(A/N): This is my first Soul Eater story about one of Kid's and the Thompson's Sister's eailer mission. Enjoy, Reveiws welcomed! There is slightly implied Liz/Kid if you read between the lines a little, see if you can find it! ^^

Two shot must always be fired, regardless of necessity, one from Liz and one from Patti, one must remain balanced.

I jump to avoid the Kishin soul's attack—Jeffery Dahmer if I'm correct?—either way his asymmetrical face is disgusting me. His mustache is longer on the right than it is on the left. I have to stay focused I need his soul.

I doge easily as he slashes the air with his scalpel, and fire two more shots as he licks his lips and comments on my lithe body, how disgusting—and wait, those cloud are not symmetrical—he attacks once again, and it's too late to escape, so I raise Liz on instinct to block him, I hear her slightly distorted, pained, moan coming from my weapon and grimace, there's a scratch on her now, I will remember to block with Patti next time.

He smiles, making reference of what he would do to me if he was still human, and all I can think is I'm a Death God, a Shinigami, I deserve better than getting hit on during a battle.

He licks the left side of his mouth, his tongue leaving behind a trail of saliva, but pulls it away before reaching the right corner. Atrocious, that's so uneven; I'm beginning to think he's mocking.

"What's wrong, kid?" His head split with his smile, uncovering gnarled yellow teeth. I wonder for a moment how he knows my name before I remember kid is a generic term adults use when they don't know your name.

"You are an abomination. I will punish you for polluting this world."

He let out a heartfelt laugh, tilting his head backwards toward the sky. His severely crooked teeth stick out of his mouth in an obscene fashion. Such unaligned things shouldn't exist. It's… so wrong.

Argh, he's so creepy kid!

Don't worry about him Liz, if you get too scared just close your eyes.


I analyze him as he howls at the moon like a beast. His jugular is open to me, I take the shots.


He contorts his body, his head falls back and lulls to the right and his left shoulder comes upward while his arms form geometric shapes that should be impossible for anyone to make. Both shots wiz by his head, his asymmetrical body shapes forming their bath.

"Close, but not quite."

"Dammit." I can feel sweat dripping down my face and my neck. I pant, trying to think. I need his soul.

Come on, kick his ass Kido!

Yeah Kid! We can do this.

I nod.

"Execution Mode. Death Cannon."

I feel Liz and Patti's weight as they transform, the energy used irritates my skin slightly,but the cannons form around my arm.

Ready to fire in: Four




Two hypercharge beams fire out of the cannons and inertia pushes me back several feet.

A heartfelt scream and a red ball are all that are left of our enemy.

"Eat up Patti."

The younger Thompson sister happily transformes back into human form and swallowes the soul whole.

I couldn't help the smile that slide onto my face.

"Yes! Finally! Finally! We did it girls!"

"Yeah, yeah, Kid. We know, we finally have a grand total of—"

"Eight souls!"

(A/N): It's short, but I like it. This might turn into some sort of Liz/Kid unrelated fic. I haven't decided. Tell me about it.