A/N: My first PJO one-shot. : ) I started writing this months ago, now I'm picking it up again.

Admittedly, you start to think, the gods aren't all that bad.

Kronos made you a prisoner inside your own body.


Maybe. Just a bit.

If only you'd never gone to the Titans.

They ruined your life.

No. You ruined your life.

No one forced you to make the wrong choice, Luke.

Sure, Dad ignored- no, ignores- you. And sure, most of the gods are assholes who don't claim half their kids, although what whores have so many kids to start with?

But really, you are a prisoner inside your own body.

It is not fun.

All you do is watch as Kronos does everything he wants using your body.

He talks. Walks. Fights. Kills. Commands.

He interacts with her.


If it weren't for Annabeth… well, if it weren't for Annabeth, you'd be dead.

Back then, when all was well, it was just you, Annabeth, and Thalia, you were such an amazing kid. Not to sound arrogant. But you cared.

You cared about your friends.

Okay, you still didn't care about your family.

But you cared about your friends.

What are you now, Luke?

You are a monster.

A/N: I am satisfied with this fic. I love writing and reading 2nd person pov…