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Reef was ready. Ready to hit the waves!

It had been another long, hard, grueling day of work. Work. How he despised his job! And Bummer. Bummer really sucks, man.

But surfing is his relief.

He grins contentedly, and starts paddling out.

Reef catches quite a few waves- it's a very good day for surfing.

He'd been getting on a nice, high wave, probably about 7 feet high. Then he saw it.

A fin.

Not his friend Fin.

A shark fin.

His eyes widened, he gasped.

Reef fell off the surfboard.

He felt intense pain.

Not the pain of not being able to breathe.

No, no.

This was much more severe.

It was the pain of death.

Broseph was getting worried.

It was so totally NOT in his nature.

But Reef hadn't been seen in 3 hours.

He wasn't on the beach.

He wasn't surfing.

He wasn't in the groms' place.

He wasn't on the 'deserted island' he and Fin had once ended up on (and nearly kissed).

He wouldn't answer his phone.

He wasn't on shift.

The last person to see him was Johnny, who'd seen him leaving work to go surfing.

To go surfing…


"You think WHAT?" Emma yelled.

"We haven't seen Reef in 4 hours, and he was last seen heading out to surf! What if he drowned, or was eaten by a shark?"

"No, it… it can't be true! It just… can't!" Lo may be a bit of a snobby girl sometimes, but she really does care about her friends.

"I really hope it's not, but it makes sense!"

"Broseph, shut up! It is not true! Reef is not dead!" After her outburst, Fin ran from the room. She needed to rest… sleep.

"I think we should all just go to bed. I mean, it's 11:00, we have to be up at 6..."

"Yeah, Emma, you've got a point." After Johnny spoke, they all left the porch and went to their rooms.

Fin was dreading work.

Why work? They needed to search for Reef!

He'd gone missing the day before yesterday. Yesterday, there had been no trace of him.

She was so worried, she thought she might explode.

And her friends knew it.

But Fin would give anything for Reef to just be okay. She'd give up surfing if it meant saving him! Unfortunately, quitting her hobby would do nothing to actually find him.

Everyone thought she was the tough girl who hated Reef… well, she doesn't hate him. She thought she did, but now that he's missing… she's worried. Worried sick.

And as she walks into the staff room to see a smug, triumphant smile on Bummer's face, she knows her day is about to get even worse.

"I am so very… heartbroken," at this, Bummer smiled even more, "to announce that your coworker, Reef Moore, was found this morning at 2:48 a.m. Or at least… his torso and up was found. He appears to have had his lower half eaten by a shark… what a shame. Who am I kidding? Good riddance if the bastard's dead!"

"You- NO! He can't be- You're lying! There's no way Reef is-" Sobbing hysterically, Fin ran from the room.


Like she cared.

Overcome with hysterical grief, the only thing Fin could do was run. Run until she was out of breath, which brought her to the taco rock. There she sat, sobbing her heart out, while all Reef could do was watch…

Watch from the Heavens above, as his heart was ripped out and stomped on.

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