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Draco was lost. Not in the existential, 'what is my purpose in life' kind of way. But in a 'Harry Potter just stormed from our hotel room and I'm gobsmacked' sort of way. And on top of being confused and lonely, he was hurt. Harry had accused him of, what? Withholding information? Distancing himself? Not caring enough to be there for his birthday? That last suggestion was the one that kicked him in the gut. Despite popular belief, Draco was not a piece of cold-hearted vermin. He knew very well the importance of surrounding oneself with loved ones on special days. And to think that Harry was of the mindset that Draco wouldn't be right there if he could…stung.

Breathing shakily, he got up from his spot on the floor and moved swiftly to take a shower. He knew the brunet well enough to not chase after him right now. Harry had worked himself into a right snit and would only be able to hold a legitimate conversation after calming down. Besides, Draco now had the honor of remaining behind and explaining to Weasley why Harry had run off. Joy.

Draco cleansed himself quickly and got dressed, sending his belongings to be packed into his luggage with a simple spell. He set the bags to hover in the air and gave a quick glance around the room to make sure he'd collected everything. With a miserable frown, his eyes fell on the bed which was already neatly made due to the hotels magic. They had made memories in that bed. His first night of being filled with Harry, writhing underneath him, and coming together was etched into his brain, practically tattooed onto the gray matter. But now there would also be this swooping sensation of loss to accompany what should be a heart-warming recollection. He just hoped that he would have the opportunity to continue making new memories with Harry. Sexual and otherwise.

Weasley was waiting for him in the lobby when he finally managed to tear himself away from his thoughts and the room. Even though Draco knew he was long gone, he couldn't stop the automatic scan of the entrance to see if maybe Harry had waited for him or decided to come back. There was no dark messy hair to be seen and it only added to Draco's melancholy.

"Hey Malfoy," Ron called genially. "Harry right behind you?"

Draco's mouth was set into a tight line. "No. He left." And he said that without a little tremble at the end. Honestly.

The skin of Ron's forehead wrinkled in his bewilderment. "What do you mean 'he left'?"

"I mean that he's gone. No longer in our presence," he snapped and then immediately felt bad. It wasn't Ron's fault that Harry left. Well, maybe it was a smidgen his fault, but Draco wouldn't dwell on that. He took a calming breath and then continued. "We got into a bit of an argument and he left. About a half-hour ago."

"But I thought you two were getting on alright. I know that you guys…you know," Ron made vague hand motions and Draco assumed he was referring to sex.

"We did 'you know' Weasley, but that didn't stop him from getting angry with me when he found out I'll be gone on a business trip on his birthday."

Ron's face changed into something akin to sympathy. "Oh, that's bad luck mate. I'm guessing he didn't take it too well."

"You'd guess correctly. I mean, I could understand him just being disappointed. I would be if he couldn't be with me for my birthday. But you should have heard the way he was ranting at me. Like I had done some awful thing or as if I planned the trip on purpose." He almost dragged his fingers through his hair in frustration, but yanked the hand away at the last second.

"You didn't, did you?" Ron asked cautiously.

Draco gnashed his teeth in response. "Of course not!"

The red-head held up a placating hand. "I just had to ask. Come on, let's get out of here and maybe we can go get a drink."

"It's barely ten am Weasley. Are you trying to help me develop a drinking problem?" Draco asked with a querulous expression.

Ron grinned. "As the Muggles say, it's five o'clock somewhere."


I am such a fucking idiot.

That was the consistent theme running through Harry's head as he made his way back to 12 Grimmauld Place and subsequently, the camp. He'd had to make three separate Apparition trips to get there, so as not to strain his magic too badly. And after collapsing into his chair in the camp office, he couldn't help but think how effortless it would have been to simply place his hand on a Portkey and wind up back home in a matter of seconds. Maybe he would have been able to if he hadn't been so much of a prat to Draco. Or rather, maybe he would have been able to if he hadn't stormed off like a child.

Now that his blood wasn't boiling he could think a little more clearly and realized that of course it wasn't Draco's fault that he would be away on his birthday. And deep down, he knew the blond wasn't keeping secrets from him either. He supposed he was just feeling a touch overwhelmed, what with having sex with Draco for the first time and spending their first weekend together and dealing with the crowds and their general disdain for his boyfriend. It was no wonder he was feeling on edge and argumentative. But wrangling new and unfamiliar feelings was no excuse for being suspicious and mean. Especially not to Draco, who experienced enough of that rubbish on a daily basis.

Harry dropped his head into his hands on top of the desk and pressed the heels of his palms into his eyes. He had to apologize, and quickly. He could clearly imagine Draco's internal walls swiftly being built back up, and Harry had too much enjoyed seeing him open and accessible with no masks to be held at bay again. Push come to shove, he would break those barriers down again and again. If he'd learned nothing else from this experience, he knew that Draco Malfoy was worth the effort.

