Author's Note:

I revised chapter one of this story, took out some of the sex and changed the dialogue. You guys should take a look at it, let me know how you like the revised story and this additional chapter. On the plus side, you now have a second chapter of deliciousness. Hopefully you guys like it. This goes out to two people who decided we should have an Art Kink moment.

"When you said you wanted to paint me this isn't what I had in mind." Derek tried not to shiver as Stiles rubbed the paint across his body. They'd been at this for quite a while already. Derek was impatient for more.

"I was purposefully nonspecific," Stiles grinned as he dipped his fingers back into the body paints on the floor next to Derek's side.

"So I see." Derek kept his hands above his head. That was part of their agreement. Stiles would get to do whatever he wanted and then Derek could do whatever he wanted.

"You're hot," Stiles said, "You probably hear that all the time."

Derek chuckled. They were both naked; Derek was stretched out on his back, resting on top of the tarp Stiles had spread over his bedroom floor. Stiles was sitting on Derek's thighs, tracing along his abdomen with chocolate paint.

"You're not really making a picture," Derek said. "You're just playing."

"It's modern art," Stiles said defensively. "Stop being so sour, I can tell you like it."

Derek grunted as Stiles ran a finger across one of his nipples, a moment later wet heat closed over him as Stiles tasted the paint.

"What's it taste like?" Derek asked.

"Like awesome." Stiles got more of the paint on his fingers, ran them over Derek's aching cock.

"Pretty sure…" Derek grunted, "Pretty sure awesome isn't a flavor."

"You'd be very wrong." Stiles slid down Derek's body, ran his paint covered fingers up and down the twitching length inches from his face.

Derek wasn't complaining, not really, the chocolate body paint was much more appealing than the acrylics Stiles normally used. "Stop being such a tease."

"Don't be bossy; you made the deal, now you'll have to endure it." Stiles licked from the base of his cock all the way to the tip.

Derek flexed his fingers, he wanted to get his hands on Stiles but he kept them above his head. He couldn't wait for Stiles to let him have his turn. Wet heat closed over him. Derek grunted as Stiles lapped at the paint he'd spread.

"Stiles…" Derek panted.

"Shhh, I'm not allowed to talk with my mouth full."

Derek grinned down at Stiles, watched as he dropped down along the length of his dick. The suction was teasing, not hard enough to get him where he wanted to be. He thrust his hips up against Stiles's mouth. Brown eyes looked up at him accusingly. Stiles made what was probably supposed to be an indignant noise around Derek's cock but all it did was make his balls vibrate with pleasure.

"Come on," Derek said, "You know if you let me have my way I'll make you feel good."

Stiles held up a finger indicating he wasn't done and then dipped it back into the paint, used it to make circles on Derek's stomach. This time it was the white chocolate. Stiles slid up, released Derek from his mouth.

"You said I could do it my way first. No take backs." Stiles grinned.

"I want a taste." Derek's dick bobbed in the air, begging for more attention.

"Yeah?" Stiles scooped out more of the edible paint, stroked himself to spread it along his straining cock. He crawled up Derek's body, straddled his chest. Derek licked his lips in anticipation.

"Just a little bit closer," Derek said. "Come on."

Stiles grinned down at him, moved up a little further. "My way right?" Stiles asked, he used his hand to playfully rub himself against Derek's lips.

He didn't bother responding to Stiles's question. He lapped at the head pressed against him. The chocolate was rich but he would have been fine without it. He loved the way Stiles tasted, loved the way Stiles leaned forward to hold his wrists in place as he lowered his hips down. Derek sucked him into his mouth with a low moan. Stiles panted above him, hips thrusting lightly. Derek swallowed around him sucked as hard as he could, neck straining as he moved his head up and down.

"Derek… so good," Stiles whispered.

Derek could tell Stiles was trying hard not to thrust too deeply. Derek made an encouraging noise, tried to get Stiles to move more, hollowed out his cheeks and sucked harder. Stiles's body trembled, hips snapping down, giving Derek what he wanted.

"Ok, Derek, your turn, if we keep up like this I'm not going to last very long." Stiles's voice sounded embarrassed as he tried to pull his hips back, tried to free his dick from Derek's mouth.

His wolf was desperate for more. Derek rolled them over without letting him go. Stiles made a small noise of protest, hands pressed at Derek's head trying to get him to back off. Derek growled in warning, the noise made Stiles's hips buck up into him harder. Stiles had started something, now he was going to have to live with it. Derek reached over for the bottle of lubricant Stiles had placed next to the tarp they were on, kept sucking at Stiles as he opened it.

