I was walking along the worn down path with my best friend Brittany. It was the most boring day I could of ever imagined, dull gray sky, mild temperature, and cloudy. Britt and I were bored so we had decided to go to a park just down the road from my house. Ok, it wasn't really a park, it was just an enormous forest. Anyways, I had to tell Britt my latest dream, the same dream I had been having all week long.

"Yes Britt, for the millionth time, there was a tall man, long brown trench coat, blue pin stripe suit underneath." I carefully explained the man in my dream.

"Okaaay what did he look like? Like, hair color or anything?"

"Light brown messy hair. Oh my god his hair is simply amazing!" I tried to suppress a squeal.

"Oh gosh Leah," Britt started to trail off.

"Come on! It's just a dream, let me have my little fantasy man if I want!" But that was the thing, there was some gut feeling I had every time I woke up, that the guy in my dream is real, and he's out there somewhere. Now, I don't care how crazy that sounds, but It's true!

Britt grabbed my hand and took off running, "Let's go Leah! Have some fun for once!"

"Hey I'm very fun!" I laughed and ran behind her. We were smack dab in the middle of the woods, when there was this weird whirring noise. Britt didn't seem to hear it, so I looked around us and saw nothing. "Um, did you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"There was this... totally weird whirring sound. It came from over there." I said pointing to my left, "Can I go check it out?"

She sighed, " Fine go right ahead miss explorer. But don't come crying to me if you get kidnapped!"

I laughed, "Hate to burst your bubble, but if I was kidnapped, I wouldn't be coming to you." And that was the last thing I said to her before I ran off to look for the source of that noise. I pushed past a lot of small branches and underbrush, before I came to a small clearing.

"Oh. My. God. What's that?" I whispered, realizing I was alone. I carefully walked up to the strange blue police box, and I rested my hand on the surface of the wooden box. I put my ear up to it, and knocked. I only had to wait a couple of seconds before the door swung open.

"Hello! And who might you be?" Said the man. My mouth dropped open, it was the man from my dream! After a moment I realized I hadn't answered, and he had a quizzical look on his face.

"Oh.. um.. Hi? The name's Leah. Leah Parks. And who might you be?" I said slowly.

"Well Leah, I'm the Doctor."

"Doctor who?"

He laughed, and I laughed along uncomfortably. I wasn't sure what was so funny about that.

"I asked a question! Doctor who?" I said impatiently.

His laughed died down, "Just the Doctor."

I sighed, clearly he thought this was some sort of game, "Yes I know, you're a Doctor, but that's a title. Not a name."

"Well you're one to know! Quite impatient too, might I add." He said it with a smile on his face. I had to know about the Doctor, where was he from? And why was he in a police box, in the middle of the woods, and how did it appear out of nowhere?

"You look rather confused, care for me to explain the situation?" He asked me.

"Yeah that'd be great thanks." I said with a sheepish grin.

"Ok, well as you know, I'm the Doctor. This here is my time machine, it's called the TARDIS. That stands for time and relative dimension in space."

"Woa hold up there. You travel in a, let me look here, four by two foot box?" I asked, not believing a word he said.

"Care to take a look inside?" He grinned.

"Wouldn't it be a bit small? I barley know you, how do I know you're not going to kidnap me?"

"Just step in the box!" He moaned. I decided that he really didn't have the kidnapper feel to him, so I walked past him, stepping into his TARDIS. He stayed in the doorway.

"Oh. My. GOD! But that's impossible! It's,"

"Bigger on the inside." He finished my sentence for me. I turned to look at him, he had an even bigger smile plastered on his face.

"How does that work even?"

"Time lord science!" He said it like I was suppose to understand.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"It's a long story, you wouldn't get it, not that I'm calling you dumb. It's just that it's VERY complex." He explained. I decided to just go by his judgement and leave it be.

"Ok then. Aren't you lonely around here? If you don't mind me asking."

"Well, yes. It gets lonely. That's why I have companions travel with me usually. In fact, I just recently had a friend along. Martha was her name, but she had to leave to be with her family." He told me.

"Oh, well, I'm sorry. Were you two..?" I asked, implying if they had been a couple or not.

"Oh no! No, not at all. Well, she fancied me, but who wouldn't?"

I shifted uncomfortably. "Well I could think up a few names..."

"Oi you watch it!" He yelled playfully.

I smiled and rolled my eyes, thinking I was becoming more and more like Brittany, oh god, I forgot all about her!

"So, it was great meeting you and all, but I really, really need to be headed back to my friend. She's probably freaking out right now." I said, almost too fast.

"Wouldn't you like to go for a spin? I can take you anywhere you would like, past or future, or even a whole other galaxy! Take your pick."

"I'm sorry, really I am, but that would take forever, and I can't just abandon my friend." Man, he really didn't get it!

"We could go on thousands of journeys, and I could have you back here in a split second, before your friend could even blink." He persisted.

I sighed and turned around to leave, "Really, maybe some other time, yeah?"

"Ok, whatever you say Leah. But I highly doubt that we'll ever cross paths again. That's just not how things seem to work for me. I meet a person, and they either die, or I end up never seeing them again." His tone became depressed.

A lightbulb went off in my head, I grabbed a pen from my pocket and grabbed his hand, "Here, I suspect you have a phone somewhere on this machine. This is my mobile's number. Just give me a ring, when you want me to take that adventure you offered." I said with a wink.

He smiled back at me and replied, "Great, I'll make sure to do that. It gets lonely around here, I tend to need a good companion to travel with."

Even though we had just met, I gave him a hug and told him, "I'll be seeing you again, don't you worry!" He hugged me back, and when he pulled away, I didn't like the feeling. We said goodbye, and I walked out of the TARDIS. His spaceship materialized behind me, and I ran off back to Brittany.

"Leah! Where the heck were you? I was scared out of my mind!" She said in a panicked voice.

"Relax, I was only gone for what, fifteen minutes? Besides, I'm back now, so there's nothing to worry about." I reassured her.

"Still, I was nervous. Did you find anything?"

I was about to tell her the truth, but hey, I was aloud to keep a secret or two to myself right? So instead I told her, "Nope. Must of just been my imagination, so I just looked around a bit and came back." I said. I was a good liar, so she believed me. I threw my arm around her shoulder, and we walked out of the woods together. I had a feeling I'd be seeing the Doctor soon.