A/N. This is a fem!Luffy fanfic. She will be younger by six years, which makes her 11 years old, nine years younger then Ace. Mainly cause I want to see how the story may change if I did this, most likely, no one would take her seriously. She's also eater a different Devil Fruit. This is my first One Piece fanfic, so please be nice. Anyway enjoy!

Summary: 11 year old Monkey D. Luffia (Luffy) has run away from home to fulfill her dreams. She wants to become the Queen of the Pirates, and with her Devil Fruit powers she may just be able to do it. Watch as the girl who ate the Legendary Devil Fruit of the Sea Guardian, takes the oceans by storm in search of One Piece. There's a catch though, she's gotta keep her big brother from finding and dragging her back home first. Sounds like fun, no? Please read, it's better then it sounds.

Note: If you do not know what a Mythical Zoan is, it is an extremely rare and powerful type of Zoan Devil Fruit that when eaten, gives the user the ability to change into a mythical creature. For more info try looking up either Zoan type or Marco the Phoenix with the One Piece wiki. Thank you.

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Episode 1: Setting Sail while on the run!

Somewhere in the East Blue-

An 11 year old girl sat quite comfortably in the crows nest of a luxury liner carrying rich passengers that she had hitched a ride on. Her black hair, which looked like she had just woken up from a nap, blew freely in the breeze, though it was kept out of the girl's face by a straw hat with a red ribbon around it. Earlier that day, the young girl had lost her small ship to a whirlpool. It was not too big a problem, as she was one of the very few, probably only one actually, Devil Fruit user that could still swim, and it would have been impossible for one of the normal Devil Fruit users to breathe underwater. So in a way she was more or less unique.

The child had wanted to be a pirate, and she would have waited to leave home, had she not overheard her grandfather talking to her caretaker, the fearsome mountain bandit Dadan, about taking her to another Island so that a marriage could be arranged with a rich boy, most likely the son of a navy man, around her age. She was not about to have that happening anytime soon. After all, to her knowledge, pirates didn't marry navy men, they got in fights with them. And besides, navy men were just a bunch egotistical blow hearts who thought they were the best thing since sliced bread.

Nope, she would have none of that, so she had runaway, deciding to set sail six years earlier then her original plan. She sighed as she knew lfe was going to be difficult, but then nothing was ever easy. She was going to be a pirate and she was going to be a good one, the best. She was going to be Queen of the Pirates. It was going to be exceptionally difficult with the fact that she was still admittedly a child. Grownups weren't about to listen to a child, especially an 11 year old little girl, even if they could kick their butts from here to the Grand Line and back again.

Her uncharacterristically negative thoughts were interrupted by the sudden caw of a passing seagull. She turned a bit as she watched it pass by, only to dissapear in the distance. It reminded her of why she loved the sea so much. It was so peaceful, even if it did have vicious pirates and nasty marines running amok across its salty waters.

She smiled gently as she relaxed further in the small space she had hidden herself. Beginning to doze slightly as the calming peace over took her usually energetic mind. She turned back around, and settled down, curling into a small ball as she pulled her ever present straw hat over her head. She drifted to sleep quickly, one single thought running through her head as she visited dream land; 'I just hope Ace doesn't find me before I can become the Pirate Queen...'

On bourd the Moby Dick-

Marco the Phoenix, the leader of the first division, watched in slight amusement as his long time friend Portgaz D. Ace, stormed through the ship, literally spitting mad. Of course that wasn't an entirely good thing when said man had eaten the Flame Flame Fruit. As a result, the normally narcolyptic Division Leader, was spitting fire, from various parts of his body. So now the vaorious crew members were running about trying not to get burned by the fuming fire-user. He sighed as he remembered why Ace was so mad.

Earlier that day he had gotten a call via snail-phone that his little sister had run away from home. This would not be a problem, if said little sister hadn't left the island, but as luck would have it, she had stolen a boat early in the morning, and set sail.

From what Ace had told him of the girl was nice enough, and very sweet. It baffled him as to why the girl would run off, as from the way Ace had put it, the girl loved the island and really didn't have any problems with it. The people were nice, and friendly to her. She had no reason that could come to mind immediately, or even with a little extra thought put in. He doudted Ace could figure it out either. It was kinda funny to see Ace so burning, no pun intended, mad though. Que another frenzy of flames. Yep really fun to watch.

Marco sighed again as a new string of varying cuss words flew quite eloquently out of Ace's mouth, followed shortly by several medium to large bursts of fire flowing out in all possible directions. Screaming insued as, to Marco's increased amusement, Ace caught one Marshal D. Teach's butt on fire. Now amusing as the sight of Teach running around like a headless chicken and screaming like a little girl was, Marco could not let it continue, less the seething division leader burn down the ship, and with as many Devil Fruit users as there were on the ship, a lot of people would drown, including the captain.