"Derek… no… too much!"

Derek let go of Stiles's dick, licked up along the length of it. "Roll over," he said. Stiles got on his hands and knees, used one arm to brace himself, the other trailed across his belly to give himself a few quick tugs.

"Come on, please," Stiles begged.

Derek slipped a finger into Stiles, tried to prepare him but the wolf was hungry and it needed more. Stiles was twisting back, clenching around him with tight heat. Derek used his free hand to grab the body paint, poured it over Stiles's back and hips. He used both colors, created hypnotic swirls that drew him in invitingly. He added another finger, Stiles began to beg more, hand twisting around himself as he rocked back.

"Please, now, I'm ready." Stiles's voice was strained.

Derek leaned forward, licked up along Stiles's lower back, tasting the mixture of chocolates on his skin. He groaned, it was delicious, he wanted more. He nipped his way up Stiles's spine, got their bodies aligned.

Having exhausted his wolf's limited supply of patience he began to slide into Stiles's ass, tight heat seized his cock. It was the best thing he'd ever felt. Stiles cried out encouragement, begged him to go, to go harder, to go now, to do anything, words spilling out seemingly at random.

Derek had barely started, wasn't even fully seated in the heat of Stiles's body. He answered those needs as soon as he could, with a rolling snap of his hips, testing different angles until he found the right one, the perfect one, the one that caused Stiles's head to snap up and beg for more.

Derek rolled into Stiles again. The teen pressed his face into the tarp, hands coming up to at his own hair, faint swirls of chocolate paint left behind. Stiles was gasping underneath him, wrecked and loving it. Every thrust, every rolling impact caused him to try to spread his legs wider. He twitched and called out Derek's name in rasping breaths.

Stiles thrust back against him, unable to get enough. "Please, Derek, harder," he begged.

He tried to give Stiles what he wanted, snapped his hips forward with enough force to slide Stiles through the spilled paints. The heat was too much, Stiles was too tight around him. He bit down on the back of Stiles's neck.

The werewolf was almost at the limits of his stamina, he reached down and grabbed the teen's shoulder, pulled him up and back. Stiles gasped as he was impaled on Derek, internal muscles twitching and squeezing. One hand holding the teen up, he gently gripped around the front of Stiles's throat, holding him steady. He released Stiles's shoulder, brought that hand down to stroke Stiles's cock. Hard and fast he pulled and twisted.

Stiles howled out as his body began to shake. Derek grunted as Stiles's muscles clamped down on him. He thrust a few more times, driving pleasure up Stiles's spine and out his mouth.

"Derek, so good… aaaahhh… so good…"

Stiles whined high in his throat as he came, it sent Derek over the edge; he trembled against Stiles's back, biting down on the side of his neck as he joined Stiles in release. Stiles's body vibrated, he tried to keep going, pushing back harder fucking himself against Derek's body.

They both shook unsteadily. Stiles gently pulled away from Derek, twisted around onto his back. Derek let out a small groan as he slipped free. He already wanted to be back inside Stiles's body.

"I need a few minutes. I promise we can continue." Stiles panted, chest rising and falling quickly.

"You're trying to kill me aren't you? That's been your plan ever since I found you painting in the woods." Derek didn't put any force behind his accusation.

"What a way to go though right?" Stiles laughed.

Derek smiled, rolled over on top of Stiles and kissed him again. Stiles wrapped his arms around Derek's back. He thought he heard something scratching at the side of the house, but he was too distracted by Stiles licking at the chocolate on his face to care. The only things he could smell were Stiles, chocolate, and sex. The moment was pretty much perfect.

"Hey, Stiles, why does it smell like-" Scott's voice smashed through Derek's post orgasm bliss with the force of a jackhammer. "Oh god, I'm never going to be able to unsee this."

Derek looked over at the window; Scott was half in, staring at them. Stiles turned his face away from his friend.

"Go away, Scott," Stiles said. His voice was a little higher than normal. "Derek's just helping me with an art project."

Scott opened and closed his mouth soundlessly. He turned and leapt back out the window. Derek chuckled as he kissed against Stiles's neck.

"That was embarrassing," Stiles mumbled, "Talk about a mood killer."

"Not a chance," Derek whispered. "I'm just getting started." He licked chocolate and Stiles's semen from his fingers. "You're not going anywhere."

Stiles tried to protest, but Derek silenced him by licking down his body. He chuckled when Stiles pulled on his hair to get his attention. He looked up, took the jar of paint from Stiles with a grin.