Mentally, he molded the guilt that was plaguing him into a determination to make things right. He would make the house of Gryffindor proud.

Work was proving to be a little more difficult than he'd anticipated. Over lunch he'd told the rest of the staff all about the convention and shared details about upcoming broom models and equipment, neatly sidestepping everything that happened with Draco. But afterward, when he climbed onto his broom and circled the pitch a small blond head caught his attention from below.

Scorpius. Harry grimaced and wondered if Draco had told him about their fight. He imagined that Draco had merely glossed over the fact that they hadn't come home together and made up some sort of excuse on Harry's behalf. Because Draco was the sort of person that would cover for him, even when they were in the middle of a disagreement. But had Scorpius understood? Or did he blame Harry for making his father upset? Only one way to find out.

"Are you alright Harry?" a dark-haired man asked from beside him.

Oh, that's right. Sherwin. The stocky teen rode low on his broom, tanned and muscular forearms nearly crossed on the handle in front of him as though lounging over a counter. The man had begun his stint as assistant coach right when Harry left for the convention, and even though there wasn't a whole lot of time left on the camp schedule, he seemed genuinely honored by the opportunity to gain some experience.

"Fine," Harry replied to his question. "Just a little lost in thought. Do you mind if I check on another group for a moment?"

"No, go ahead. I can handle this lot." Sherwin waved Harry off and he caught a glimpse of a dark, tribal-like banded tattoo peeking out from under the sleeve of his t-shirt. Harry cocked his head to the side slightly, grudgingly intrigued by the way the ink twisted around the man's large bicep and curved…

Harry shook his head quickly and backed away on his broom, chastising himself, but muttering his thanks. Hadn't he learned his lesson about ogling attractive co-workers? Besides, he found himself more drawn to pale flawless skin that covered sinewy instead of bulky muscles. His stomach clenched. He missed Draco already.

Harry waited for breaks to start in the beginners group before flying over while Scorpius stood separately from the rest of the team, straightening the bristles of his broom. He approached the child tentatively after dismounting and then relaxed when Scorpius broke into a broad grin at his appearance.

"Harry! You're back!" he exclaimed and hugged him around the middle.

"I'm back," Harry repeated with a small smile. "How's everything going?" Don't bring up anything Draco hasn't. Stick to general questions.

"Good. Dad said that you had a lot of fun at the convention. I wish I could have gone." Scorpius poked his lower lip out.

Ah. Scorpius is in the dark then. Duly noted.

"Maybe you can go next year Scor. It depends on where it's held and if your dad can get passes."

"But if he can't get them you can, right Harry? You're friends with people at the Ministry. They would keep some passes just for you, wouldn't they?"

Harry couldn't stop the smirk from crossing his face. Even at seven, Scorpius was aware of using one's name to get perks. Typical Malfoy upbringing.

"I don't know. I wouldn't want anyone to give me passes just because I'm Harry Potter. I don't mind buying the tickets like everyone else."

Scorpius seemed confused by this. "But you aren't like everyone else, you're special. You saved the world."

A light blush covered his face and he was unwillingly reminded of Ron's words at the convention.

Mate, you know everyone always cares about who you're with or what you're doing. You're a public figure.

"I did Scorpius, but not so that people would give me things or treat me better than they treat anyone else. I did that because it was what I was supposed to do. It was the right thing to do. And it makes me uncomfortable when people put me up on some pedestal."

The tiny pale face looked at him in appraisal and then accepted the statement. "I think I understand."

Harry smiled. "Good. And I'll bring your gift from the convention in tomorrow. I forgot it this morning in all the rush to get back."

"I won't see you tonight?" Scorpius asked so innocently that Harry was forced to keep his cringe internal.

"I'm not sure. Your dad may just want to get some rest tonight and get himself prepared for work and all."

"Oh alright." He tried not to notice that Scorpius' face fell, but it was hard.

"We'll see, ok?" he prodded.


At the end of the day, instead of hiding near the equipment shed or in his office as he normally did, Harry renewed the Cushioning Charm on the field and waited in what he hoped was a nonchalant manner for Draco to pick up Scorpius. He had only been standing there for a minute or two before he heard the pop of Apparition that was somehow inherently Draco.

Turning from his task, he saw Draco standing with Scorpius maybe twenty feet away and was instantly whisked back to the first day they'd seen one another after Scorpius enrolled. Draco, as usual, was wearing his work robes and sporting a fatigued expression. As their eyes locked over the distance, Harry saw something else in those beautiful orbs that he couldn't quite distinguish.

