Hello my name is Rue.
You're probably wondering why I'm all alone in this dusty old attic.
Well then, shall I tell you my story?

Long ago,
I wasn't as nearly as worn-out and lonely as I am now.
My red tutu and black ribbon used to sparkle,
My crimson red eyes used to twinkle,
And my hair used to shine,
But slowly everything changed.

My tutu began to shred,
My hair became ratty,
And my eyes became dull.
The one I held dear,
And used to call me a princess,
Replaced me.

This doll was more magnificent then I could ever be.
She always sneered and glared at me as if I was the gum beneath her shoes.
The little girl that used to love me placed me on a shelf.
She forgot about me.

I couldn't stand being forgotten and all alone so I pushed myself off the shelf.
She saw me and picked me up,
My eyes glistened with hope only to become dull once again.
This time she placed me in the attic.
The place where everything that's unimportant goes.

That night I wept.
Cries of angst filling the night.
The moon shined light,
As if it were a spotlight telling me to express my emotions through dancing.
So I danced in sorrow.
Dancing the pain away.

After a long time of dancing,
A year or so I think,
My leg snapped causing me to collapse.
Now here I lay on the cold hard floor,
And forgotten,
as the moonlight from the small window shines on me.

A/N Hey its me here! ^.^ Tells me what you think! Flames accepted! And Yes,
the story is about the raven princess,
except she is a doll for a young girl which replaces her.