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Ch-1 Level Down

Yuugi POV

Great another crying girl in this school thanks to you know who. But whatever she'll be chasing him again by Tuesday like every other sucker here. I mean what do

people see in this guy, cant they see he's using them for his own amusement. If he comes unto me I promise you...oh wait sorry where are my manners. My name is

Yuugi Moto, and the sleeve ball I'm talkin about name is Atem. He's went out with everyone in this school, literally...well not everyone, there's still me and my friends Ryou,

Joey, Mai, and Tristan. I cant say Tea cause she's going out with him as we speak. Ugh, they just started going out like, three minutes ago and their already cooped

up in the corner making out, jeeve talk about going to fast. Okay I love Tea like a big sister so I'll try to convince her one more time about dumping Atem, and if that

work... well let's just hope it does.

Regular POV

When Yuugi talked to Tea about her boyfriend, lets just say it was kinda what he expected, Tea not listening to reason. By the end of the week Tea was running down the hall with tears in her eyes. Watching his always upbeat and strong friend cry her heart out was like a small rip in Yuugi's heart. He wanted to hurt the man that caused his friend pain, but Tea came first. He walked into an empty classroom where she had run off to. When Tea heard footsteps she turned around to see Yuugi, her gaze fell to the ground ashamed expecting an I told you so to be coming in any minute. But was suprised to have a hand russling her hair in comfort. More tears welled up inside her as she buried her face into her best friend's shoulder and cried like no tomorrow. Yuugi just waited patiently not worried about his next class, untill he knew she would be alright.

Soon it was saturday and Yuugi had nothing to do that night. He called Joey and asked if he would want go to the arcade, it was a little bit of a shock when he declined. 'Sorry Yug but were all going out to the new club Level Down' Joey said. 'What? and you wasn't going to tell me'? Yuugi said a little hurt. 'Well let's face it buddy clubs aren't really your thing' Joey said. 'Well we'll see about that then, I see you guys outside the club at 10, cool'? Yuugi said confidently. 'Okay, see you in thirty minutes bud' Joey said then hung up. Yuugi started to get ready, and was now dressed in white leather pants that adored his feminine legs, with a black vest that showed his curves, and black boots along with black arm band.

Yuugi POV

Okay I don't really like complimenting on how I look but if I do say so myself, I do look good. And Joey says the clubs' not my scene, yea right. When I arrived at the club,

I spotted Tea waving my way. When we all went in my first impression was that tomorrow my ears were going to be ringing, thank God it was going to be a sunday.

We spotted a table and headed towards it. I have to say the club wasn't all bad. It had good dancing music, lighting, and atmosphere. By the look on Tea's face I

knew she wanted to dance. Tea had gotten up and pulled me towards the dance floor. She was so graceful, but of course if your trying to get into a dance institute

you have to be able to know how to dance. But don't think I'm not good either, dancing comes to me like food comes to Joey's stomach. After five songs I was

spent, so I offered to get us some drinks. Did not know how much I would regret it untill a certain tanned play-boy came up to me at the bar. Why me? was all I could

think, before he sat next to me.

Hope you like, I think it could have been better. So any helpful advice would be VERY appreciated.

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