The Darkness of Haruhi Suzumiya: Kamikage Ch. 9 - Bad Beginnings

Disclaimer: I do not own the Haruhi Suzumiya manga/anime. OC I own.

A young man runs through a wet alleyway, it was raining this day. The youngster thought of everything of what he was doing, "He's going that way! Keep running!" A woman's voice is hollered. The youngster keeps running until he bumped into a wall, "Kuso!" he curses. Lights flicker on him, "Alright, enough with this, boy! We chase you every time you do this." The teen turns around to the light with his hands up, "You got me again, Officer Tsuruya…" He says sarcastically. The green haired woman takes his belonging, and gives it to another cop. "Hands behind your back please…" Tsuruya says in an annoyed tone. She handcuffs him, and puts him in a squad car. The car zooms off, Tsuruya talks to the cop with the teen's object, "Give this back to the G.O.T.S., they want this thing badly. In the squad car, the teen can see the building he was just in. G.O.T.S.'s HQ, the acronym means, "Government of Time Science". At a police headquarters, the teen was put in a cell, and was waited until his parents came. The boy sees a man come in, and he looked angry. He knew who this was, "Hey, dad…" The boy says nonchalant. "Mark, get out of there already, unless you want to stay here…" Mark's father made him choose. Mark just walked out, and his dad pushed his way out. Near the doorway, Mark's father signed a few things. Tsuruya comes by, "Why does he keep stealing the same thing from the G.O.T.S.?" The man sighed, "I don't know, but sooner or later, he's going to know what it's like in jail…" The man finished, and went on his way. "Kyon… Try go easy on him. Oh, and say hi to Haruhi for me!" Tsuruya calls out. Kyon waves goodbye, and walks out the door with Mark. Kyon got Mark in his car, and drove off. "This is the sixth time I had to bail you out of jail! Why do you do this, Mark?" Kyon asks angrily. "My name's Moku…" Mark (or Moku) says angrily as well. "Sorry, your little sister gave you Mark. Anyway, why must you do this! Do you hate us?" Kyon goes on. "I hate mom, we always have to keep it a secret. But she's always wrecking things, and we have clean up after her. It's not fair…" Kyon retaliated, "Hey, be glad you have a mother at least. Plus, somehow, you've inherited her powers but with my knowledge. So, you at least know what you're doing. But what you're doing right now is wrong, so…so… (sigh) just listen to us, okay?" Kyon was tired of talking. Moku just grunts, "Okay?" Kyon tries make him agree. "Okay, whatever…" Kyon just takes, and parks in the parking lot. Moku gets out fast, and waits for the door to be opened. Haruhi opens the door, "Moku! You have a lot of nerve trying to commit that stunt again…" Haruhi scolds him, but Moku just walks past her. "Hey! I'm talking to you!" Haruhi just hears a door slam to his room. Haruhi exclaims, "That boy… Oh, hello honey." Haruhi kisses Kyon, "How was work?" "Short… I had to get Mark…" Kyon grunted. Haruhi watches him plop on the recliner, she goes up to him and starts to rub his shoulders. "Ah… Thanks dear…" Kyon tries to relax, "Say, after dinner, how about we have fun tonight and forget what happened today?" Haruhi asks sleazily. Kyon raised an eyebrow and smirked, then he heard a shriek. "Daddy!" A little girl jumped on Kyon's lap, "Oomph! You're getting heavy, Haku!" Kyon tickled her to death, and Haruhi giggled from the sight. Late at night, Haku just left the bathroom, and noticed her brother's room light on. She opened the door, and saw Moku packing a bag pack. "Brother…" Haku said innocently. Moku noticed his little sister in the doorway, "What are you doing, Mark?" she asks. Moku grunts from that. He zips everything up, and puts on his bag. "I'm going somewhere…" Moku says as he leaves his room, and goes near the front door. "Where are you going?" Haku asks again, "Somewhere far away…" Haku felt a little sad, "A-Are you going to come back?" Moku puts on his shoes, "Maybe, maybe not… Bye." Moku quietly opened and closed the door as he left. Haku cried a little and ran to her parents' room, "Mommy! Daddy!" The semi-naked parents wake up to hear their child crying, "Huh? What's wrong, Haku? You had a nightmare?" Kyon asks sincerely. "Mark is going somewhere, and I don't know if he's coming back or not!" Kyon was shocked, "Damn it! Not again!" Kyon grabbed some clothes fast, and ran to the door. "Haruhi, stay here for a while. I'll be right back…" Kyon yells as he drives away. With Moku's powers, he made himself intangible. He walked right through G.O.T.S.'s wall, and looked for the same device he stole last time. Moku walked through a hallway, until he saw a door to the device. The door was opening, and he needed to hide. Moku quickly turned himself invisible with intangibility. He saw a light pink, large chest woman come out. Moku knew that was one of Kyon's old friends, Asahina Mikuru. Moku went through the doorway and found a lab. Except, there was one more person in there. Moku kept the invisibility on, he hoped "this" person didn't find him. "I know you're in here…" The woman said blandly. Moku knew who this woman was, he kind of had a crush on her even though she was older. Moku became visible again, "Hey, Yuki-san…" He said nervously. "What are you doing in here again?" She said plainly. "I just want to go back in time, and see if I can change anything on my mother. You should know better than me, you snapped when Haruhi drove you crazy (Haruhi Suzumiya movie reference)." Yuki blinked at him, "I still can't let you use the time machine… You can create a paradox." "I'll take that chance." Moku stepped forward. He also saw the device on the table, Moku tried to grab it, but Yuki got it first." Moku grunted, "I'm sorry I did this to you then…" With his powers, Moku made a time field big enough for Yuki unable to escape from. Moku made Yuki frozen in time, and took the device. He switched it on, and set the date of when he wanted to go. Suddenly, Kyon slammed in. "Moku! Don't do this!" Moku smiled in scoff, "I'm nothing but a shadow to my mother, a Kamikage. I'll use my powers to steal hers when she was my age, then I'll come back and live the way I want to!" "Moku! Don't!" Kyon yelled, but it was too late, Moku pushed the button and distorted into the past. Kyon landed on his knees in despair, "Moku… What have you done…"