I've had this idea nagging me for awhile, and I finally got a chance to publish this first chapter. Some of you may remember another story I was writing on here, well this story has the same character in in, Iris. I wont be finishing that other story with that character but writing this new one. I might finish my other story sometime, but I'm not sure. There has also been adjustments made to Iris as a character so she is not the same. I hope you like the new story.

I had been going to college for almost a year now, and working two jobs to help pay for my education. I also had my hands full caring for my pet cat Luki, and selling my artwork.

It had been a long and harsh year, the school work was hard, my bosses unbearable, and my artwork time consuming. When I wasn't at school I was working. When I wasn't working, I was doing homework. When I wasn't doing homework, I was doing my art or caring for my pet and cleaning. I didn't have very much time to hang out with my friends or take a break. I was always doing something. Thinking back to my grand plans for my life after high school, I never would have dreamed I'd be so overwhelmed! I had made it though, my fist year in college complete. I felt accomplished, but drained. Now at least I would know what I was getting into come next year. Net year would be easier.

For the last hour, I had been enjoying my newfound free time by laying down on my couch doing absolutely nothing but thinking and relaxing. It felt good, that is, it did until the silence was broken by a continuous knocking at my door, accompanied by Madeline's loud commands to let her in.

And there went my down time, I thought to myself as I pushed myself off of the couch and made my way to the door.

"Hold on for a second! I'm coming!" I yelled reaching the door and unlocking the bolt and chain.

"May I help you?" I taunted Madeline keeping the door cracked. There stood best friend outside my door tapping her foot impatiently on my doormat, her face set in a grim frown.

"You have been done with school for I don't know how long and you haven't called me to hang out yet!" Madeline scolded as she shoved past me into the apartment. I grinned, shutting the door after her and turning to find her standing in the middle of the living room arms crossed over her chest and eyes narrowed waiting for my reply.

"I've been out of school for almost a full hour-" I was cut off as Madeline commented.

"-A full hour that you and I could have been hanging out at Heather's end of the school year party-" I cut her off.

"That YOU knew I didn't want to go to." I chimed in as I made my way over to the couch, plopping down dramatically with my arm over my eyes. "Oh the horror! The horror!" I simpered staring up at her. For effect I blinked a few times, watching as my friends fake façade dropped. Laughing, Madeline sat down in the chair opposite the couch.

"You are impossible!' Madeline giggled.

"I know." I smirked at her sitting up. I really didn't want to go to Heathers party. She was a friend of Madeline's whom didn't care for me, rather invited me out of courtesy to our shared friend. We hadn't gotten along since she saw her ex-boyfriend flirting with me at one of her parties. Even though I wasn't flirting back, she had held a grudge. Madeline knew but still hoped we would get along someday. It wasn't me not willing to get along that was the problem, but Heather's dislike of anything to do with me, and my avoiding awkward situations.

"Well, since an hour of our time has already been wasted you better get your butt ready to go because we have approximately…." She looked down at her watch. " Thirty-seven hours before you leave for England." Madeline teased smirking down at me as she made a mad dash for my room.

"I'm sorry I wasted an hour of- WAIT WHAT!" I screamed jumping off of the couch and running after her.


"Exactly what I said," Madeline purred throwing a sundress and bikini at me. "I have taken the liberty of paying for you to stay at my aunts summer house in England for the duration of the summer. A nice relaxing break from everything!" She grinned at me as she threw a handful of my clothes in a suitcase she had taken out from under my bed.

I stared at her in amazement and disbelief.

"Madeline, you have got to be kidding me, you didn't!-"

"I did." She smirked.

"What about-?" I was cut off again.

"I called your bosses, notified your landlord, called up your art clients, and told your grandparents. Everything is SET!" Madeline chortled as she grabbed another armful of my clothes from another drawer. She proceeded to throw the clothes, which happened to be underclothes up into the air to come falling down all over. To her amusement a pair of mismatched socks fell on her head.

I just stood there in shock for a brief moment before I snapped back to reality.

"Madeline! You couldn't have, its so much money and you can't go doin-" I was cut off, AGAIN.

"Iris! Calm down!" Madeline screamed at me. After a moment of waiting for me to cut her off she continued. "Iris you have always worked so hard for everything, ever since your parents…" She paused. "I think you overwork yourself, and you don't know when to stop either. You have always been there for me, even when you've had a huge test to study for or something, you took the time to listen to me bawling my eyes out over a stupid boy." She giggled. "Not very many people risked failing a test for me. Thank you for that. Also, you never have time for yourself, your always doing for others, and working towards something. Iris this vacation is the least I can do for you. Either accept my gift gratefully, or prepare to be boxed up and shipped without your consent. Whatever you choose, you are going on this vacation." Madeline finished, her arms crossed over her chest her eyes focusing somewhere out into the distance. Her face was grim and still as she waited for me to speak.

For a few moments neither of us said anything, then I made my way over to Madeline and bear hugged her.

"Madeline, I can't believe you!" I laughed into her shoulder as she hugged me back. "You are unbelievable, I really am glad that you would do that for me but I cant Madeline, it really is too much. You cant spend all that money on me!"

At this Madeline pushed me away from her and pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and pressed her speed dial trying to get a hold of someone. I stared at her confused.

"Madeline what are you..?"

"I told you Iris, either you take the vacation willingly or-" At this point the person on the other line picked up.

"Madeline?" Asked a male voice through the phone. He sounded familiar…

"She's refusing." Madeline told the guy.

"I'll be right there." The guy answered, ending the phone call. And that's when it clicked.

"Was that Kevin!" I squeaked.

In front of me Madeline smirked. Oh god, it was! Kevin was Madeline's older brother, he was my best friend even before I met Madeline. I hadn't seen Kevin since Madeline and I graduated. Kevin lived in Australia, what was he doing in the states?

All of a sudden the door swung open and Kevin's voice rang throughout the apartment.

"Iris Bezarius! You have thirty seconds to comply, or Ill tickle you to death!"

Without even thinking, I ran to Kevin jumping up into his outstretched arms, forgetting all about the trip.

"Kevin! I've missed you so much!" I squealed. He had always been like a big brother to me.

Laughing, Kevin spun me around the room once before dropping me onto the couch unceremoniously. Madeline stood in the doorway smirking at her big brother. They had planed on this day for months now. Both of them knew Iris would refuse the trip.

"You made a grave mistake." Kevin said to Iris. "You have both refused my sisters present to you, and bluntly ignored my warning, for that you shall pay." And with that he commenced tickling me to death.

"NOOOOOOOO!" I laughed, desperately trying to squirm away from him and protect my sensitive sides in vain. "STOP IT!"

"Not until you give in!" Taunted Kevin. I heard Madeline's giggles in the background.

After what seemed like hours of the torture I finally gave in.

"FINE! I GIVE, I GIVE! I'LL GO ON THE TRIP!" I squealed out almost breathlessly. My sides hurt so bad from all that laughing.

Victorious, Kevin stopped tickling me and high-fived his sister.

"Mission complete." He laughed.

"Well, now that that's settled, get changed so we can hang out before you leave!" Madeline smirked throwing the bikini and sundress at me that she had handed me earlier. "You have approximately ten minutes to change before I release the tickle monster back on you!" And with that they both ran out of my apartment, leaving me laying breathless on the couch, wondering how I was going to get out of this mess.

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