A/N. Ok, so I have never done an Omake before, but to my understanding, it is a short side episode that's supposed to be funny. So I'm trying one right now, hopefully it is at least somewhat good, and will tide you over until I can get a decent idea for the next actual chapter for Queen of the Seas. Enjoy!

Summary: Ever wonder what the Straw Hat Pirates crew is thinking throughout the day. Well, here is what is going through their heads.

Note: This is set after Sanji joined, but before Robin and Princess Vivi.

Disclaimer: I own nothing…

Omake Special: What are they thinking?

What Luffy's thinking-

"…MEAT! …"

"Coby's kinda cute…"

"I'm tired…I wish Marco was here so I could use him for a pillow!"


"I'm hungry...I wonder if Sanji will cook me something…Like MEAT!"

"Meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat MEAT!"


"My friends are so nice…OH! I wonder when our next adventure will be…"



What Zoro is thinking about-

"I need to get stronger so I can become the greatest swordsman ever!"

"Idiot…If she didn't have that odd ability to swim she'd of drowned by now."

"Captain sure is strong…"

"I have to be the greatest…"

"Well there goes Sanji…And Nami…And Chopper…And Thatch…You'd think the captain'd stop running after the fifth person she sent flying overboard..."

Nami's Plotting-

"Heheh! I bet if I tricked Thatch into playing poker I could weasel some money out of him…"

"One beli…two beli…Three billion beli…lots and lots of beli…"

"My captain is and forever will be, an idiot…But then if she weren't she wouldn't be our captain would she?"

"Ok so this island goes here, and then there is this island here…and finally we have that border here…"

"I swear if those idiots blow up one more thing…We are going to have a huge problem…"

Usopp's Not-So-Complex Thinking-

"OH! I have just the tale to entertain Luffy and Chopper! Those two are gonna flip over this one!"

"Oh god! That fish was HUGE! It could've eaten me!"


"Oh hey look…a bird…OH MY LORD BIRD IS HUGE!"

"Is my nose really that long…It looks normal to me…But then again I could be wrong…"

Sanji's Perverted Thinking-

"Nami-hime is so beautiful! If only I could tell her…but then that would be bad because then Luffy might walk in…"

"Luffy's probably hungry by now…I'd best get started on a snack…"

"That Coby boy better watch it…If he breaks Luffy's heart…yeah…"

"Crappy people, need to mind their manners…"

"So I put this with this…And VIOLA!"


Coby's thoughts-

"Well let's see, where'd I put that book…"

"Luffy's so cute…I wonder if she knows just how cute she really is…"

"Oh crap, Zoro's gonna kill me if I don't clean this up, if not Nami!"

"I have to get stronger…So I can better protect Luffy…"

A/N. And that's all. Sorry for the shortness, but that's basically what an omake is…at least I think…I hope I did a good job and sorry if it was lame and bad, but hopefully this will tide everybody over until I can get a decent idea. Anyways, review and tell me what you think, and thanks for reading! See ya!