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It wasn't enough.

It was never enough. Morgana had used one of her best weapons, and all there was to show for it were two scars on the back of Merlin's neck.

That would never do. She would have to get him again, tie him to the ceiling, and do…what?

She needed something good.

Possession… She didn't want to be him.

No, there was only one thing that could be done. One dangerous, terrible thing.

Morgana got one of the books that had survived Emrys's break-in and found the page.

The Hold: Used on one person, but spreads quickly to all but the caster. It unleashes…

"Yes," she said exasperatedly, "I know all that!"

The spell: Dewch allan y drwg mewnol, lledu fel tan gwyllt, peidiwch a rhoi'r gorau.

"That's a long one." Morgana muttered.

It didn't matter. She would get her way, in the end.

"So, wait." Arthur said, voice full of venom, "You're telling me that you, the knights of Camelot, were defeated by an old man?"

"He had magic…" Elyan said.

Arthur shook his head.

"Fine. Whatever you say. But I feel that this is a disgrace to Camelot. Guards, put them in the dungeons." Arthur said.

"Don't you think that's a little unfair?" Merlin asked.

"I've wanted to put them in for a while, especially Gwaine, and this was my chance. Also, shouldn't you be with George?"

"I barely escaped with my life, Arthur; please don't make me go back…?"

Arthur paused, waiting for the guards to come back.

"Take him to the dungeons, too. And put George in the same cell, would you?" Arthur asked of the newly returned guards.

"No." Merlin said, "Arthur, what have I done?"

"Let me think…You were in the tavern for two days? You said I would pay for Gwaine's drinks? You humiliated me the first day you were here?"

"That's going back a bit. And you put me in the dungeons for the last one…"

"Have fun with George!" Arthur said.

Merlin shot him a rude gesture.

Morgana was waiting. It didn't even have to be Merlin anymore.

Anyone she knew was from Camelot. Anyone.

The knights, Merlin, Arthur, even Agravaine.

He was outgrowing his use anyways.

And there was no way he could be saved from what she was about to do.

No one would be spared, and the streets of Camelot would run red with blood.

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