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Byakuya was holding his son as Aizen and Masumi were running around playing a game of chase.

"Poppa coming to get you," Aizen said as Masumi laughed and ran around in circles.

Gin and Urahara watched their families as they enjoyed the sunshine and picnic they planned.

"Byakuya looks very happy. I am glad that his pregnancy went well. Sosuke has been so happy for Byakuya and you." Urahara said as he kept an eye on Masumi. He had come to keep an eye on his son because he was getting very active and tries to do thing that he's not suppose to do. He smiled to himself as he thought what his parents must have thought of him when he was young. He waived back at his son as he started run toward him. He walked out to meet him as Aizen followed him. He picked up his son and held him in his arms as his son reached for Gin.

"Alright little man, let go running," Gin said as he took Masumi and did a flash step away from his parents.

Urahara laughed as he walked to Aizen and put his arm around him as they both walked back to Byakuya and the baby.

"Sosuke, you seem very happy lately. You have something to tell me?" he asked as he watched Sosuke's reaction. He smiled because he did give Aizen the privacy to keep secret's from him. It was a new feeling that Aizen is accepting well.

After Byakuya had his child, Aizen decided to come and live with Urahara and his crew in the human world. He did not participate in any of the shinigami plans or projects that were assigned to Urahara. His main concern was following behind Masumi. He was very active and his spiritual levels were off the charts. Aizen and Urahara had faced the fact that he may have to go to the academy at by the age of six to help him develop his skills. But until then, they enjoyed being parents to a very active two year old.

Gin came back from his run with Masumi who was laughing as he handed him over to his Poppa. "Hey little man, when your older, me and you are going to race." Gin smiled as he gave Masumi a kiss on his forehead. He left them to sit with Byakuya and his son.

Masumi wanted out of his Poppa's arms. He put him down and then grabbed his hand. He pulled Aizen to where Gin and his family were sitting. "Come on Dada," he said with a big grin on his face.

The group sat on the blanket eating snacks until Masumi was sleepy and jumped in Aizen's arms. Aizen told the group that he was going to place Masumi down for a nap and he was tired and would lay down with him also. He kissed Urahara and left to go inside.

Gin had an appointment with the commander. He was about to start packing the baby things when Urahara said that Byakuya and the baby can stay until he comes back. He told Gin that he would keep an eye on them and besides, he doubted anyone would be able to go up against Byakuya.

Gin agreed and told Byakuya that he would be back before dinner. He kissed his son and gave his lover a passionate kiss. He left Urahara and Byakuya alone with his sleeping son. He stared at Byakuya as he held his son.

"You are looking at me as if you want to ask me a question. A question that only I can answer. Go ahead and ask?" Byakuya said as he continued to look at his sleeping son.

Urahara took a deep breath. He opened his fan as asked the question. "The fire? I always had some curiosity on how you and Sosuke survived and all others died. Sosuke does not remember anything. The last thing he remembers from that day is me going to get a blanket for us before the fireworks."

Byakuya smiled as he looked at Urahara. "Why do you ask a question that you already know the answer to?" Byakuya closed his eyes and opened them again. His eyes were a solid black. "You know who I am as you know who Sosuke is."

"Abaddon," he whispered. "That makes Sosuke . . "

"Samuel," Aizen said as he sat next to Byakuya holding a sleeping Masumi. His eyes were a solid black. He came out when he felt the presence of Abaddon.

Urahara looked at the two friends as they sat there looking at him. He closed his eyes as if he was starting to remember.

"You are starting to remember. When you entered Sosuke mind, you saw something that you did not understand or did not want to understand. You do not know how close you are." Byakuya said as he placed his son in his lap. "I will tell you what you want to know."

"Does Gin know?" Urahara asked Byakuya.

Byakuya smiled and looked at Aizen.

"You called us," voices came from behind Urahara. He recognized Ukitake's voice as he and Yumichika came and sat on either side of the others. Ukitake picked up Byakuya's son and held him in his arms. Urahara noticed that all of their eyes were solid black.

"How many of you are there?" Urahara asked as he looked at his son. He saw Aizen being just as careful and protective of him as before. Aizen looked at Urahara and smiled.

"I would never hurt him. He is part of you and me," Aizen said as he looked at Urahara.

He looked back at Byakuya. "Why are you here? Are you here to destroy this world?"

Ukitake, Yumichika and Aizen looked at Byakuya. Byakuya continued to look at Urahara then looked back at Ukitake and he held the sleeping baby. The child never stirred out of his sleep.

"They consider me the leader. I will answer all of your questions, Kisuke."


"Let me introduce you to my brothers. This is Michael, who you call Ukitake. Gabriel, who you call Yumichika. You know me and Samuel. We are death angels. You would say powerful death angels.

"There are many angels in our realm and with each angel, we are assigned certain duties. Samuel and I were assign death and destruction. Michael is a protector of the innocence and Gabriel is the bearer of news.

"When ordered to destroy, we never questioned our duty. We destroy worlds and universes. It is not that these being don't know that their worlds are going to end but once the process starts, it can't be stopped. This world is not any different than others, in the eyes of the King.

"With all being there is a flaw. Our King, who is perfect, has no flaws. But all the being just like these human in this world, have flaws. One of the flaws that beings have is love. And yes, angels do fall in love. Our love was for our King who was our all. We did not have any room for any other.

"But one day that love changed when we came to this world."