Marco approached Ace, and put a calming hand on his shoulder, disabling the seething captains flames in the process. Oh, it was a good that fire didn't hurt him, alright. Ace would have burned him if it did.

"Ace, calm down. If it makes you feel any better, I'll help you find her." he stated as he observed Vista, another division leader and skilled swordsman, pour a bucket of water over Teach to put out the fire, laughing all the while in amusement. Marco laughed silently as he turned back to Ace, who was giving him a dark look.

"Hey, hey! No need to give me the evil eye there. I just want to help, ok?" he said, putting up both handsin a sort of gesture to suade the boy, in comparison to his own age, from trying to fry him, which would just destroy the ship most likely. Ace took a calming breathe, his fists clenching slightly before his whole form finally relaxed. He looked at Marco gratefully.

"Thanks...I probably should apologize to Teach." he finished looking over at the poor man whose rear end was smoking. Marco bust into hearty laughter at the sight, before finally settling down.

"Yeah, and while you do that, I'll go tell Pops the situation and that we're leaving for a while." He said giving the man a carefree grin as he left to tell the Captain of the White Beard pirates what was going on. Ace's expression turned pensive as he remembered his little sister, trying to figure out why she would of run off like she had.

"Where are you...Luffy?" he asked the surrounding air as he headed over to Teach to tell him he was sorry.

Back to the Luxury Liner-

Luffy stirred slightly when she heard a loud commotion coming from below. She got up, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, as she noticed a bright pink ship right next to the one she was on. On the mast, blowing in the breeze, was the Jolly Roger. 'Pirate ship!' she thought as she watched the panicked passengers run about like headless chickens. She grinned as she realized something exciting was happening, and climbed down from the crows nest.

On deck, the famous Lady Pirate Alvida was causing terror amidst the passengers, threatening them for gold and other valuables. Behind her was a timid looking boy with short pink hair and glasses. He seemed about to jump out of his skin at any moment now. Especially when he heard a dull thunk, the sound of someone or something landing on the deck. He turned, only to see a young girl, Luffy.

She was wearing a simple, overly long-sleeved shirt, which was way too big for the girl as it almost went down to her thigh, and one sleeve was slightly hanging off her shoulder. She wore a light blue vest over it and black shorts. On her feet were a pair of sandals, and hanging from her neck by a string was a straw hat, whose brim you could see peeping from behind her head.

She looked in the boy's own opinion, rather cute, and not at all scary, though he wondered what she was doing jumping about like that. You could tell she wasn't with one of the rich passengers, definitely not one of their kids, as he highly doudted they would let their kids run around in clothes like that. He surmized taht she was probably one of the sailors aboard the ships kid, probably. She seemed to be finding this whole situation at least somewhat amusing.

Alvida glared at the little girl, clearly displeased with her sudden appearance, and the boy could tell that she was near ready to clobber the poor girl with her metal mace.

"Coby! Quit gocking at that brat and help out a littl-" she was interrupted when Luffy came up to Coby and decided that she would greet him.

"Nice to meet you, I'm-" this time it was Luffy who didn't get to finish her sentence as Alvida finally lost her temper,

"HOW DARE YOU IGNORE ME YOU LITTLE BRAT! I AM THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE EAST BLUE! THE MAGNIFICANT LADY PIRATE ALIVDA! SCOURGE OF THE SEAS!" she declared rather loudly. Luffy blinked at the woman in shock, before speaking her mind,

"More like scourge of my eyes...Wait a minute, you're a lady? I thought you were a gorilla!" she stated in shocka nd amazement. Coby backed away as Alvida began to seeth at the child.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY YOU LITTLE BRAT! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" she demanded as she began to swing her giant metal mace. The furious Alvida almost hit the poor girl in the head, but missed when she quickly lept over the swing. She giggled in amusement as Alvida continued to lose her temper,

"Monkey D. Luffia. The next Queen of the Pirates. Call me Luffy." she stated simply before she did a flip in midair and brought Alvida to her knees. Nobody had seen how the girl had hit the ugly woman, that is until the girl landed. Luffy's hair had turned pure white, and, to the shock of everyone present, she had grown a serpentine tail, covered in silky feathers. The tail had fins, meaning it was used to help swim.

She turned to face him and gave the cheekiest grin possible, only made more unbelievable when she gave him a thumbs up. He did a face fault at her behavior, but quickly corrected himself as he got up.

"What the-" he was cut off as Alvida got up again, more furious then when she had before hand. She raised her mace to hit the girl again when the Luffy swung at her with her tail again. Alvida sky rocketed, disappearing into the distance with a ding. When the rest of Alvida's crew saw this, they immediately jumped ship, not wanting to get hit with the appearently strong tail either. Coby shook his head slightly before he spoke up again,

"How'd you do that?" he asked in pure awe. Luffy laughed as her features returned to normal,

"I ate a Devil Fruit when I was little. It was a mythical zoan type." She explained.

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