"Hi," he said quietly, moving closer to the two blonds.

"Hi," Draco echoed in an equally soft voice.

Briefly glancing at Scorpius who was attempting to twirl his broom like a Muggle Color Guard, he spoke again. "Can we talk?"

Draco seemed to hesitate, but then nodded. "But I can't right now. Is it alright if I come through after putting Scorpius to bed?"

Let down that they couldn't talk now, but thankful Draco wanted to see him at all, Harry nodded earnestly. "Of course. You know the Floo is always open for you."

That seemed to soften the hard edges of Draco's eyes and he let a minute smile play on his lips. "Alright, I'll see you tonight then. Let's go Scorpius."

Harry gave them both a wave and watched them wink out of sight.

"I'm sorry."

It was close to nine pm and Harry and Draco were in his sitting room in an odd parody of their first "date." When Draco had emerged from the fireplace, they gave each other hesitant smiles and sat down in an awkward silence until Harry blurted out his apology.

"Harry - " Draco began.

"No, I am Draco. The things I said, what I did, were immature and uncalled-for. I just hope that you don't think too badly of me and that you can forgive me."

Harry waited several moments for Draco to respond. His heart, currently hammering away in his chest, would be devastated if Draco began having second thoughts about their relationship. They were still early days and didn't have the stability and resilience of a long-term couple.

Yet, he hoped.

Curtailing Harry's thoughts, Draco spoke.

"I forgive you."

He found that his breath came easier after Draco's statement.

"But I'm still upset with you," the blond warned.

Harry bit his tongue, but nodded. "Understandable."

"I just…I need to know that you think more of me than that. To know that you're aware of the depth of my feelings for you. And that you won't play fast and loose with them. I don't let many people in Harry. Hardly anyone. I really want you to be the exception." Draco flushed a little, but did not break his gaze with Harry.

"I do think more of you Draco. So much more. It was just a lot, this weekend. I hate the idea that I can't always be there for you. I hate that other people don't see your innate goodness and dismiss you as a Death Eater. And then I felt like you were being secretive and…I suppose I didn't handle it very well. I like to think that I'm generally a pretty rational person, but I guess you make me sort of…"

"Irrational?" Draco asked with a smirk.

Harry shrugged shamefacedly. "Something like that."

Draco gave a little smile and that was all it took for Harry to cross the small space between their seats and settle himself in the other man's lap. He ran his fingers through the flaxen locks and brought his face down close to Draco's, inhaling his scent and listening to his heartbeat struggle between relaxing at the dissipation of tension and speeding up due to the immediacy of their groins. A chaste kiss was placed on the delicate pink lips so close to his own and as if by habit, Draco's hands snaked around his waist and found their way to his back.

Harry brought both of his own hands down to Draco's chest and teased the broad chest muscles with light fingertips. He felt a moan catch in Draco's throat and kissed his way down his neck to see if he could elicit any more of those sounds. Halfway through his trek, a hand was placed in the middle of chest, pushing him back gently.

"Harry wait," Draco began. Harry looked up at him questioningly, a haze already drifting over his vision.

"I don't want you to take this the wrong way, because it should be obvious by now how I feel about you and…these types of things," he dragged his hands down Harry's sides for emphasis.

"But?" Harry was beginning to feel disheartened.

"But I don't want sex to be the solution to every problem we have. Despite how pleasant a solution it would be," he grinned.

Unwilling to give up on his rapidly growing arousal so soon, Harry fought back. "It's not the solution. It's our reward for being so forthcoming with our feelings." He danced the fingers of his right hand up under the sleeves of Draco's robes and caressed his wrist tenderly.

Draco shook his head in amusement. "I almost forgot that you're a Slytherin at heart," he goaded, but with a noticeable pink tint to his cheeks.

"Mmm," Harry contributed, moving his fingers up Draco's forearm and simultaneously twitching his hips forward infinitesimally.

Draco pulled back again. "Harry, maybe I should just focus on this trip for now and then we can focus on us when I get back," he suggested. Harry hoped that he imagined the slight guarded expression in Draco's eyes.

"Oh, alright." Harry bit the inside of his cheek to keep from saying anything more.

Gray eyes searched his own, probing for the emotion lying beneath the surface.

"I want you. You are the most devilishly, ruggedly handsome man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing intimately. I simply want to give us a few days to get ourselves together. And then when I come back, we'll have even more to look forward to, yes?" Draco said, coupling his charismatic tone with his most winning smile. Harry didn't stand a chance.

"Yes," he conceded. "But 'ruggedly handsome'? Really?"

"What?" Draco asked, with wide innocent eyes. "Are you doubting my judgment?"

