am far more powerful than before. And it's all thanks to you. Just know that Equestria will burn along with you. Chaos will reign. The letter was signed with a flaming crown. Celestia's eyes widened in shock, her grip losing in strength. She dropped the letter and it erupted in flames.

"Captain!" she shouted. A white Pegasus guard burst through the doors, bowing before her. "Gather every battalion and distribute them to all towns in the kingdom! I know that swords are normally used traditionally, but we need them and any weapon you can find. Also let all unicorns in the army use lethal magic." she got a lump in her throat. "We are at war." He bowed again and ran out to share the orders.

Just outside the castle, the statue of Discord cracked open and he stepped out onto the grass. He smiled wickedly. "So he has awakened." He laughed, vanishing in a flash of light.


The Alicorn had traveled to a small village, where a group of outcasts were waiting for him. He was just outside a small pub and he could hear music and laughter coming from inside and he magically put on a cloak that blocked his armor, sword, and eyes from view. He stepped in and all activity stopped. Several gazes lifted to the strange stallion. He stopped in front of a bar and leaned on it.

"Can I help you sir?" the bartender asked nervously.

"I'm looking for five creatures. Unicorn, griffon, and three dogs." The bartender nodded to the stairs. The Alicorn climbed up and entered a small room.

Soon they would work for him, these five fools.

"The Great and Powerful Trixie requested a milkshake, not a cloaked fool." the unicorn said.

"Great and powerful hmm?" the stallion replied. "You and I know that's not true." she frowned. "And three dogs who can't even keep a single pony as a slave." The three growled.

"Alright, so you know about those losers big deal." the griffon said.

"Oh, I know them, but what really has me impressed is you Gilda." he replied. "You see, you've all been helpful to me. Your boastfulness, jealousy, and greed has been very helpful."

"Cut to the chase," the smallest dog said. "Why are you here?" The stallion paced around the room.

"What if I could give you all the wealth in the world, true power, and a chance for revenge?"

The five perked their ears up. "What's the catch?" the medium dog asked.

"No catch Rover, other than helping me. You see, I plan on overthrowing Princess Celestia."

"That's not possible!" Trixie shouted. "She's been ruler for as long as anypony can remember."

"But it is Trixie, for I know all of her weaknesses." They all turned to each other, whispering.

"Okay, we'll help you," Gilda said. "But on one condition."

"Anything you want it shall be given." he replied.

"Tell us who you are." "All in good time, all in good time." His horn glowed and he transported them out of the room.


Discord was lounging on an old throne inside of the abandoned castle, drinking chocolate milk. A bright flash of light appeared and his master and five others appeared.

"Welcome home sir." he said.

"Get off my throne Discord." the stallion snarled. Discord drank the glass then threw the milk behind him. It exploded on the floor.

"Why so serious my lord?" he asked.

"We are on the verge of my empire, and you are just lounging about?" the stallion raged.

"Uh," the largest dog said. "If you need us we'll be outside." he and the other two started slinking away.

"NOT SO FAST!" the stallion yelled. The three froze in place. Discord knew that he'd better get off or risk death. So he snapped his fingers and appeared next to his master. "You wanted to know who I am," he continued. "So this is I." He cast a spell and his cloak was gone. The five stood wide-eyed at this huge stallion. He went to sit on his throne, cape over an armrest. "I am Shadowblaze, Dark Lord of destruction." Discord psst-ed at the five and they looked at him. He motioned at Shadowblaze, and pointing at them to kneel. They did so, Shadowblaze smiling cruelly.

"Do you pledge your servitude to me?" They nodded. "Good, good. I brand you servants of chaos, commanders of my legion." He raised his hands and purple fire shot out of them, blasting into the five. Their eyes glowed purple.

"We pledge our troops to you." The Diamond Dogs droned.

"I pledge my power to you." Trixie mono-toned.

"I pledge my talons to you." Gilda added.

Shadowblaze laughed. "Bring me your troops boys, we have a lot to go through together." The dogs did his bidding. "You two, please make yourselves at home." Trixie and Gilda exited the room, heading towards dorms in the castle. "Discord, find out where the Elements of Harmony are and report back to me."

Discord smiled. "It will be done my lord." He snapped his fingers and vanished into thin air.

'One to go,' Shadowblaze thought. 'Nightmare Moon must Join my cause.'


