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The night was young in Vegas and Abby had had burned out on the symposium her brained was french fired. She need a release and what better place than Vegas. It was time for her to have alittle fun she as she walked down Tropicana street to Goodtimes Bar & Nightclub. It felt good as the cool night air settled on her skin nipping at her thighs caressing her panties. She kept looking around at the sites catching random people staring but she didn't care. Abby was armed with an arsenal of treats if someone tried anything she was following rules #9 and 16. Abby was in mid stride when all of sudden she felt she had eyes on her, not the usual staring "oh look it's a Goth weirdo" stair but the "someone is watching her eyes" she hurried to the bar feeling it disappear the moment she got to the bar. Although there were Goths galore everyone took notice of Abby as she made her way to the bar she looked ravishing her hair was in two buns, her corset was laced tighter than Dita De Von Teese, you just see the top of her cross as her spider webs played pickaboo beneath her red studded collar. Her black leather mini skirt reached an all new record of short with her black thigh high stocking dancing above her boot. Colder's "wrong baby" blared from the subwoofer speakers the DJ pulse sating the crowed. She order a shot of Jack as and received three. She knew it was going to be a good night. The endless line of men bought her drinks as she danced the night away she swayed to massive attack on the floor the combination of sweat, cigarettes, and latex intoxicated her but the Jack didn't hurt either. Abby partied until the ungodly hours of the morning flirting and teasing strangers the last thing she remembered was going to the bar for another shot if Jack, the smell of epoxy, ethanol and Benzophenone and the thought of taking someone to her hotel room along with a Caf-Pow!.

The sun shined on Abby's alabaster skin warming her body there was a knock jarring her back to the waking world.

"Room service" a voiced seemed to yell

"Go Away and keep your damn pillows"

Abby rolled over her head pounded like a jack hammer and she was sore allover she cursed the Vegas nightlife and was all too ready to get back to Labby and the team and Gibbs. She edged slowly out of the bed wrapping the thin sheet around her body not remembering when she had gotten undress much less nude she felt full and slugish as she stumbled on her way to grab a bottled water out of the minibar. She drunk it down quicky taking big long glups some of it trickling down the sides of her mouth and drop the bottle on the table she need a Caf-Pow! like McGee need video games. It was already noon and her flight was to leave at three as she dragged into the bathroom to shower she dropped the she and looked in the mirror.

"Oh my God"

Down her ribs was light bruising from the corset which she expected those pain is beauty and sometimes she like the way the corset constricted her but that was not the problem as she stared at her hips dazed tracing her hands over the bruised that look strangely like hands.

Some of the night came slamming back to her like being resuscitated in fragments of passion.

"I want you." She whispered to a man with large hands.

"I want to feel you buried deep inside me please I promise you won't regret it."

she examined her body and saw on her neck a bright red mark as though it was strategically positioned to hide if she wore a collar and they were all over her inner thighs and all of her lips were swollen. She had sex and from the look and feel of it, it had been awesome. She went back in the bedroom to find anything from her one night stand. Written on a napkin no name or number just the words.

"I'm interested. I'll call you."

Abby spent the rest of the day trying to piece together her night after the fourth shot of Jack there was no signs that a man had been in her room other than the note she looked for hair on the pillow and only came back with her own she even called the club they remember her but not her leaving with anyone. She checked her nails but they were immaculately clean. It wasn't her first drunkin night stand but she usually knew their names or at least remembered them even if they left earlier.

As she waited for her flight to arrive, she was lost in her kaleidoscope of thoughts.

Think Abby, think slowly... you went to the club at about 11ish and the hotel manager said I got back at 3:45 the front desk does recall me coming in in a group with others from the club but could not say if I was with someone.. Think Abs…

she was brought to a jarring halt when her phone rung near causing her to jump out of her seat. She looked down at her caller id as her heart skipped a few bit before she answered

"Hello Gibbs"

"Hey Abby"

"Calling to check on me" she started to play with her pigtail.

"You're Okay"

"I'm fine the symposium was great I got some souvenirs and everything." ( she heard her board call) I gotta go Gibbs my flights here."

"Okay Abs, see you Monday. Hey do you need a ride from the airport"

"Awe Gibbs thanks but McGee is picking me up"

"Okay see you soon bye Abby"

"Bye Gibbs"

Gibbs head home watching a plane take off from DCA in his review.

Abby skipped the mini drinks as she tried to remember something other than the feel of his lip grazing her inner thigh as she grinded against his finger that was being consumed by her wetness or the way he kissed her until she couldn't breathe or the fact the his voice was never above a whisper and he said her name like a prayer. She was awakened by the bumps of the wheels touching the ground. She pulled out her phone at lighting speed and felt the hot sting build in her eyes as she saw there was no new messages.

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