My Poetry:

The Girl In The Choir

The girl in the choir

Raises her voice higher

People may stare

But she doesn't care

Her key is all off

The other kids scoff

Her teacher is ashamed

But the girl's not to blame

She sings confident

Though she knows the consequent

Her expression a smile

She knows all the while

The kids act so mean

Creating a scene

The girl in the choir

Knew the result prior

She is not to blame

For putting her teacher to shame.

Mother With Child

Mother with child

She holds him close

Counting all ten

Tiny little toes

Tears in her eyes

This is life's best prize

She doesn't sleep a wink

His face still pink

Proud new mother

Ready to smother

Her new baby son

Because his life's

Just begun.

Love Seasons

It can be so painful,

So dreadful,

So sad.

But yet so happy,

And joyous,

And glad.

So safe and so alone,

All this time you should've known,

You want it once more,

It's a spreading painful sore,

Scarring your heart,

Ripping you apart,

But you were so content,

Had no idea how much it meant,

To be wrapped in the blanket,

Of forever life's love.