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The freshly saved Merlin went back to Camelot, only to see people dead in the streets.

"Apparently the truth doesn't set you free…" he muttered.

He ran up to the castle.

"Hello?" he called.

Arthur was walking by, and came up to him.

"You're a useless moronic idiot. And I still haven't forgiven you for the various times you embarrassed me." he said.

"Good to know." Merlin said, "Is anyone here normal?"

"We're all normal…"

"Right, that was a stupid question."

Arthur raised his eyebrows and walked off.

This was going to be a lot harder than Merlin expected.

The knights…

Ooof. It was bad.

Nearly everyone called Gwaine a 'cocky drunken sod', Percival was 'too quiet and too proud of his biceps', Leon was, according to Gwaine, 'too noble', Elyan was…Actually, Elyan wasn't anything.

Arthur was an 'insanely supercilious, overbearing, and way too arrogant asshole'.

You could tell that they had been listening to Merlin.

So they were insulting each other nonstop. And when Gwen passed by…

Morgana watched all this, laughing. She had nothing to worry about, and it was very amusing to see the surprised looks on the knights' faces when Gwen insulted them.

Okay, so, yes, it did kill a lot of people. But when it didn't, it was funny. And that hopeless expression Merlin had after he talked to Arthur…


Merlin backed out of Gaius' chambers quickly, after a tongue lashing about never being where he should be and never doing what he was told. This rant culminated in throwing things at Merlin.

"Alright, Morgana." he said, "I know you're watching. Hope you enjoy the show!"

He could just feel her smirking.

Morgana found a hole in her plan.

If everyone in Camelot was dead, there would be no one to rule over. That could cause issues, potentially.

She decided to stop it once Gwen and/or the knights killed Arthur.

Pretty good plan, really.

Not quite foolproof.

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