We have another story; I have a block on the "Just Gets better" but I will finish it next year. My friends told me to stop and start another story. Well of course I have my favorite, Gin(OOC), and Byakuya in there but I don't know how much. Hopefully this is a short story just to get me and my friends out of the block that is going on.

"Commander Yamamoto, why me? Why did you choose me to do this job? You have other captains who are more than willing to do your work for you." Gin said as he sat at the table and stared at the commander with the smile that seemed to irk other captains.

"Gin, you are leaving the Gotei 13," The commander started before he was interrupted by Gin.

"Um no. You are not letting me leave, you are letting take a leave of absence which technically still makes me a member of the Gotei 13. Now if you want to change your mind," Gin said as he kept the wide grin on his face.

"Ichimaru taichou, I have one last project for you. I would like for you to find or locate Byakuya Kuchiki."

Gin looked at the commander. He thought long and hard before he answered. He needed to broker a deal before he took it. "If I decide to do this, will you allow me to resign my commission?"

The commander looked at Gin. He thought long and hard before he answered. He knew that out of all of his captains, Gin is the only one who would not follow the rules but, he was one hell of a captain. He's smart and powerful; he doesn't care what anyone thinks. Not even him, the commander.

"Agreed" Commander Yamamoto said, "but, you must complete this project before I accept your resignation."

Gin agreed. "Now, why do you want me to find Byakuya?" Gin thought about the whispers and comments about Byakuya. He has not been seen for about three months. Some say that he's on family business. Others say he is dead; killed by a hollow. Gin knows that Byakuya has this pride thing and also a big sense of duty to the Gotei 13. He did like Byakuya because the captains hated him more than him.

The commander gave Gin a file. Gin opened it and started to read it. He suddenly looked up from the file. "He was working on a special investigation on corruption within the Gotei 13."

"Yes he was. I was getting regular reports from him and then about three months ago they stopped. It is like he vanished. His family has not heard or seen him. His lieutenant has not heard from him either. This is out of character for him. I know he is very private with his life but," The commander picked up his tea and took a long gulp.

"What is your read on this commander? Do you think," Gin said as his voice trailed off.

"I do not feel his spiritual pressure at all. I have to accept that he may be dead," Yamamoto said hesitantly, "but I cannot make that call without any evidence. That is where you come in."

"So, what you are asking me to do is to find evidence that he is dead?" Gin smiled and as he thought about what he said. "What if Byakuya got a wild hair and decided to leave the Gotei 13?"

Yamamoto glared at Gin as he cleared his throat. Gin saw that he was getting angry. "Like you Ichimaru taichou, Kuchiki taichou would have come to me if he wanted to leave."

"As I stated earlier, Why me? How do you know that I am not involved in the corruption?" Gin asked. He felt as though he may not like the outcome of this one.

"Don't worry. I have my report on the Third Division. Your division passed just like the Sixth Division. Now, I need for you to find him."

"Will I have access to his living quarters, notes and interviews?" Gin asked as he started to get up to leave.

"Yes you do. My lieutenant has the paper that will allow you to interview and search any division and family living quarters in the Soul society. I expect to have a report from you often." The commander said as he watched Gin bow to him. Gin turned and was leaving the office when the commander spoke to him again. "Gin, report your finding only to me and," the Commander paused.

Gin stopped but did not turn around. He knew that the Commander was rubbing his temple and what the next statement would be.

"Be careful," the commander said in a lower voice. Gin walked out of the office.

It had started to rain as he made his way back to his living quarters. Gin's mind was starting to make a list of where to start. As he walked pass the Sixth Division, he saw Renji Abarai and Rukia Kuchiki talking with each other. He knew that they were childhood friends and they supported each other. Gin could only imagine what both of them were going through. He continued to walk to his quarters.

Once inside, Gin heated up some water for his tea. He sat at the table and opened the file. He read over the notes again.

In the notes, it stated that a suspicion that some members of the Gotei 13 were embezzling money and supplies and selling on the black market. He read that Byakuya had gone over the financials for the Sixth, Third and the First Divisions were cleared. He was working on the Ninth Division financials when he disappeared. After he read the notes, Gin realized that he did not have all of the information. He realized Byakuya was keeping something back. He knew Byakuya did not show his hand in these situations.

Gin brought out his note pad and started to write.

Go and visit the Kuchiki manor and speak with Family members

Search Byakuya's room

Find all the notes to Byakuya's invesstigation

Gin then looked at a picture of Byakuya which he found in the file.

"Where the hell are you Byakuya?" Gin said as stared at Byakuya. Gin always thought Byakuya was the best looking man he knew. He always wanted to know what he was like outside of work. Byakuya was one of the reasons why Gin wanted to leave the Gotei 13. "It's funny how I am trying to leave and you are keeping me here," Gin gave a slight chuckle. He took a deep breath and let it out. He picked up the picture and spoke to it again.

"Byakuya Kuchiki, what have you gotten yourself into?"