3 months later

"Owen, weevil sighting on Main street, you coming with?" I yelled to Owen. He jumped up out of his seat and came rushing over to my desk.

"What, another Weevil? Oh bugger, we JUST went out on a weevil hunt yesterday!" He complained.

"Fine, if you don't want to go, I'll just grab Jack. Simple as that." I shot back.

"Go right ahead, I really don't want to do any running!" He laughed.

I got out of my seat and walked over to knock on Jack's door, "Hey you in here?" I asked.

"Yeah, and Leah for the last time, you can just come in. You don't have to knock." He smiled.

I walked over to stand next to his chair, "Well, you are my boss, and I really think I should allow my boss some privacy." I joked. It was an ongoing joke between us how I always was so cautious at work. Jack always told me I needed to lighten up because I'm his girlfriend and blah blah blah.

He pushed his chair back and stood up, "Right, privacy. Because you give me so much of that when the rest of the team isn't around." He said quietly and gave me a kiss.

I quickly pulled back and shot back at him, "Hey, you make it sound like you hate it."

"Oh trust me, I do NOT hate it!" He laughed.

I sighed and switched topic, "There's a weevil sighting. Owen's to lazy to go, Gwen's gone home, and Ianto, well I don't know what Ianto's doing. So will you come?"

He grabbed his gun off his desk, "Yeah, let's go. I'll drive." Jack and I walked out of his office and we hopped on the lift. Once we were up at the bay, Jack went over and unlocked the van. We jumped in the van and raced off to catch our weevil.

I heard Tosh's voice over my com, "The weevil is running south on Main street. You two better hurry if you want to catch it, it's going surprisingly fast."

"Thanks Tosh, will do." Jack said. He started to speed up, and before we knew it, we were on Main street. Jack quick parked the car, and we got out, "Tosh, where is it now?"

Tosh yelled back through the coms, "It's right on top of you!" I was about to respond before something jumped on me.

I collapsed on the ground and heard Jack yell, "How did we not see that weevil come from behind? Ah damn it, Leah are you ok?" His voice was stressed, and I could tell he was trying to battle the weevil.

I tried to reply, but then the weevil bit my arm, and I screamed, "Ah god Jack! Get this thing off of me!"

There was an enormous weight lifted off of me, and I guessed Jack had tackled it to the ground. I stood up, and I was a bit wobbly at first, but then I regained my balance. I dug my hand in my pocket, and my fingers grasped a small tube. Pulling the tub out of my pocket, I looked at it, realizing it was just what I needed! I rushed to where Jack was wrestling the weevil, and snuck up behind the weevil. In one quick motion, I sprayed the weevil in the face, and it collapsed to the ground.

Jack was panting from battling the weevil, "Thanks. But are you ok?" He rolled up the sleeve of my jacket to reveal the bite mark, "Ouch, that's got to hurt."

I said sarcastically, "Oh yeah, you think? Don't worry It'll heal in a second." Right on cue, my wound closed right up, "Helps to be time lord!"

Jack laughed at me and bent over to pick the weevil up, "This has to be my least favorite part of the job. Taking care of the knocked out weevils."

"I'm glad I don't have to do it! Now come on, let's get back to the hub." Jack grabbed my hand, and we walked back to the van. He dumped the weevil in back, and then hopped in the driver seat.

"Leah you there?" Ianto said over my com.

"Yeah, what is it Yan?" I called him that now, since we were really good friends.

"You and Jack might want to hurry back, there's something here you need to see." he was clearly worried.

"What is it?" I asked, starting to get worried. Jack looked over at me concerned. I shook my head at Jack, signaling I'd tell him in a minute.

"There's a-" he paused, "man. He's dying. None of us have ever seen him before."

Now I was just plain confused, "Ok Ianto, we're on our way back." I turned to Jack, "Ianto says there's a man in the hub, and he appears to be dying. No one knows who he is though." It could be anyone, but theres a big possibility that Jack or I knew them, since we traveled so much.

"Great, just what we need right now." He growled and stepped on the accelerator. Soon, we were screeching into the bay, Jack stepped on the brakes, and the car lurched to a halt. Jack went around to get the weevil from back, as I went straight into the hub.

The first person I saw was Gwen, "Ok where is he?" I asked.

She looked concerned, as she showed me the way to where we was sprawled on the floor. I gasped. That was the last man I wanted to see on our floor. I kneeled down next to his face, as I pushed his dark brown hair out of his eyes. I leaned my head against his chest. Good, still breathing.

He opened his eyes, and they were so dark and clouded. Not like his normal bright and shining eyes. I whispered, "Hey you. What sort of trouble did you get into this time?"

The Doctor stared up into my eyes, "Oh you know, the usual." He forced a smile. I looked down at his outfit, and I realized something. Obviously, this was the next Doctor, not the one had been traveling with three months ago. He was wearing the exact same clothes he had on the day the Shadow Proclamation base exploded. He must of transported right here.

"Doctor? Tell me where you just were." I said sternly.

"The explosion." He knew I knew what he was talking about. Just then, Jack came in. He had obviously put the weevil in a cell. Jack's jaw dropped at what was before him. He ran and sat down next to me.

"Doctor? What the hell happened to you?"

The Doctor nodded to me. That was the saddest thing I ever saw, because i knew it meant he didn't have the strength to talk, "Jack, he came straight from the explosion of the Shadow Proclamation base."

"You have to be joking."

"Not one bit." I told him. I placed my hand on the Doctor's cheek, "You can't regenerate. Not before I've even been with this version of you!"

The Doctor smiled a bit, "Don't worry Parks. Never worry about me. Good news is, I see you and Jack are talking again." He said with sincerity.

"Um, Doctor? Jack and I never stopped talking to each other."

His face dropped, "Oh right, silly me. Look at the time, I must be off." He slowly brought up with wrist, and I could see he had a vortex manipulator.

"I thought you didn't do cheap time travel?" I asked playfully.

"Oh, I've got to break this habit. See you soon Parks." He hit a button on the Vortex, and he was gone. Jack and I stared at each other. We put his arm around me, and helped me stand up. We turned around to the confused faces of our team.

"Who the hell was that?" Owen asked.

Instead of going into detail, Jack simply replied, "A friend. A very good friend."

Later that night, everyone went home, and it was just me and Jack in the hub. Since I left the TARDIS, I started staying with Jack at the hub, so I was pretty much here all the time. I was at my desk doing some work, when I yawned for the millionth time. I got up and went into Jack's office,

"Hey, I'm tired, going to go to bed." I said sleepily. Jack quick jumped up from his desk.

"Wait, can you stay up just a bit longer?" He asked. But before I could answer, he ran out of the office, and was digging through a cabinet outside. He grabbed a small box from the cabinet and came back to his office. He slid through the door, and clicked it shut behind him. He laughed nervously, "Oh, hey."

I giggled, "Um, hi? What was that all about?"

He sighed, "Well, instead of telling you, how about I show you?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, genuinely curious. Instead of responding, Jack slid down onto one knee. I gasped, "No. Really?" My pulse started to race.

"Leah, I know It's only been six months, but you're my best friend. If you want to go back on the TARDIS and travel, I want to know that you're mine. So, miss Parks, will you marry me?"

I quickly responded, "Yes." Jack slid the ring onto my finger, and welcomed me into his arms.

He kissed me and said softly, "I love you."

"I love you too."

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