Harry slid off Draco's lap and squished himself between Draco and the arm of the chair instead. "Not so much doubting it as disregarding it entirely."

"Scoff if you must, but I know something good when I see it." Draco wrapped his arms around Harry's waist again and held him close. Harry leaned into Draco's side getting comfortable.

They had been cuddled up in the same position for several minutes before they spoke again.

"We'll be alright, won't we?" Harry mumbled against Draco's shoulder. Without hesitation, a whisper-soft kiss was placed on his temple.

"We'll be fine." Draco tightened his hold on Harry and the pair drifted off into a peaceful well-deserved nap.

"Happy birthday Harry!"

Harry grinned as he entered the camp office on Friday morning and was met with the grinning faces of all five of his co-workers and a disturbingly large pile of presents and cards crowding on his desk.

"My birthday's not until Sunday," Harry admonished, accepting hugs from everyone all the same.

"Yes, but we aren't working on Sunday, now are we?" Marco said, soundly clapping Harry on the back.

No, but Draco is, Harry thought darkly. He and the blond had said their goodbyes the evening before, Harry promising to look in on Scorpius, Blaise, and the elves while he was gone. And Draco held fast to his 'no sex until I come back' rule, though not for a lack of trying on Harry's part. In the end, his boyfriend had given him a lingering kiss and vowed to Floo to Grimmauld Place as soon as he got back on Monday night. He was still disappointed, but back home around his family and friends, it didn't feel as earth-shattering as it had in Hertfordshire.

He chuckled weakly at Marco's comment. "I suppose not, but you all didn't have to do anything for me. A birthday card would have been fine. Not all…this," he waved a hand toward the stack of gifts.

"To be perfectly honest, most of these are from your fans and admirers. This one is from us," Sherwin clarified, pulling a medium-sized parcel from the heap.

Harry blushed, remembering that he'd routed owls from unknown people to the office so that he wouldn't be inundated with junk mail at Grimmauld Place. It was embarrassing how many people still cared enough to want to send him birthday presents.

"Sherwin, you really didn't have to be a part of this," Harry fussed. "You've been here what? A week?" The younger man shrugged as though he'd spent lifetimes celebrating the Saviors birthday.

"He wanted to," Allie piped in. "So stop protesting and let people do something nice for you."

Harry noticed that she stood rather close to Sherwin and he shot an amused glance at Phil over her head. Her brother shook his head ruefully and shrugged as if to say, "what are you gonna do?"

He laughed before sitting down in the "chair of honor" and opening his gift. He tore open the white and green wrapping paper and opened a long box. Sitting in a bed of cushiony green satin were midnight black Quidditch gloves and arm guards. The letters HJP were stitched into the leather in crimson thread alongside a remarkably detailed rendering of a phoenix.

Blinking at the contents of the box for a moment, Harry felt his heart swell. These were beautiful. More than beautiful really. Absolutely stunning. He felt more like putting them in a glass display box than wearing them out on the pitch.

"Wow," was all he could breathe out. "Thank you. These are amazing. Really."

Sophia was the first one to find her voice. "Glad you like them Harry."

"I love them. Thank you so much." Harry gingerly placed the box on the chair and gave everyone hugs in turn.

"And don't forget the one from the kids," Phil reminded, pulling a large envelope from Harry's desk.

Harry turned to face him, surprised that the campers had done something for his birthday. He pulled the card from its casing and grinned widely at the sight of a hand-drawn picture of himself flying on his broom. The picture had been charmed to move and it looked as though 'picture Harry' was soaring through the sky with the wind whipping through his jet black locks. At the very top the kids had written, "Happy Birthday Coach Harry!" and signed their names along the border. His smile threatened to take over his whole face when he noticed Scorpius' elegant signature near the bottom right corner of the card.

"Just brilliant. You all are wonderful," Harry enthused.

"It was the kids idea. As soon as we let slip that your birthday was coming up, they all wanted to make something special for you," Marco added.

Harry shook his head in silent wonder as he looked at the card again. Though he never actively sought out praise or admiration, it was nice every once in a while to know that he was appreciated.

When Harry awoke on Sunday morning, there was only one gift waiting for him at the foot of his bed. Which made sense really because the camp staff had given him their presents on Friday, and Ron and Hermione were saving their gifts for later that night when they went out for drinks. So that meant the gift waiting for him was from…

Throwing the light sheet from around his legs, he leapt from bed and knelt down in front of the bench at the end of his bed where a huge gilded parcel sat. He grabbed at the letter next to the present and smiled at the familiar shape of Draco's words, before he even read them.

Harry –

I know that you're still most likely none too pleased with me for being away on your birthday. I'm a little mad at myself too. I wish I could be there waking up with you and watching your eyes focus slowly as you realize what day it is and see my gift sitting in your bedroom. Maybe you'll share the Pensieve memory with me when I return?

