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Title: Ryoma's iPod

Summary: Ever wonder what kind of music is on our favorite freshman's I-Pod? Well wait no longer! What happens when our favorite regulars find Ryoma's I-Pod in the clubroom? Read to find out!

Warning: The chapters aren't gonna be that long. They are probably gonna be longer than this chapter but I'm not gonna right like 3000 words every chapter. Well maybe...i don't know. We'll have to see. Also some language.

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The sun was setting in the orange and red sky over Seishun Gakuen. On the tennis courts nine men could be seen making their way to the Tennis Change rooms. It was the day after the Kantou Finals and all the regulars had got together to have a review session of their games.

"Why couldn't Buchou schedule this for tomorrow instead of Sunday?" Complained Seigaku's loud-mouthed, power player.

"Sa...Maybe it's because Tezuka has to go for his monthly check-up tomorrow?" Suggested our sadistic Tensai.

"But Fujiko, didn't Tezuka-Buchou go last week, nyah?" Eiji put in, clinging to Oishi.

"Yeah he did," Oishi told the rest. Kawamura looked confused so Oishi added "I went with him,"

"Fshuuuuu," Kaidoh hissed as they entered the changing room. Ryoma just remained silent the entire conversation. Silence echoed around the room as they began changing.

Ryoma, who had finished first and seemed in a hurry quickly packed his things. After checking to make sure he had everything, he headed towards the clubroom door. "Ja né," He muttered before slipping outside and heading home.

"Is it just me or did Ochibi seem in a hurry?" Asked Eiji. He had been intently watching Ryoma since practice had ended. Something had just seemed different about his favorite Kohai.

A chuckle rang through the room. "Oh that? Yeah Echizen has to go out to dinner with his family and he has to be there in ten minutes," Momo explained.

Eiji nodded. He was about to sit down when his sharp eyes caught the glint of something shiny. "What's that?" He murmured heading over to where Ryoma's stuff had been. He bent down reaching under the bench and withdrew a small black and blue iPod Touch. "NANI!" Eiji exclaimed realizing who it belonged to.

The rest of the regulars rushed over to the shocked Eiji. "What is it Eiji?" Oishi fretted. "Did you cut yourself? Did you bang your head? Did you stub your toe?" His mother hen personality kicking in the minute he heard his doubles partner shout.

Eiji shook his head and held the iPod up for everyone else to see. Everyone else just stood there wondering what the black box had to do with Eiji shouting. "It's Ochibi's iPod," He explained.

Everyone froze. Momo and Kaidoh just stood glued in place, their eyes bulging and mouth's gaping. Taka and Oishi didn't seem to know what to say. Inui was scribbling down in his notebook muttering 'Ii Data!' and Fuji suddenly had a very sadistic gleaming smile on his face.

"Saa...let's see what music interests our Kohai..né?" Fuji chimed cheerfully. His porcelain blue eyes were open and staring at the black device held in Eiji's hands.

Inui nodded calmly, but it was obvious he was very excited at the chance to gather more data on Ryoma. "Yes, if my data is correct, this will give me 10% more data on Echizen's true personality," The rest of the regulars agreed. Although Oishi was rather reluctant, he did agree.

"Eiji give me the iPod," Fuji demanded and Eiji instantly agreed. If one thing was for sure he wanted to hear what music Ryoma was into. Fuji finally having got the iPod quickly found the power button and turned it on. Music was suddenly blasted around the clubroom. The regulars could only stare in shock.

Ryoma looked at his watch as he ran down the street. He officially had five minutes before he was late for the family dinner. Ryoma turned the corner and headed down the block. He stopped in front of his house and rushed inside and up to his bedroom.

He dumped his back-pack on his bed and began to get dressed in casual jeans and a white t-shirt with a black lined design. When he went to his back-pack to grab his iPod he couldn't find it anywhere. Hadn't he made sure he had packed it? Ryoma quickly searched his bag again before accepting the cold, hard truth.

He had forgotten it in the clubroom. Not only was his iPod in the clubroom, but the rest of the regulars were too.

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