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As Aizen slept in Urahara's arms, he would start to speak in his sleep. Urahara noticed that since his lover returned, his sleep has not been peacefully. He would mumble words and call out the names of his abductors: Nori, Kunio, and Isamu. He even called out names like Michael, Gabriel. But he called a name he never heard before: Abaddon.


Then he would call Tosen and Amagai names. Urahara remembered how Aizen took the murders of his brothers very hard and the staff that was there at the time. Aizen felt a slight mental breakdown coming but with Urahara's help and Masumi wanting to be held by his Poppa, the breakdown did not happen which proved to himself that he in fact has become stronger.

After Aizen would calm down and go into a deep sleep, Urahara would leave his lover and their son. Since he came back, their son was very attached to his Poppa and would not leave his side. He would hang on Aizen all day and would not sleep until he became exhausted. After dinner, he would just fall asleep in Aizen arms.

That is when Urahara would go and do his computer work. He searched the name 'Abaddon' and came up with results: Death Angels.

Abaddon is an intensive form of the word 'destruction'.

'Could Aizen have seen an angel? What about Byakuya?' Urahara thought to himself. He did some other work and more research before sleep started to take over. He walked to room to see his son asleep but Aizen sitting up in the bed smiling at him.

"Did I wake you again?" Aizen asked as Urahara sat beside him on the bed.

"No," Urahara said as he put his arm around Aizen, "You know that I do my best work at night."

They both looked at their son asleep next to Aizen.

"Do you think he is ready to sleep by himself now?" Urahara winked at Aizen. He bit his bottom lip as he winked back at Urahara.


Byakuya and Gin were coming to the human world today. Byakuya, being in his eighth month, can't travel through the gate alone. Unohana told Gin that he is in great health but being in a high risk pregnancy, he always has to have someone travel with him. Gin is usually with him but this time; they brought a friend with them. Yumichika Ayasegawa.

Urahara watched as Aizen, Byakuya and Yumichika played with Masumi in the backyard of the Kurosaki house. He was lost in his thoughts about how Byakuya and Aizen survived the destruction from Isamu and his group. Granted, both of them are shinigami and without their katana's, they are still a force to be reckoned with.

The report that Urahara and his group, along with Gin, read that the area was totally destructed by fire but no explosion. It was as though several fires started at the same time during a meeting. The bodies were burned beyond recognition and that only three were identified: Isamu, Kunio and Nori.

Byakuya and Aizen do not remember anything about their capture. They both stated that all they remembered was waking up to the sound of Kira's voice. Urahara thought they must have been hypnotized during the whole duration of their capture.

"Da Da? Wanna play wit me and Poppa?" Masumi said as he pulled on Urahara coat. His smile reminded him so much Aizen. His brown eyes pleaded with him to come out and play with him. He bent and picked up his son.

"Whoa," Urahara said and tickled his son's stomach, "You sure are building muscle. You might beat me one day." Masumi laughed as he wiggled in his daddy's arms.

They walked out to the three friends. He sat on the blanket and kissed Aizen on the cheek. Aizen hugged Urahara but would not let him go.

Masumi called out to Gin as he came out to sit with the group. He ran between the four as he made faces and had them all laughing. After a while, Masumi was tired and was sitting in Aizen's lap.

"Story Yumi. Story" Masumi cried out to Yumichika.

Urahara noticed that Masumi was very comfortable Yumichika as was Aizen. It was like three friends who have known each other for years.

"You heard the baby, Story," Byakuya said with a slight smile and his hand on his stomach. Gin sat with his hand on top of Byakuya's.

Yumichika proceeded to tell Masumi a story of the Three Bears. He smiled as he fell asleep in Aizen's arm. As he slept, the friends said they would stay until he wakes up. Urahara and Gin said that they will go get lunch for the group.

As Isshin fixed lunch for his guest, the three talked as they watched the friends talking and laughing outside. They were whispering because Masumi was asleep and they did want to wake him.

