Yuugi POV- Friday (only 3 more days until bet's over)

What's happening to me? Last week I couldn't care less if Atem Moon was lit on fire by an ex-conquest, and now these f-feelings (sorry it's so hard to say) I'm experiencing are because of him. Like I said I am a firm believer a person can change, but this quickly? It doesn't seem right.

[ Voice 1 ]: Remember that you are the only one who has ever rejected him, maybe it was a big enough for a reality check?

[ Voice 2 ]: Yeah right. The freakin' douche changed as much as a history book. It's obvious he's up to something and you're just sitting there setting pipsqueak up for heartbreak!

Before the mental (both literally and jokingly) argument continued there was a knock at his front door. Damn it's already time for Atem to pick me up? It's like...it's already 8?! Time really flies when you have voices inside your head telling you what to do (This cant be healthy. I might need to talk to grandpa when he comes back). I hurried downstairs to open the door for Atem and unsurprisingly he looks sex- I mean dashing as ever in all black.

[ Voice 2 ]: Nice save half-pint.

How am I mean to myself? Wait how long have I been staring? "I'm sorry that I'm not ready yet. I'll be ready in like ten minutes, but you can make yourself at home". As soon as I was in my room I tear threw my closet for something decent. Why am I trying so hard again?

Atem POV

After Fox bolted up his stairs I decided to snoop a bit for more info on my conquest in process. I do admit it is pretty cool to be living in a game shop. Looking past the couch there is a wall full of pictures. There was many with a kid that no doubt was Fox. There was a lot with Seto's Mutt and some others like Snowflake, and a girl that looks familiar...I probably fucked her at some point if she's still in Domino. There was some of Fox with most likely his grandfather...and a sarcophagus?!, and the only ones that were framed were those of a younger Fox and two adults whom I'm assuming are his parents, because of the resemblance.

"Those are my parents" It's only by the grace of Ra that kept me from jumping out of my skin just now. I swear this demon is either trying to bleed me dry financially, or stop my heart (sexually or in fright I have no idea yet).

"Did they leave" wouldn't be surprised with a demon like you. "Not willingly" he said with a sad smile "They died when I was about seven". Well damn how do I come back from that? "What Happened?" And that's how you choose to do it?! What is wrong with me?!

"They were on a dig in Egypt. While they were still inside the tomb a support beam folded under the weight, and buried everyone...including my mom and dad" he said more quietly. "I'm sorry Yuugi". What the fuck else am I supposed to say? I never dealt with this shit before.

"It's not your fault" he said. Then finally he looked in my eyes and...smiled? "But thank you anyway". My stomach feels a little weird like it just flopped. Is that normal? Maybe it was that "fish taco" I ate yesterday.

Regular POV

Atem and Yuugi finally reached their destination after some awkward silence in the car. "The Observatory? Are we even allowed to be here?" Yuugi asked apprehensively. A smirk bled into Atem's face before saying "Yeah. The director is a close friend of my mother's, but she said we can only stay for like five hours".

Inside the Observatory

A few seconds after they sat down there were millions of simulated stars shining brightly, and they seemed close enough to touch. Atem began to list off the constellation names and what they meant. To Yuugi's amazement the stars connected to show him the constellations.

It seemed that the amazement in Yuugi's eyes would never dimmer. After almost half an hour Atem had enough courage to put his arm around Yuugi. This time instead of a nearly broken wrist Yuugi moved himself closer to Atem, and rested his head on his shoulder. Atem just grinned to himself and continued naming and describing the constellations.

Game Shop (outside)

"Thank you for taking me there Atem" Yuugi said still smiling. "I'm just glad you had a good time, and don't think I'm a total nerd" Atem chuckled.
"Are you kidding it was perfect" Yuugi said.

Yuugi stopped smiling suddenly and his face grew pensive. Atem almost asked if something was wrong when Yuugi looked back up in determination. He gently grabbed Atem's face and kissed him. They kissed for at least a minute before Yuugi quickly said "Goodnight Atem" with a rosy blush on his cheeks, and quietly closed the door.

It took some time for Atem to process that his Fox just initiated something intimate with him for the first time, and the "flopping" feeling in his stomach came back with vengeance. A shark-like grin slowly occupied half his face like a virus, until finally saying "Too easy".

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