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1. Weddings and Headaches

Clary ran her fingers over the tape holding the bouquet of flowers together as she walked down the aisle. Oohs and ahhhs ran through the large church as her family and friends whispered, not so discretely, about how much she'd grown and how pretty she'd gotten, some of her older more disgustingly gross cousins even had the nerve to call her hot, and they were like 15. She winced slightly and continued down the aisle stepping to the left of the stage and joining her older sister, Aline. In the center of the church, by the priest, stood her sister's fiancé dressed elegantly in a black tux and white button down.

Isabelle was marrying her high school sweet heart, Simon, and Clary would have been lying if she said she wasn't more than a little jealous. She always dreamt of romance, of a prince charming that would sweep her off her feet and kiss her until she couldn't breathe or remember her own name. A man that would hold her closely, but gently, and look at her as if he had never seen anything more beautiful. But this was New York not Disney.

STOP! She scolded herself for having such stupid thoughts. She didn't need a man to complete her. Those were the thoughts of weak women, Clary was strong, independent and… single. Ugh… there she went again. What the hell was with her lately. She was successful and, in truth, in her line of work, she had no time for a relationship. After all, she had just been promoted to CEO of the family corporation after just 2 years of working there. It was unheard of and she was only 20 not to mention she would soon be taking over after her father retired. But in the meantime she was just training and learning beside him.

She knew this and so did her family, which was, in part, why they never lectured her about not having a boyfriend. But she had a feeling that would soon change now that Izzy was married and Aline had been dating Sebastian, a business man who was nearly richer than Oprah, for about 2 years. Isabelle was the eldest of the 3 sisters at 26, then came Aline who was just 22 and Clary was the youngest at 20, well almost. She was the family genius and the favorite child as her sisters put it.

After the flower girl and the ring bearer walked down the aisle, the well known beat that played at every wedding began, announcing that the bride would be stepping into the church.

Everyone's heads turned toward the large double doors at the far end of the church as they opened revealing Isabelle, looking as beautiful as ever, with her arm wound around their father's and a wide smile on her lips.

They began down the aisle and Clary could not help smiling as both her and Aline began to cry. It was cliché and she knew this but it was a strange feeling watching the girl you played Barbie dolls and pretend with walk down the church aisle about to be married.

Her father and Isabelle finally arrived at the front and he gently handed her hand to Simon, who was now smiling from ear to ear. They both faced forward as Isabelle looked at her soon-to-be husband with a loving expression and a twinkle in her eyes while he looked at her in the same way. All in all, vows were recited and I do's were said when everyone moved over to the reception.

Isabelle entered the room no longer wearing her big, poufy, overly exaggerated, white dress but a slim silky purple gown that reached the floor, and while the color was much like Clary and Aline's own dresses the length and tightness were in two completely different hemispheres. Where Isabelle's dress was floor length and lightly flowed over her body theirs was thigh length and immensely tight hugging every curve, even the ones that weren't there.

Isabelle was a designer and wrote for the best fashion magazine in new York so her designing skills were amazing and with the hopes of finding "a fine piece of man-candy" for Clary , as her sisters put it, the day had been dedicated 3 fourths to making Isabelle stunning and 1 fourth to making Clary look absolutely perfect.

From her makeup to her hair and dress, her outfit was flawless and she had caught the attention of several of her father's coworkers whose eyes had raked over her body as she passed making her want to throw a chair or something sharp at their ugly faces for looking at her like she was a piece of meat .God…. these were probably the men that her family had in mind for her, but she'd be damned if she ever let any of those apes anywhere near her.

Her mind wandered as a million thoughts zapped through her brain and being daydreaming as she was, barely noticed where she was walking. Running strait into a hard flat male chest causing him to drop the small plastic plate he held and her to stumble back.

"Oh I'm so… I mean I didn't mean to…." She stammered but as she looked up at the man she'd run into her heart nearly leapt out of her chest.

He was absolutely-jawdroppingly- gorgeous. He had blonde hair that hung to his temples, golden eyes that put the sun to shame and a build that, even under the tux, she could tell was utterly delicious.

He looked at her too. Obviously noticing her bright red hair, big green eyes and tight short dress that exposed more than it covered. And then…. Oh, there it was, the thing that every male did when they saw her walk by. His eyes raked over her body much like the other men she had only moments before glared at but now it didn't bother her. Nope, she was pretty sure that the butterflies having their own party in her stomach meant that she liked it… yup, she definitely liked it.

"I'm so sorry for running into you, I guess I just wasn't looking at where I was walking" he said apologetically.

"No it was my fault… I was distracted" she countered and he just smirked at her.

"Well then I guess we can both take the blame for this one."

"I guess so" she smiled back before he held his hand out for her to shake.

"Jace… Jace Herondale"

Taking his hand in hers, Clary shook it lightly " Clary Fray, pleased to meet you Jace."

"Pleased to meet you indeed Clary" he said and the sound of her name on his lips sent shocks through her body.

However, she was quickly pulled out of her dream world when Aline rudely interrupted, running towards her and yanking on her arm "Clary hurry we have to take the family pictures with Isabelle before the photographer has to…." She stopped abruptly noticing Jace standing two feet infront of her. "oh… hi , sorry to interrupt but I have to take Clary away."

"That's fine, I was just apologizing for nearly trampling her earlier."

