Edward Elric VS Edward Cullen

Pokemon Style

Mary Sue Bella challenges CO to a battle.

*Pokemon Battle Music *

Mary Sue Bella sends out Pedopixie! He sparkles in the sunlight.

CO sends out Fullmetal. He gets shouted at by fangirls about "kicking that fairy back to Washington"

Fullmetal uses 'Alchemy'. It's super effective!

Pedopixie uses 'Sparkle'. Nothing happens.

CO switches Pokemon! Kick his ass, Flame!

Pedopixie uses 'Dazzle'. It has no effect.

Flame uses 'Bombs On Command'. It's super effective!

Pedopixie fainted.

CO wins, Mary Sue Bella pays out Her Soul.


A/N: I apologise, I could not resist. Sorry for the obviously bad grammar but it is just to be atleast a little funny.


Alchemy- Think 'Rock Tomb'

Sparkle- Supposed to be like Magikarps 'Splash'

Dazzle- 'Charm' (I can picture Cullen the Pedopixie as a Jinx...Quick! Someone make a fanart O.O)

Bombs on Command- Original series mention, think...well any Fire attack.

Happy PedoPixie Hunting Month! (Not official but I wanna start that up...)