Please enjoy this gift. If anyone deserves it, it's you.



When Harry looked up, the crate transformed and began to melt away into thin air. What was left made Harry's heart leap into his throat.

It was an owl. A beautiful short-eared owl covered in chocolate-brown feathers stared back at him. Its wings were lined in white pin feathers as though they'd been dipped into glossy paint. Attached to his leg (he assumed it was a he – Harry thought it was too large to be anything else) was another note.

Just a little tidbit about your new companion. Apparently in the wild, short-eared owls can fake their own death to fool predators. So there's at least one thing you two have in common.

Looking forward to returning to you,


Harry couldn't stop the tears from falling. He had never planned on getting another owl. Trust Draco to not only put that idea to rest, but to choose the most perfect specimen available.

"Hello there," Harry called softly and held his forearm out to the bird. The owl peered at him with lutescent eyes from its branch-like perch and then fluttered over to him in a graceful manner which completely contradicted the span of his wings. Heavy on his arm, the bird shuffled back and forth as though trying to find the most comfortable spot without digging his talons in too deeply.

"What are we going to call you, hm?" he asked, bringing a finger up to caress the feathers of its neck.

"How are about Sancus?" The bird applied more pressure with its claws and hooted indignantly.

"What? That's the god of trust. No? Too high brow, huh? What about Mercury? The traveler?" The piercing in his arm increased to a shade past uncomfortable.

"Its cliché - got it." Harry sat in thought for a moment when new inspiration struck.

"I know! Zephyr."

He watched as the owl's feet loosened before chirping pleasantly and flying back over to his stand. Smiling through his tears, Harry continued petting the bird's feathers. "Hello Zephyr. Welcome to your new home."

"You're twenty-seven now Harry. How do you feel?" Hermione asked from across the pub table. She and Ron had met Harry at Nectar around eight-thirty to begin the birthday festivities. And as much as he hated to admit it, he would need to keep the evening light, as they all had work in the morning.

"The same way I felt at twenty-six Mione. Like I'm on the downslide to thirty." Harry grinned at Hermione's annoyed expression and chuckled into his lager.

"You shouldn't think of it that way. We're all growing wiser with each new year. In fact - " Ron placed a hand on his girlfriends arm to stop her pre-rant.

"I think Harry was just joking." Ron bit back a smile and his eyes met Harry's, dancing with laughter.

Harry gave his best solemn face. "I'm only kidding. Looking forward to new experiences and life lessons and all that."

"Fine fine," Hermione waved them off with a grudging smile. "But speaking of new experiences, how are things with you and Draco? I heard you had a bit of a rough patch."

He was sure his face was a mixture of emotions. Between his touching gift from this morning and the thought that by this time tomorrow he would be in Draco's arms, his mind was lolling in a weird sentimental limbo.

"We're ok. I just miss him. Oh! I didn't tell you. He got me an owl for my birthday."

Ron and Hermione looked at him blankly. "A postal owl?" Ron asked finally.

Harry took another sip of his beer. "Yes, a postal owl. How many different kinds of owls are there?" he asked rhetorically.

Hermione turned to look at him thoughtfully. "I think what he means is that an owl is a very significant gift. It's more than a pet, it's a creature and companion that you're entrusting with your personal correspondence. And to pick one out for someone else…it would just seem that Draco is very in tune with your needs."

He took a few moments to consider Hermione's words, while Ron tried to recover from the thought of Harry having 'needs.' Draco purchasing an owl for him was definitely significant, but probably not in the way that Hermione was talking about. For Harry, it showed him that Draco wanted him to have a fresh start and to begin letting go of some of the traumas of his past. Of course there were some things that he would never entirely be able to forget, and he didn't want to forget Hedwig. But he imagined it was more healthy to work on forging a new relationship rather than ignoring that part of his life altogether. And maybe, in that sneaky Slytherin way that Draco had, he was also asking Harry to forgive him for the traumas he inflicted back in Hogwarts.

"Mate?" Ron asked, bringing him out of his thoughts.

Harry's head whipped up. "Yeah? Sorry. Just thinking."

Hermione shot him a kind smile. "C'mon, let's get started on your presents."

Two hours later, Harry carried a satchel with a Quidditch calendar (courtesy of Hermione), a subscription to Bare Broomstick magazine (surprisingly from Ron), and assorted Weasley Wizard Wheezes products from the rest of the family into Grimmauld Place.

Zephyr was snoozing with his head under his wing in the corner of the kitchen. Harry dug out a few treats for him, placed them by his roost and headed upstairs for bed. All in all, it had been a pretty good birthday.