"And I was just saying how sorry I was for spilling his food on his shoes" Clary added with a smile at Jace.

Overly impatient Aline, tugged at her arm once more and with an apology she swept Clary away towards the front of the ball room where the photographer stood with an expensive looking camera snapping pictures of family and friends as they stepped up next to Isabelle and Simon.

Looking towards the back she chanced one more glance at the gorgeous guy who had so effectively captured her eye before focusing her attention back to the task at hand… surviving the extensive picture taking that was about to take place.

After over 100 pictures were taken of Isabelle and Simon with just about every family member at the wedding and Isabelle had made sure that all the pictures were to her liking Clary was finally freed. However, said freedom did not last as long as she had hoped when she was pulled aside by her obnoxious aunt Milda.

Aunt Milda wasn't a bad person and had in fact cared for Clary and her sisters when her parents were busy traveling or at a meeting in the corporation offices, but sweet Milda had one small problem. She lived to remind Clary that young women needed to be married or at her age should at least have a boyfriend and on every occasion Clary always had some sort of excuse. Be it school, work or simply that she was busy and had no time for a "relationship." And while this excuse had worked before her aunt was just not buying it today.

"Clary dear, you look absolutely stunning tonight" she began with a sweet tone "that boyfriend of yours must be completely thrilled to have you."

Now aunt Milda knew that Clary was not in any relationship, Clary didn't even have a date that night, but she just loved to test Clary's patience. To see how far she'd go before she cracked.

"No aunt I don't have a boyfriend, you know that." Clary was trying really hard to keep her voice leveled.

"Oh my, that is simply unacceptable, you do know that now that Isabelle is married and it is just a matter of time before Aline is engaged to that lovely Sebastian fellow, you should be keeping an eye on finding yourself a future husband"

Oh god, there it was, she'd said it, the h-word that Clary had no interest in at the moment. Men wanted to control you, to tell you what to do and where to go and she just didn't need that right now, or want it for that matter.

"Aunt I'm busy and I have no time for a relationship" Clary figured she'd try this route first. Work usually got this little issue covered "Besides, I just got a promotion and I'm going to be taking over after daddy retires."

"Oh but honey… that should never stop you" she insisted "work isn't an excuse."

"But aunt right now I'm just trying to focus on my career"

"Dear if I were you I'd be careful with your priorities. We wouldn't want to end up 40 and single now would we?"

Oh hell no she did not just go there! Clary's jaw almost dropped… how could she say that? Clary was only 20 after all. She still had time to date and have a boyfriend… right?

Before she had a chance to answer with a rude retort that was sure to get her a long speech from her father on respecting your elders she felt a strong hand on her arm that was most obviously male.

She looked to her side and there stood the guy she had met moments earlier "sorry to interrupt, but can I have a dance" he turned to Clary, who was trying to control the tingles creeping up her spine from his touch.

"Sure" she said peeking at the expression on her aunts face and letting Jace take her away to the dance floor where couples waltzed to the slow music and men whispered sweet words into their partner's ear.

He gently pulled her towards him as his arms wrapped around her waist and hers went around his neck. He placed his lips at her ear his breath mingling with her hair and it's warmth spreading over the sensitive skin just below her ear.

"Your aunt doesn't seem like a very nice person." He whispered slight traces of humor in his voice.

She laughed "You have no idea." pulling back Clary looked him in the eyes "thank you"

"For what?"

"For saving me from my evil aunt… *your timing was impeccable."

He chuckled and pulled her closer to him, his voice low and oh so seductive "It was my pleasure."

He steered her through the dance floor flawlessly as their perfect movements mingled and she felt her knees weaken as heat spread from every point his fingers touched.

"**I'm glad to see my clumsiness hasn't affected your dancing" she finally spoke, her voice slightly breathy "I'm sorry I nearly ran you over."

Jace smirked, the smirk she had noticed him giving several other girls that evening and figured he was most likely that type of guy. "You can run me run me over anytime." He said.

His hand rested on her lower back and he held her gently but close... so close. Her body was flush with his and she liked the feeling coursing through her. The warm shocks of electricity and the way his breath spread over her neck when he'd whisper things like "You're an amazing dancer Clary." or "You look stunning in that dress." To think she had just met him and god did she want him. But then again, she thought, there would be something seriously wrong with me if I didn't.

He was gorgeous. One wouldn't have to be a genius to notice, she could feel the knot of muscles beneath his dress shirt and he knew how to speak to a girl, that was for sure.

They continued dancing until the music stopped and Jace reluctantly removed his hands from around her waist and Clary loosened the hold she had on his neck stepping back. She twirled her fingers in front of her and dropped her gaze to the floor unsure of what to do next.

"It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance Clary and I hope we meet again." He spoke first as he held his hand out for her to shake.

"Yeah, me too."

She shook his hand and they parted ways, but not without a backwards glance at his deliciously sculpted body which he noticed and winked. Clary couldn't stop the flush that spread across her cheeks or the heat that spread across her body.

Boy, she was in serious need of some action. Brushing off the feelings Jace had caused, she went to join her family, none the less, a smile remained glued to her face for the rest of the night and she knew that they would indeed meet again.

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*line taken from "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004)" I do not own this . property of respective owners.

**line taken from "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement(2004)" I do not own this. property of respective owners.