Twilight was amazed at the sight of many soldiers marching into Ponyville. The mayor was shouting out complaints while residents looked around in awe and confusion. Twilight saw a soldier she recognized. She ran out the library's door and confronted him. "Frostbite," she said. "Why are all of these soldiers here?"

"It is by order of the Princess that every battalion is to be sent to every town in Equestria." the white Pegasus replied. Twilight noticed that he had a sword sheathed at his side. She looked at him, raising an eyebrow. "Also by order of said princess." he grunted.

Twilight was appalled. "The princess would never do such a thing!"

Frostbite shook his head. "I'm sorry miss Sparkle, but we are at war. These things had to happen."

"With who griffons?"

"She wouldn't say, but she wants you and your friends to meet her in Canterlot immediately."


"Hoowee," Applejack exclaimed. "Is it me or does this place get fancier every visit?" The six of them had traveled to the castle and were waiting for entrance to the throne room. Spike had wanted to come along but Twilight convinced him to stay behind so he could receive letters and address them to Ponyville. The double doors opened and they walked inside. Princess Celestia was sitting on her throne. She was pale and her mane had lost some of its volume.

"Thank you for coming girls," She said. "But I wish it wasn't under these circumstances."

"We understand princess," Twilight replied. "But, what exactly is going on?"

Celestia frowned. "Yet another ancient foe as resurfaced Twilight, but this one is the most powerful of all."

"Another one?" Rainbow Dash complained. "How many does she have?"

"Shh!" Rarity hissed. "She's been alive for ages. Of course she has many enemies."

"No, Rainbow Dash is right," Celestia said, waving a hoof. "But this one has been around far longer than me. Come." She led them up the winding stairs of Canterlot Tower. It had gotten larger, the girls realized. They walked past the glass windows depicting their past victories. They walked to the end of the history of Discord and began at a place they didn't know. Many colorful windows showed happiness on one side, while the other showed death and suffering.

"Lets start with the beginning," Celestia said. She pointed at a window, showing a pink haired filly being cradled by her mother, a colt and stallion standing by, smiling. "This was the day of my birth. My mother, Queen Galaxina, and my father, King Nebulous. The colt is my brother, Blackjack."

They moved on past windows showing the siblings playing, laughing, and resting in meadows. "Blackjack loved me more than anything and always taught me new things." She continued. "But we competed at almost everything." she said, walking past a window showing the two wrestling. "Six years passed and my mother became pregnant with Luna, dieing after she was killed defending Equestria from an Ursa major a decade later."

The next window showed a casket being buried, the king holding a young Luna. "A two years passed and my father had decided it was time to step down. As tradition follows, the eldest was the one to become ruler, and Blackjack expected no less. But this was not to be. My father had seen him grow violent, ambitious when mother died and he passed the crown to me."

They stopped at a window showing the ceremony, Blackjack's eyes closed in jealousy and anger. "He fled in a fit of rage, his anger fueling him like black fire." They moved on. Another window showing Blackjack lighting several homes on fire, the residents quickly fleeing. "I tried to reason with him, but he attacked me, blaming me for my mothers death."

She motioned to another window showing him attacking her with a sword. "I had no choice but to banish him to the planet's core, he swore his revenge as he was pulled down." The next window showed that scene. "And now he has escaped and he will stop at nothing to make the kingdom burn." The six stood there motionless as she finished.

"And that is why volcanoes are blistering hot, as the magma is fueled by his rage..." Twilight mumbled.

"I'm sorry?" Celestia said.

"Oh princess! My dad sent me a book telling almost the exact tale, and I dismissed it as pure fantasy!"

"I understand my faithful student. Now, will you six do something for me?"

"Anything your majesty." Applejack answered.

"I must ask you to wield the Elements of Harmony once again and stop my brother."

They accepted and their elements appeared on them. "Umm," Fluttershy spoke up. "If his anger fueled him, would that mean he changed his name to something more, sinister?"

"Yes," Celestia replied. she brought them to a painting. "This is what he looked like when I banished him." The painting showed a black stallion, far larger than Celestia. He was clad in Sliver armor, his red cape billowing in the wind. He was smirking like he shared a good joke but there was cruelty in that smile. The part that unnerved them the most was the fact that his eyes glowed red. Like the Blood Moon... "He called himself Shadowblaze." Celestia said. "And he will stop at nothing to have revenge."