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Hayley's Secret

Hayley POV

June 11th 2013

I stared into the mirror, my and Felix's reflections blurred by the tears welling in my eyes. I blinked them away, refusing to let them fall. I turned around and went back to packing. Felix was still trying to process what I'd just told him. He stood silently in my room as he watched me pack the last of my things, stuttering, searching for something to say to get me to stay.

"You can't do this to them, the Lakewood troop needs you?" Flex pleaded with me. I just looked at him.

"No they don't, Kirby and Cadence can easily pick up the slack I'm going to leave behind" He was about to counter, but couldn't because he knew it was true.

"Well we need someone of your caliber and skills at Troop International HQ" Felix tried again. I wasn't buying it and put the last of my clothing in the suitcase. "Haley you would really leave me? Cadence? Kirby? Jake?" Felix arched an eyebrow. He stressed Jake's name because he knew it would sting the most.

"Of course I don't wanna leave Jake or any of you, but I have to and besides I've already been decommissioned" I was about to close my baby blue suitcase when I was distracted by Felix's sad mixed with angry expression. He knocked my suitcase off the bed and all of my neatly folded clothes, strategically placed shoes, and toiletry items were scattered across the floor.

"Felix!" I screamed. He knew that would get to me. Damn my OCD! "Guess I should start over" I whispered to myself.

"Ugh!" Felix sighed as I started to re pack. "What happened isn't that bad Hayls, have you even given them a chance?"

"No, I can't bring myself to do it, and I won't" I told him adamantly.

Though he didn't want to, Felix finally attempted to except that I was unwavering in what I wanted to do and my reasoning. "Do you know where you're going to stay when you get to Toronto?" He asked with genuine concern.

"Yeah, my aunt is coming to get me and she lives right outside Toronto University so I'm covered" I told him. "Felix, you have to promise me neither Jake, Cadence, nor Kirby can know the real reason I left" If it's one thing I can count on, it's Felix to keep his promise, especially to a friend.

"Only if you promise me you will call me as much as you can and keep me updated on the developments of your life" Felix said as helped me repack the last of my things in my suitcase.

"Duh, I'm obligated now" I lightly joked with him.

"When do you think you'll be leaving?" He asked.

I heard our plain sounding doorbell and the sound of my aunt talking downstairs, which answered his question.

"Hayley! Your aunt is here" My dad called up of stairs.

My emotions were starting to get the better of me once again. Felix took my bag and gave me a moment alone in my room. I looked around, admiring everything single feature of the comfort I've known for the last 18 years. I grabbed my old worn out teddy bear, my favorite one. I turned off the light and closed the door for what I knew was the last time, for a while anyway.

I strolled down the stairs at a very slow pace; slightly prolonging the fact I was leaving. I got the bottom of the stairs and hugged my parents goodbye.

"Come on Hayley! The sooner we get back to Toronto the better" My aunt said.

"Hayley you call us as soon as you get there and every day after" My dad nearly demanded, my mom nodded in agreement.

"I will, I promise" I told them.

I walked out the door to my aunt's car with Felix walking next me, matching me step for step.

He put my stuff in the trunk and my aunt climb into the car, we shared a hug goodbye as he watched me climb into the passenger's seat, the car pull out of the driveway, and take off down the street. I waited until we were a good bit of distance away before I let the tears free fall.

Felix POV

February 15, 2019

I watched in pure horror and astonishment as Cadence scarfed down her third order. After all these years I still can't see how she can eat so much and stay so small even if she is half monster. Jake, Cadence and I were home in Lakewood at our favorite hangout spot.

After we were decommissioned from the Troop, Cadence took her fighting skills and made herself into a martial arts trainer to teenagers. Jake became famous when his Honey Ricochet comic was finally published. Yeah, Hayley is pissed! I am still at international, building and creating new weapons for Troops all around the world. Kirby went and got a college education at MIT but came back to run the Lakewood troop after Stockley's retirement. Yeah we've done pretty darn well for ourselves.

"Felix is this going to be an every time thing?" Cadence asked.

"Is what going to be?" I asked her.

"You look at me like a freak every time I eat" She said.

"Well you do look like a freak when you eat like that" I told her honestly.

"Well would you rather me eat you instead of eating like this" She said with an attitude.

"Not really" I said.

"Ok then, shut the hell up!" Jake chuckled at her.

"So rich boy, still writing comics?" Cadence asked between bites.

"Yes, I'm actually working on a follow up to Honey Ricochet right now" He told us.

"Cool" She said simply.

I felt my phone buzz on the table, looked down to see who it was, excused myself from the table and answer. "Hey long time no here from stranger" I said into the phone.

"Turn around" Hayley said.

"What? Why?" I asked her, confused.

"Felix just turn your around!" She demanded.

"Ok, ok, so pushy" I turned and dropped the phone in pleasant surprise and elation to what I was seeing.

Hayley Cordelia Steele.

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