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He led her down the hall to his bedroom hesitating at the door until he felt her arms wrap around his waist. He pushed the bedroom door open and set on the bed drawing Abby into his arms and resting his head on her stomach.

"We can just sleep."

"Is that what you want?"

"I want you like a wife wants her husband no alcohol influence not for Jet's sake. "I want you and I've always have."

She lifted her shirt reviling her beautiful body to Gibbs.

He placed a kiss on her hip bone as he saw a group of familiar number pulling her closer to lick the same area her breath caught in her throat as she felt his lips curl against her skin as he pulled her onto of his lap.

He looked at her searching for anything that would tell him to stop but he saw nothing. The kiss started slowly deepening by the second only interrupted by gulps of air as his hand rested at the nape of her neck not allowing her to get away she felt like she was on fire his arms were strong and unyielding and all she could was moan and grind against his growing erection when his lips forged new paths to her neck.

Her hand tangled threw the silver hair as she tried to slow his hungry only to be met the same tug at the ends of her tussled locks bringing her to question how did he know the ends made it hurt more or that she liked it.

Gibbs rolled her to her back placing feather kisses along her abdomen transmitting chills up her frame as she forgot to breathe and tug at his hair.

"LJ don't tease me."

But he didn't stop letting his tong trace the numbers of her tattoo only to suckle and bite at her hip bone.

"Gibbs please foreplay later I want to feel you now."

There was time for soft and sensual but right, now she wanted him to give her what she wanted, what he had wanted long for.

He moved face to face with her taking her lips as he slide into her awaiting warmth setting fire flames.

"Oh God"

"No Abs just me."

He began to thrust into going for deep slow strokes stretching and feeling her up as he felt her finger mark his back. He prodded into her moisten warmth harder causing her to let out a yell and wrap her legs around him.

"Abby shhss"

He covered her mouth and speed up his pace he felt her legs tighten like vice grips.

"Not yet Abs" he slowed to slow deep strokes he could see the tears form in her eye and trickle toward the pillow.

He felt her nail dig into his back holding ash though she would fall over a cliff if she let go and he removed his hand.

"LJ please…"

"Please what?" he retorted a grin pulled at his lips. He knew she couldn't finish at his current speed.

"I want more"

"More for what?"

"Fuck you LJ"

He covered her mouth before he bit her collarbone and hard and lick the same spot.

"That can be arranged."

"Please Gibbs make me come for you."

He smiled "That I can do"

He flipped her over giving her a pillow to bite and started to bury himself deep within her walls.

"Oh My God Jethro"

He could see her reaching for the headboard as she bounced back on his member.

At this rate he was going to spent but he knew she like to flirt with danger he didn't hesitate to grab a hand full of her dark locks and pull and smacked her ass so hard it turn crimson instantly. She had grown to quite moans softly resonating for her bright red lips he knew she was on the edge and decided to give her a good push rubbing her swollen bud.

The instance his fingers made contact he felt her walls tighten she gripped the headboard till her knuckles were white causing Gibbs to pull her up into his arms he exploded biting her stick man tattoo so hard she cursed before they collapsed on the bed covered in sweat leaking fluids.

His voice came breathless moments later

"that was not how I planned it"

"But it was damn good gunny you will have plenty of time to make love to me, I need all that fire and passion… I was beginning to think I didn't light your fire"

"Well what do you think now" she snuggled closer to him as he covered their naked bodies.

"I think I lite an inferno"

"You may be on to something there Abs" he placed a kiss in her hair.

They laid in each other's arms drifting in and out of sleep.

For the first time in years Gibbs slept in stirring only when Abby awoke to get Jet which led him to hop in the shower.

He went down stair to find coffee brewing and Jet in his play pen.

"Morning gunny" Abby was beaming pouring their coffee. She was in his shirt and nothing else her skin darkened around two spots on her neck and a purple bruise on her collar bone he dreaded to see what her back looked like.

"I'm pretty sure your back is worse." her lips set in a wicked grin.

He thought about the sting he felt just from the cotton touching his back and smiled

He came up behind her to get his cup wrapping his arms around her and planting kisses along her spin.

"Leroy Jethro Gibbs if you don't stop we're going to be late for work."

"I know your boss I think he would understand."

He was nibbling at her ear. His hands sliding slowly up the loose shirt. He wanted to take in her aroma and flavor right on the kitchen counter.

"LJ stop." she wiggled away just as Jet began to coo and ran upstairs to shower.

"Hey there Bubba" walked over and gather his son in his arms who was smiling and giggling. This was their time he would sit and read the paper to him while he waited on Abby. Abby returned 15 minutes later in a black polo with a very large dog collar and her trade mark mini skirt and boots.

"You wanna go see grandpa Jack this weekend?" the baby kicked and laugh louder.

"Gib-…LJ am backed up in the lab, we can't. Besides we still have two more weeks before the end of the month." Abby scolded as she packed the young Gibbs bag.

He smiled at her they had been going to see Jackson Gibbs once a month ever since Jet was born and he had started to look forward to it. He slid on his and Jet's coat before he was enticed to make them late again.

"Lets go Daddy-O" she sung marching toward the door.

The day progressed quickly Gibbs having to yell his three words before he could settle down in the bullpen. The dead petty officer was leaving them with more question then answers as Gibbs made his rounds to autopsy and down to Abby the three stooges were left to ponder his good mood.

"I'm I the only one that saw Gibbs arrive in a wedding band only to see it vanish at the crime scene?"

"What are you talking about Tony?" McGee bit.

"Gabby that's what I'm talking about."

"Gabby?" Ziva head tilted in confusion.

"It's a mush name like Benifer or Bradgelina. Okay I will give you that Jet might me Gibbs but Abby and boss married that just a bit much." McGee answered.

"I personally think it is about time. It is long overhaul yes. One should learn from him and take responsibility for the one they love." The Israeli added throwing eye daggers at Tony.

"Overdue Zeeh-vah." The agent responded sucking his teeth.

"I happen to believe that it is honorable for a guy who does things in the gentleman's way and ask the father before getting a girl knocked up and married."

"But it is okay to have sex with her and almost stack up?" she began to clean hear nails with her boot knife.

"I think I Should be..." McGee announced his self preservation instinct kicking in.

"Sit down McGee."

"That's not what I'm saying Zee-vah. I am only acknowledging that there is a proper way of doing things before a couple gets married and people like to test the waters here sometimes."

"How much testing does a guy need if he spends almost 24 hours around a woman for a full year. Is it one of those 'why buy the milk when the cow is free' type of things Tony."

"I really should go see Ducky."

"Sit" barked the Israeli

"No Zee-vah its why can't the cow wait until the guy talks to the farmer type things"

"Because the farmer has a cattle prod and a shotgun DiNozzo" Gibbs said adding wake up call to Tony's head.

McGee, go pick up the staff sergeant David go with him.

"On it boss." McGee flew toward the elevator like roadrunner to bird seed. While the Israeli took her time grabbing her things stopping to only leave a paper clip on her partner's desk.

"What about me boss?"

Gibbs looked up from the paper he had been feeling out and tossed a stapled pair to DiNozzo.

"I suggest you got out for a long coffee break and buy your cow a new bell."

DiNozzo looked at the change of status and residence papers.

"Now DiNozzo before I get the cattle prod."

"Yes Boss" the young agent scattered quickly knowing that that was the closest he was probably ever going to get to having any type of permission.

A small smirk crossed the senior agents face as he realized that Abby would probably never top that wedding gift of having to plan two weddings.

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