The Darkness of Haruhi Suzumiya: Kamikage Ch. 1

Disclaimer: I do not own the Haruhi Suzumiya manga/anime. OC I own.

During a warm spring day, Kyon were (yet again) playing baseball against a team they were no match. Kyon was in the out field, and prepared to catch the ball. "Kyon! You better catch it, or else I'll kill you!" Hoping that wouldn't really happen to him, Kyon just readied himself. Then, something caught Kyon's eye. A figure of some sort was standing in the sky, Kyon gets conked on the head by the ball. "Ouch!" Kyon yelps, and the opposing team cheers from winning. Haruhi grunted, "Kyon! You had it, what's wrong with you!" Kyon grumbled from Haruhi's yelling, he looked back up, but nothing was there. "Maybe I'm just seeing things…" Kyon thinks to himself as he walks to his friends. The next day, Kyon walks in class to notice a new student. Kyon sits, "Hey! That's a new kid! Maybe he'll join us!" Haruhi whispers to Kyon. "I doubt it…" Kyon mumbles. The class starts, and the teacher introduces the new student. "Class, this is our new foreign exchange student. Please introduce yourself." The male teen bowed, "Hello. I'm Junoko Mark. I just moved from Hawaii, and hope to live happily here." The class murmured by amazement, they have a student from an island paradise. "Thank you Mark-kun, there's an empty seat near Kyon." The teacher pointed, Mark sat there and the class began their studies. Lunch came, Kyon, Taniguchi, and Kunikida decided to have lunch with Mark. "So, what's Hawaii like?" Taniguchi asks. "It's not that much of a place if you've lived there for a long time, but for newcomers, they'd be amazed." Mark explains. "But Japan seems like the greatest place to live in, good food, amazing attractions…" Mark leaned in and whispered, "Cute girls…" Taniguchi and Kunikada chuckle from his point of views. "You got that right!", Taniguchi agrees. Kyon thought Mark wasn't that bad for a new guy, but he had this strange feeling. Mark didn't quite "feel right", Kyon just shrugged and kept eating. School ended, and Kyon walked to his club. He saw the sign for the SOS Brigade, and opened the door. Kyon saw Mikuru making tea in her maid dress, Koizumi drinking some tea, and (obviously) Yuki reading in the corner. "I guess Haruhi isn't hear yet, at least it's quiet." Kyon thinks as he sits down. "Thank you." Kyon says as he's served tea from Mikuru, Mikuru smiles and sits down too. Suddenly, Haruhi slams her way in, "Good day, brigade!" "Too late…" Kyon sweat drops. Haruhi closes the door, "Okay, today's agenda is-" A knock at the door disrupts Haruhi, "Come in.", she answers. The door opens to show Mark, "Hi, is this the SOS Brigade?" Haruhi smiles, "Why, of course! What is your business?" "Hey, isn't that a bit rude to ask?…" Kyon narrates. "I want to join this club, is that alright?" Mark asks. "What? He really wants to join something like this?" Kyon is flabbergasted in his mind. Haruhi shakes Mark's hand, "Of course! Of course! Come join us, I was just about to tell what we're doing today." "Thank you." Mark sits next to Koizumi. "Ahem!" Haruhi clears her throat, "Before the agenda, I want you all to introduce yourselves to our new member, Mark. First off, I'm the chief of this brigade, Suzumiya Haruhi. Next!" Koizumi starts with his usual smile, "I'm Koizumi Itsuki, pleased to meet you." Mikuru squeaks, "I-I'm Asahina Mikuru." Mark nods, and looks at Nagato. Mark somewhat blushed from her looks (she may be small, but she's cute). "Nagato Yuki." She says in her plain voice. "Nice to meet you all." Mark says. Soon enough, the Brigade were off trying to make more advertisements. Haruhi and Mikuru were in their Bunny Girl costumes, Yuki was in her witch costume, Koizumi wore the frog suit, and Kyon wore the deer costume. Mark didn't mind wearing nothing, so he went on with Haruhi's. After that awkward day, everyone returned to the classroom. "I'm going home, today felt right to advertise us, but of course the teachers caught us again…" Haruhi says as she walks out the door. Koizumi and Mikuru took their leave, Mark left too. All who was left was Kyon and Yuki, "Hey, Nagato…" He began, Yuki looked at him, "Did you sense anything strange about Mark?" Yuki shook her head, "I see, I guess I'm just ima-" "But…" Yuki interrupted Kyon, "It feels like a barrier around him, that rejects my sensors. It's a little strange, but we have to keep an eye on him of who he really is…" Kyon stood quiet for a while, but understood. "Why aren't there normal people around me?" Kyon asks to himself.