It was anther fun day in the Dagobah system. Yoda was scrubbing his balls when he heard a loud crash outside of his hut. Out of the smoke came a man with an incredibly small penis. He approached and said.

"HEEOHH MY NAME IS MICHAEL JACKSON." Too soon. Everyone who was in the bath with Yoda froze and looked at Michael Jackson. Mandy May who was one of Yoda's bitches who was sucking his dick looked up and laughed at Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson then went to Dr. Murray and said "Sacrifice your life and kill me." That's it. Totally busted how it went down. Sorry, still talking. TAKE IT AWAY ANDREW.

After watching these events occur, Yoda said " With that, to Hell!" Yoda commanded his bitches to make him a Hot Pocket. Mary Jane, the oldest of his bitches (at 16 years old), made him the Hot Pocket, but accidentally spilled it all over Yoda's freshly scrubbed ball sac. Yoda was so pissed that he condemned Mary Jae to live an eternity with the ghost of Jar Jar Binks. Mary Jane wept so much that her tears cleaned all of the Hot Pocket sauce of Yoda's balls. Yoda was so pleased that he forgave her and told her to continue sucking his cock. She happily complied.

Then the space cops came and said "WHAT AN ENORMUS PENIS FOR SUCH A SMALL JEDI MASTER OR WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU ARE WE'RE NOT SO SURE. Oh by the way you're arrested." They took him and put him and then he was buttraped forever.