"Harry," a voice whispered.

"Mm?" Harry answered sleepily. He couldn't have closed his eyes more than an hour ago. Which meant that he was still in his bed…and someone was with him.

His eyes shot open at the same time his body reeled back from the intruder.

"Relax love, it's me," Draco assured.

"Draco?" Harry croaked. "What are you doing here?"

He began to focus in the darkness of the room and saw Draco perched on the edge of the bed, looking down at him with glowing silver eyes.

"Wishing you a happy birthday," he replied simply.

"But you're working." Despite his disorientation, Harry held his arms out for Draco to come closer. The blond shifted on the bed and slid under the sheet with Harry, wrapping his arms around his waist.

"I know. I can't stay, but I've missed you. I ducked out as soon as my last meeting was over. I'll have to go back in the morning," he warned.

A huge smile lit up Harry's face. "That's ok, you're here now."

Draco's face moved closer to Harry's and he sighed in satisfaction when their lips touched.

"Did you get my gift?" Draco asked after a thorough exploration of Harry's mouth.

"I did and he's brilliant. Thank you so much." Harry brought a hand up to caress Draco's cheek.

Draco snuggled closer to him. "What did you name him?"

Harry grinned. "Zephyr."

"West wind. Nice," he laughed.

"Yeah well, he didn't like anything else I picked out," Harry admitted.

Draco turned contemplative. "He did seem a bit high-maintenance. You'll have fun taking care of him I suppose."

Harry brought his lips close to Draco's. "I don't see why not. I have fun taking care of you."

An eyebrow lifted on the other man's face. "If you're implying that I'm high-maintenance…"

Harry shot him a look.

"…you may have a point."

"You're just lucky I like a challenge." He brought his hand down to Draco's waist and kissed him deeply. A shudder ran through him as though they were snogging for the very first time. There was a particular magnetism that seemed to draw their lips together again and again and for this moment, there was nothing else in the world that he wanted more. Even if the world was burning around him, he didn't think he could muster the energy to care. As long as he died with Draco's lips on his own, he could die content.

"Mmm Harry, you taste amazing," Draco muttered against his lips. Harry leaned his forehead against the blonds and tried to catch his breath.

"No, you," he murmured back idiotically.

Draco chuckled against Harry's mouth and he could feel the vibration from the laughter in his own chest. "I think I like you incoherent."

Nimble fingers slid under Harry's t-shirt and he trembled with sudden anticipation. "You said we were waiting until you came back to do anything," he prompted.

Draco deftly removed Harry's shirt and latched onto his neck. "Technically, I am back, if only temporarily," he mumbled.

"Well, I can't fight that logic," Harry gasped as Draco began sucking along his collarbone. His boyfriend spent copious amounts of time kissing and nipping his way down the length of Harry's body. He had expected him to stop somewhere along the waistband of Harry's boxers, but Draco kept his hands and mouth moving further south.

He paid special attention to Harry's inner thighs, knobbly knees, and even kissed the soles of his feet. By that point, Harry was a quivering mess, his thick cock fighting to be freed from his underwear. He watched with lust-darkened eyes as Draco lifted Harry's foot to his mouth and encircled his big toe with the hot cavern.

"Fuck," Harry cried. Who would have thought that part of his body would be so receptive to sexual stimulation? He desperately wanted to keep his eyes open to watch this erotic display, but when Draco brought Harry's other foot up as well and sucked both toes into his mouth at once, Harry lost that battle. Eyes now screwed shut, he felt Draco bob up and down on the digits as though they were his cock, tongue sliding along the surprisingly sensitive skin.

"Please," Harry begged, though he didn't know what for. The expression in Draco's eyes might have been scary if one didn't know that the intensity was due to desire instead of anger.

"Turn over," he ordered. Harry wasted no time in divesting himself of his boxers and laying flat on his stomach. He could hear Draco removing his clothes as well and moaned when the heat from the other mans bare skin draped over his back. Draco's cock was nestled in the crease of Harry's ass and he instinctively pushed back, needing to feel that friction.

"Not yet," Draco said, but rewarded him with a bite on his shoulder blade. He kissed a similar path down Harry's back as he had on the front, but this time paused when he got to Harry's bottom. Sitting back on his haunches, Draco massaged Harry's backside making Harry mindlessly rub against the mattress.

"Merlin, you're so eager. I fucking love it," Draco rasped in a voice that sounded only vaguely lucid. Seconds later, Harry felt warm breath tickling the skin of his ass and then Draco's hands were separating his cheeks and a tongue was lapping at his hole.