"How close is Yumichika with Byakuya?" Urahara asked.

Gin thought and said, "He started coming around Byakuya after the incident. Unohana wanted someone to be with him when he traveled and she recommended him. They hit it off and the rest I history."

"This is the first time he has been here since Aizen has been with me and they hit it off immediately. My son is not afraid of him like he usually is with strangers." Urahara stopped and started to think.

"Urahara, you think too much and besides, if Aizen did not trust him, he would tell you," Gin said as he gave one of the smirks he is famous for. "Besides, it is nice to see them smile for a change. I think they are going out tonight. Ukitake is supposed to meet them in town. I told Byakuya he could go because he has been coup up in the house all this time. I know they all will protect him and we will be at the store, Isshin will be here and Ichigo and Rukia are on patrol."

"Sosuke did mention this to me but," he paused, "I will tell him yes. Besides, Byakuya will keep an eye on him."

The three friends whispered.

"Did Urahara say you can come with us tonight? I do hope so." Yumichika said as he silently clapped his hands.

"I hope so too. I want us to have this night out because when this comes," Byakuya placed his hand on his stomach, "Gin is not going to let me out of his sight for a while. And besides, Ukitake is being the host for tonight."

As they talked, Gin, Urahara and Isshin brought out lunch. Urahara told Aizen that if he still wanted to go out as long as they are together, he had no problem with it.

They started to clap when Ukitake and Kyoraku walked into the yard.

"Are we all on for tonight?" Ukitake asked.

"Yes," Byakuya said.

"Good. I have a surprise planned for us tonight. And," Ukitake said as he was reaching to hold a sleeping Masumi, "No mates tonight." Ukitake kissed Masumi as he started to wake up. He reached out and hugged Ukitake.

The group continued to eat and talk about new of the day until the evening. Aizen made sure that Urahara had everything for Masumi before he went out. He had to reassure Aizen that he had everything under control and he had plans for his son to spend time together.


As they left from Isshin Kurisoki's home, Ukitake walked with Byakuya and Aizen with Yumichika. They walked until they came to a protected secluded area. Ukitake and Yumichika made sure no one was around watching.

"Okay, this is it. This is the area that the king made for us." Ukitake said as he held the barrier open for Aizen and Byakuya. "Yumichika and I searched everywhere for a suitable you two."

After the area was secure, Ukitake and Yumichika bodies transformed to the angels Michael and Gabriel. Ukitake grabbed Aizen hands and assured him that it was okay to transform. "No one will hurt you and besides, this is the first time I have seen you since you took over this body."

Aizen slowly transformed into Samael. He extended his wings and smiled. He and Gabriel walked started to fly to the highest branch of the tree in their area.

"Now Abaddon, you have to be careful. It is important that this is okay. I know that you will not hurt him but you can't fly to high but I will go with you to the branch. You can sit and watch us, okay?" Michael said as he held his hand. "I haven't seen you since your host Sojun passed you over to your current host, Byakuya."

As Byakuya transformed into Abaddon, he watched as Gabriel and Samael flew toward the moon. They flew so fast that they looked like comets passing through the sky. He and Michael flew to the branch that they all sat on.

Abaddon sat and watch them enjoy their flights. Samael came and sat with him. Then Michael and Gabriel sat on the branch. They all sat in silence as they watched the moon.

What are you thinking about, Michael?" Samael asked.

"This is the last time I will mention this Rin's name. I think how she looked for power in you. She did not know how close she was to power. She did not know that she had the most powerful angel of death living with her. But Abaddon made sure that Sojun was protected to the end and now he protects both the baby and Byakuya."

"Do you think there will come a day that we will destroy this world?" Gabriel asked as he laid his head on Samael's shoulder.

"Yes, a day will come when this world will end. That is why we all have to take the moments we have with our love ones and cherish them." Abaddon said as he placed a hand on his swollen belly. He smiled and whispered to his child, "I will take you with me."

The four brothers sat close and stared at the moon.