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Yumichika suddenly woke from a dead sleep. He felt a spiritual energy from far away. He slowly eased out of Ikkaku's arms, trying not to wake him. He sat up slowly and was about to move when he felt a hand grab his arm.

"The baby is okay?" Ikkaku said in a groggy voice.

"Everything is fine. Just want to check on him. You know how I am. Just can't get enough of him." Yumichika smiled and placed a hand on his. Then placed his hand on his cheek.

Ikkaku slowly closed his eyes as Yumichika whispered to him go back to sleep. He slowly got out of bed and ran down the hall to check on his baby. He smiled as he looked at his sleeping baby. His son was born a few days ago and since he also was a surrogate for Ukitake's baby, his son was also born.

As he lean in the crib to kiss his baby, he had the feeling again. His eyes turned black as he searched.

"You felt it too," the voice said behind him. He turned to see Ukitake behind him with his eyes black also. "He has arrived and he is looking for you."

"I know I have to go see him." Yumichika said as he continued to look at his baby.

"You go to him; I will take your son with me." Ukitake said as he picked the baby out of the crib. "When will Ikkaku wake up?"

"He will not wake up until I come back. I will hurry and," Yumichika paused as he kissed his baby, "I will update you."

Yumichika changed to his true form, Gabriel, and disappeared. Ukitake smiled at the baby and flash step away.

Ukitake arrived at his house and placed the baby next to his baby. He felt someone behind him.

"He was asking for Gabriel. He will be okay," Ukitake said to Byakuya.

Byakuya stood in the doorway with his son. Ukitake came to him and took the baby from him. He placed the baby in the in cribs with the other babies. Byakuya followed behind him. Both Ukitake and Byakuya eyes had gone from dark to normal.

"How is Sosuke and when is the due date again?" Ukitake smiled as he placed an arm around Byakuya. They made their way to the kitchen for a cup of tea.

"He is so happy with being with Kisuke and Masumi is growing up like a weed and he is always under Kisuke's feet. He loves his father so much. Sosuke is so ready for this baby to be born, which it could be a months from now. He thinks this one is a girl," Byakuya said as he tried to keep the conversation light.

Suddenly it was a strange silence between the two friends.

Ukitake reached out and placed a hand on Byakuya's hand.

"Why is he here? Do you think the others are near?" Byakuya said as he gave a nervous smile.

"We will not know until he comes back. Don't worry." Ukitake placed a hand on Byakuya's cheek and gave him a smile back with a worried look in his eyes.


Yumichika stood next to a tree. He felt the presence of someone familiar to him. He closed his eyes and opened them. His dark eyes smiled as he felt his lover come closer to him. He transformed back to Yumichika.

"Gabriel," the voice said as he kissed neck Gabriel's neck, "I missed you so much that I crossed the Universe looking for you."

"Really," Gabriel said in a sarcastic tone. He turned and looked at his lover. "You crossed the Universe to see me," a chuckle turned into a soft laugh, "War, you never cease to amaze me."

"Gabriel, why are you in this, this sack. You know that I love to see you in just your wings . . ." War said as he started to play with Gabriel's hair. "How are your worrisome brothers, especially Abaddon?" War started to laugh as he looked at Gabriel. "You know out of all of your brothers, Abaddon is the . . ."

Gabriel quickly placed a finger over War's lips. "Shhhh, you know my brothers hear everything." He removed his finger and placed a kiss on his lips. When they got through, Gabriel asked War a question.

"How long have you been here and where are your brothers?"

War smiled before he answered. "I have been around long enough to see you in this body and with some other man. The baby is a nice touch. But my main reason was to see you." He leaned in and tried to kiss Gabriel but he moved out of the way. Gabriel gave him a look that told him that he had to answer the question completely before he could get a kiss. "Conquest has been here for a while. He is in the area they call the Middle East. He wants me to come out there but he knows that you and your brothers have to set it all up."

Gabriel looked at him. He knew that when Four Horsemen arrive, it is the beginning of the end. He looked back at War. He felt the tension grow between them. War kept his eyes on Gabriel as he spoke again.

"Famine? I have not heard from him but I know he's okay. Death? Well, you know him. He is just waiting. You know he never any fun anyway. He tries to hang with us but you know he tends to over analyze everything." War chuckled as he thought about Death. "Now, will I get to see some wing?" He smiled as he winked at Gabriel.

Gabriel laughed because he was a death angel in love with one of the Four Horsemen. He transformed into his true form for him. War was very happy as he took Gabriel into his arms. The two kissed as they fell on the ground. The two made love.