"Shit," Harry groaned loudly, almost lifting off the bed with yearning and astonishment. This was…nearly too much to handle. Draco's wet muscle teased at his entrance, sending sharp jolts pleasure up his spine. Over and over the tongue dipped into his heat, gently trying to loosen and relax him. Harry's prick was leaking all over the sheet below him, creating a sticky wet mess. But he couldn't even care about that. All he wanted was more. More tongue, more warmth, more…

"Draco, I need - " he managed to get out between moans.

The delicious tongue paused for a moment. "What do you need Harry? Tell me and I'll give it to you. Anything you want." A bite on his right cheek accompanied the statement.

"I need…you. I have to feel you inside me. Now." Draco didn't hesitate once. He got back up on his knees, placed two fingers at Harry's hole and pressed gently. He didn't slip the digits inside, merely applied pressure against the puckered skin, eliciting a groan.

"Please Draco. Lube. In the nightstand." Sounds and sensations were all he had left. The quick slide of the wooden drawer opening and closing. The click of the lube bottle being flicked open. The soft thump as the bottle was thrown and landed somewhere further down the bed.

When Draco's fingers returned, they were slick and created a tantalizing friction as Draco inserted them into his hot tunnel.

The pain was acute, but Harry didn't care. Draco was here, their bare skin touching in the best of places, his fingers inside Harry's ass as though they belonged there. That push and drag inside him was unraveling his sanity.

Draco spent some time preparing him, eventually pushing a third finger in to join the others. Harry pushed back on that too. The intimacy of the action was making him achingly hard and the mess on his sheets was now too inexplicable to even contemplate.

"You want my cock don't you?" Draco asked. Though it really wasn't a question. Harry's need was obvious, but Draco got off on the words, so he whimpered his assent and let him continue.

Hard kisses were placed on Harry's back while fingers were pumping in and out of him. "Your tight little hole is just begging to be filled. And my thick cock is going to fill it for you. It's going to stretch you out and you'll tighten around me like a vice. And you're going to love every fucking minute of it."

Harry's brain was now liquefied. So maybe he got off a bit on the words too. "Fuck Draco yes. Please fuck me."

"That's right, beg for it," Draco taunted, even though the head of his cock was already pressed against Harry's heat.

"Draco, fucking take me."

Harry barely heard the sharp inhalation of breath before Draco was thrusting inside his canal. Ok, so that felt…different.

Protective hands grazed his waist and Draco leaned into him. "Are you alright love?"

Gritting his teeth, Harry took a deep breath through his nose. "Fine, just, um,"

"Shh…take as much time as you need. I can wait." He placed soothing kisses along Harry's hairline and rubbed his side gently.

"Are you – are you all the way in?" Harry inquired hopefully.

"Er, not quite."

Shit, this burns. Somewhere along the way, he'd forgotten that this was his first time being penetrated by another man. It was most likely around the point Draco talking about his thick cock.

While Harry was taking cleansing yoga breaths, Draco tightened his left hand around Harry's hipbone and began moving his right. In an instant, Harry felt a smooth hand grip his cock and begin pumping in earnest. A small whine escaped his mouth at the pleasure.

"Mmm, that feels better doesn't it?" Draco purred against his neck. He couldn't say anything in response, but pushed backwards in an effort to be closer to the blond, inadvertently impaling himself a little further on Draco's prick.

"Harry," Draco whispered and intensified his hold on Harry's erection. A content sigh tumbled from his lips, aroused at the lusty tone that had taken over his lover's voice.

"Can I move now?" Draco asked, fingers gliding in the precome dripping from Harry's member.

He took another shuddering breath. "Yes."

Still palming Harry's hardness, Draco slowly pulled his hips back and drove forward, deeper into the constricting heat. It continued to sting for him but he imagined the worst of the pain was over now. Besides, past the ache, an enjoyable pressure was mounting deep in his groin.


"I know," Draco muttered, putting a twist in his hand and hip movements at the same time, causing Harry to cry out.

Soon Draco was thrusting into Harry's cavern at a breakneck pace, all thoughts of pain and discomfort a distant memory. "Yes," Harry murmured, meeting Draco thrust for thrust. Without fail, a slow blaze grew in Harry's stomach and he found himself on the summit of orgasm.

"Fucking hell Harry, I'm not going to last." Harry groaned as the other man shuddered violently and he felt warm come coat the inside of his ass. One tug of his balls was all it took for him to tumble over the edge with Draco. His entire body clenched up and his vision danced with sparkling light as white cords of semen coated Draco's hand and the sheet below.

He felt a mad urge to cry at that moment, that perfectly ridiculous, amazing moment in time where Draco Malfoy was still deep within his heat, but collapsed after a powerful orgasm. He could barely continue holding himself up on his forearms, but was already wondering how to shift his body so that he was cradling his boyfriends face in his hands, nuzzling his nose with his own. Merlin he had it bad.

