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Urahara looked at the four death angels. "Love? What do you mean your love changed?"

Byakuya looked at him then he looked at Sosuke. He was smiling at Urahara as he stroked Masumi hair. Urahara was surprised that Masumi was still asleep after hearing Byakuya speaking.

"Don't worry; I placed him in a deep sleep. He won't wake up until we are through." Aizen smile as all the brothers saw how much he loved Urahara.

"To continue, our love changed as we came to this world. This world is curious with it human beings. They have shinigami like you, watching over them. It was like an act of love.

"We watched as you helped souls cross over to their next existence. It was strange to us because you even tried to protect the souls from these creatures called hollows that would take them to hell.

"It was like you played the role like our Master. But the only thing different is that you think all souls are worth saving. When the four of us appear, the decision is already made."

"Is that why the four of you are here?"

"Yes, we all have a role to play. We stood in the heavens and watched these human beings live for the final days; just like all beings.

Gabriel will sound his horn and Michael would gather the souls that our Master deemed worth saving. Then the Four Horsemen come and then Samuel comes and eliminates races and being from the world. Then . . ." Byakuya looked at his son and Ukitake.

"You destroy the world," Urahara said.

"It sounds so harsh when you said like that but it is what I do." Byakuya took his son from Ukitake and held him. He smiled at his child.

"I understand now what you mean when you said that love changed you. You love your son very much. Just as I love Masumi and Sosuke." Urahara thought about what Byakuya said. "Your Mission for this planet, is it still on course for destruction?"

Byakuya did not answer. He continued to look at his son. He noticed that everyone's eyes were back to normal.

"Kisuke, when we came to this world, we were curious about you shinigami. So we found vessels to occupy and learn about you. We do not take over their lives but they will not die until we leave them. Case in point; when I took over Ukitake's body he had an attack that was to be his death. But as you see, he is still ill but he is not going to die," Ukitake said as he placed his hand over his heart. "I got to read his heart. He truly loves Shunsui Kyoraku. He longed to have a connection with him. This vessel longed to have a child with him." Ukitake stopped and looked at Yumichika. He placed a hand on the swollen belly as he smiled with tears in his eyes.

"I took over the vessel you called Yumichika Ayasegawa. He is a young, healthy and strong. He also was in love. He is in love with a brute. A strong one called Ikkaku Madarame. I remember telling Michael how much he reminded me of War (one of the Four Horsemen)." Yumichika chuckled as he thought about the whole situation. He was in love with War as his vessel is in love with this warrior. "I found out that this vessel was able to reproduce so I was excited that I may be able to enjoy the reproduction process from this vessel." He placed his hand on his stomach as he felt the movement of the babies. "When I met with Michael, in a secret place, I would tell him everything about this vessel loves and life. Michael places his hand on my heart so that he can feel what I feel with his child." Yumichika smiled as he and Ukitake hand's were on his stomach.

"We tried to make contact with Abaddon and Samuel. But out of all of these vessels in this area, we could not make contact with them. They never revealed themselves. So I stayed in constant with Gabriel. Since this vessel was sickly, Yumichika helping me did not look suspicious. We had an area that we could go to and become ourselves." Ukitake said as he took in a deep breath. He continued to speak.

"Then one day the "Kuchiki Family" mess came to life. As we heard more, we learned more about Sosuke and Byakuya. I know that I could get next to Byakuya but Gin was so protective on him, I could not get close to him. Then that night, we felt Samuel was near. Then the comet," Ukitake said but Yumichika started to talk.

"Appeared and the pressure. We just knew it was Abaddon. We were so happy we had found our brothers. We learned of the vessel that Samuel occupied."

They all looked at Aizen. He was smiling as he played with Masumi's hair. "Sosuke always loved you. But he struggled with his mental illness. When I arrived in this vessel, he was struggling with the knowledge that the child he had, when he was younger, was alive. I went through the memories of this vessel and found out the history. Rin Kuchiki was that type of person that reinforced why we came to this world. I could not interfere but I became angry. But I found Abaddon. His vessel was unemotional but strong, just like him. We found each other and we too spent time together. That is why everyone thought we were together. We too had an area that we could be ourselves. We talked about the feelings of our vessels.

"That night you found me, Kisuke, this vessel had been raped, beaten and witnessed the death of his son. He melted down to the point that he contemplated killing himself. I could not let that happen. I looked within his heart and I found a love for someone who was hidden. It was you, Kisuke Urahara. He was in love with you. So I willed this vessel to you. I knew in his state of mind, you were the only one who could save him. His siblings were good at containing and protecting him but I knew you could save him." He reached out to Urahara and placed his hand on his cheek. "And you did. When you searched his mind, you came to the place that I could not let you pass. You did back away."

Abaddon felt Gin, Ikkaku and Shunsui coming to the world. He looked at Samuel. He still had his hand on Kisuke's cheek. Abaddon knew that Samuel was erasing this conversation from Kisuke's mind. They had to keep their identity secret. He knew that if revealed, this world would have to be destroyed. He nodded to Samuel. Samuel proceeded erase and planted a conversation in his mind.

The next thing Urahara knew, he was talking to Sosuke and holding Masumi.

"Well?" Sosuke was saying with a smile on his face.

Kisuke looked and saw Byakuya and Gin smiling at him. Yumichika and Ukitake smiling at him with Shunsui and Ikkaku looking at him strangely.

"Man, you look like you are in shock," Shunsui said jokingly.

He looked at Sosuke who had a scared look on his face as if he told him something wrong. Tears started to form in his eyes. "You are not happy about another baby?"

Kisuke slowly smiled as he spoke. "You're pregnant."

Ukitake came over and took Masumi from Kisuke's hand. Kisuke took Sosuke's face in his hands and wiped away the tears.

"That, Sosuke Aizen, makes me very happy and very lucky to have you."

He leaned in for a kiss. Everyone started to clap. It was so loud that both Masumi and Byakuya's baby woke up and started to cry. As he tried to comfort his baby, Aizen laughed.

"I think it is time for a naming ceremony for your baby, Byakuya. I don't want this baby to come before you name your child."

"Don't worry, Sosuke. We have a life time to pick a name."