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Fullmetal Facebook

Edward Elric was on his brand new computer, a contraption invented by a crazed genius. Everyone he knew hap their account for Facebook set up. Even Izumi! He figured it was time he do the same. Staring at the screen he began to answer the questions that, to some degree, were annoying.

Email- nottashorty99 at hotmail

Age- 15

Favorite Activities- Alchemy, martial arts, sparring..

For awhile he sat there answering the useless questions until, finally, he was finished. He stretched his arms, popping the joint of his flesh and bone left one. Taking out a crinkled paper full of e-mails of the people he needed to add.

catlovingarmorgmail He chuckled, that was definitely Al. Ed typed it in and added his younger brother.

Next up was: guntotingguardmsn Sighing, Ed added the Lt. Not her fault the Colonel was a jerk.

The others went by easily enough;

ladiesmansmoker at live

automailchic at gmail

radiohead at yahoo

housewife! at hotmail

He stopped, a chill running up his spine. It couldn't be. Al wouldn't put that one on this list.

Right under buttcapedcolonel at hotmail was…

hungryprince at gmail



In-case you didn't get it

ladiesmansmoker at live - Havoc

automailchic at gmail - Winry

radiohead at yahoo- Fuery

housewife! at hotmail Izumi

buttcapedcolonel at hotmail- Mustang

hungryprince at gmail- Ling, this is supposed to be around when they first met XD