Ragged breaths filled the air until he felt Draco shift so that he lay beside Harry. When Draco opened his eyes they still carried a shiny dazed quality that Harry couldn't help but be proud of himself for producing.

"Draco," he whispered.

"Yes Harry?" he asked. His voice was quiet as the grave despite the large inhalations of breath he was taking.

"I…that was wonderful. Thank you," he said, turning himself so that he could lay in the crook of Draco's arm.

Draco swatted lightly at Harry's hip. "Don't thank me. I should be apologizing." The blond leaned his head down so that his chin rested in Harry's hair.

"What the hell for?" Harry asked, baffled.

"I should have prepared you more," Draco sighed. "I went too fast and this was your first time bottoming. You just felt and sounded so good. I couldn't control myself."

"Draco, I'm fine. And you were amazing. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way." Harry admitted with a small smile, smoothing his palm down Draco's chest.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Draco," Harry propped himself up on one elbow, so he could look him in the eye. "You were perfect and so was…my first time," he said with a blush.

Draco grinned. "I'm glad. Happy birthday Harry."

Harry leaned in to place a sweet kiss on Draco's mouth. Over the blonds shoulder he noticed the time on his clock. The digital numbers flipped from 11:59 to 12:00 as he watched. A new day.


Harry wasn't quite sure how he had gotten to this point. Sure, he remembered the months of preparation that went into organizing and setting up camp. He would never forget the weeks upon weeks of flying in the sweltering heat, breaking up fights and consoling anxious parents. And becoming passionate about one parent in particular, of course.

He sat in the middle of the pitch at the end of the last day with the campers all around him, much like he had on opening day.

"I don't know about you all, but the last several weeks have been some of the coolest of my life. We have had an amazing time getting to know you and we thank you for giving us the opportunity to teach you some of the things we know about Quidditch. I hope that over the course of your time here that you have not only honed your skills, but learned something about friendship, acceptance, and teamwork."

Harry glanced over the heads of the campers and his eyes fell on a gorgeous blond leaning against the doorframe of the office. He hung back from the rest of the crowd so as not to interfere, but his presence alone showed silent support of Harry's venture. He smiled. It was just so Draco.

"The things you've learned here," Harry continued, "will stay with you in the future and I'm optimistic that as you grow, you'll look back on this time with fond memories of the relationships you've formed and what you've learned not just about the sport, but about yourself."

A girl with chestnut-brown hair from the 12 year olds, Candace, raised her hand in the middle of his spiel.

"Yes?" Harry asked, amused.

"Can we come back next year?" Several of the campers chimed in with choruses of 'Yeah!' and "Can we?'

Harry looked back to Draco who wore a smirk now and then to his staff. They all were looking at him for confirmation.

"As long as your parents give the ok, you're all welcome back next year."

The cheering that surrounded him was deafening and he chose that moment to end his speech and get back to the office. A small blond torpedo tackled him from behind and he nearly lost his balance.

"We're going now right?" Scorpius asked once he untangled himself from Harry's legs.

"You hate camp so much that you can't wait to leave?" he teased.

Scorpius' face grew indignant. "Of course not! I'm just excited that you, me, and dad are all going flying together.

Harry smiled down at him. "I am too."

Reaching the office door, he turned his grin on Draco. "Thanks for coming," he whispered, leaning in close to the lithe body.

Draco craned his head forward and placed a simple, but meaningful kiss on Harry's lips. "Wouldn't have missed it for the world."

"Ew guys, don't be gross. It's time to go!" Scorpius bounced up and down in place.

Harry and Draco chuckled at his response.

"C'mon, let's go before someone spontaneously combusts," Draco said, reaching one hand out for Harry and the other for Scorpius.

After spending a few hours in the countryside, Harry leaned back in the grass and watched Draco scoop Scorpius up in his arms and swing him around in dizzying circles. The little boy who had stolen his heart laughed with glee, letting his limbs fall limp, completely trusting Draco to support him. A soft smile grew on Harry's face, but was no match for the fierce affection he felt for the two amazing blondes who were not just taking up residence in, but spreading their belongings throughout his heart.

For so long, he'd wondered what it would feel like to be right on the precipice of falling head over heels in love with someone. Wondered if he might feel suffocated by all that passion. Or perhaps, he had thought, it might make him an emotional wreck, driving him to tears every time he even thought about his loved one.

But no.

Draco swung Scorpius onto his shoulders and the father and son began walking in his direction. Two sets of gray eyes fastened on him with matching happy expressions and he felt his grin become wider. Inexplicably, colors grew sharper, sounds sweeter, and the world around him fairly glowed with radiance.

No. It felt like this.


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