So yeah. I'm on this whole Buffy kick right now and I love Type Moon so yeah. Anyway, I like Xander but I think the series could have taken a better direction with him. But that's what fanfiction is for.

This is what I like to call a "Becoming Fic" where the character develops personality traits and abilities similar to another character from another series. In this case Xander to Shirou/Archer. So, anyway, Type Moon fans expect things to lean more towards Buffy than Fate Stay.

Fate/Stay night belongs to Type Moon. Buffy and co belong to Joss.

Chapter one: Motivation

Xander Harris just sat on his bed and stared at the item that laid in his hand. It was such a simple and crude tool but it would do its job.

He just wished he had.

He tightened and loosened his grip of the broken pool stick a few times, trying to get a feel of the rounded surface. He kept debating if he should burn it, throw it away, toss it into the bay. But he just couldn't bring himself to, it represented too much.

He should have done it but he froze.

All he had to do was push but he couldn't do it. He couldn't plunge the stupid thing into that, that monster that was wearing Jessie's face. He couldn't do that one favor for his best friend, for his brother. He couldn't kill that bastard that stole his brother's face.

He was just too scared to do it. And because he hesitated some random girl killed it. She just bumped into the monster as she ran by scared ramming the monster onto his makeshift stake.

He was useless. Weak.

He had to get stronger.

He had to get better.

Most of all he had to grow the hell up.

Almost to prove the point he glared around his room at all the junk that laid a round. Clothes, his skate board, a pile of comic books. Stuff you'd typically see in a teenage male's room. But it made him feel all the dumber and all the weaker.

He wanted to rage. He wanted to hit something. He wanted to hit those fuckers back for what they'd taken from him. And more than that, he was not going to let them touch his little sister. He would tear that decrepit thing they called the underworld apart before any vampire got close enough to even think of biting her.

But he had to ask himself 'what could he do?'. He wasn't like the new girl Buffy who was like some sort of Wonder Woman called a Slayer. She was strong, fast and just knew what to do against those things. And then there was the librarian Mr. Giles. He was Buffy's… Watcher, which basically meant he was the mega brain of the occult behind her brawn. Hell, even Willow was more use than him during that whole mess. Using her hacking skills to help map out sewers. It was like the Slayer had her own personal Jason Blood and Oracle.

All he really did was get in the way. He was too busy trying to impress Buffy to see what was really going on. How terrifying the things she was facing were. He had near frozen on the spot when he saw his first vampire, nearly peed his pants when he saw his second. Granted it was in the space of less than a minute but still.

He could honestly say he never seen anything more frightening in his life. And when he saw Jessie's face twist into the vampiric face he couldn't move and that was when it had happened. He had heard from the Librarian that when a person is turned their bodies no longer have a soul. No heartbeat, no breath, just a demon moving around a corpse. Seeing Jessie like that had hardened his fear and the night at the Bronze had chiseled that fear into a hatred he wasn't sure he could rid himself of.

Glaring one last time at the broken pool stick he set it on top of his dresser and started to move towards his closet.

Pushing passed a few piles of clothes lying at the bottom of the floor Xander found a familiar case. One he had been thinking about since summer ended, as he did every year.

The case held memories of the time before his dad started to crawl into the bottle. When he actually wanted to spend time with his son and teach him how to be a man.

From the time he was eight until he was thirteen his father would take two weeks off from his job every year to take Xander hunting, sometimes they'd have a quick weekend trip. Good times. He learned a lot and got to spend time with his dad. Xander could still remember that one time he convinced his dad to let Jesse come along with them. His friend was a vegetarian for a week after that.

Xander's nostalgic smile started to bade away as he remembered why he was about to open the case. He was going to go hunting again.

When Tony Harris was teaching his son to hunt he taught him the old 'proper' way to hunt. Not with guns that every other amateur and idiot could use but the way of the 'real hunter', the bow and arrow. His father would go on and on about how it took real skill to use a bow and he wouldn't have his son running for second best. If you do something you try to be the best, or at least the best you possibly could be.

Opening the case he revealed his neglected compound bow. It was child's bow, made for smaller, weaker shooters. It wasn't much but it was all he had at the moment.

Picking up the black bow he started to check it over, seeing how bad the neglectful damage was. It was the first time he even touched the thing in months, only even opening the case to think of better times.

To be perfectly honest he wasn't even sure if an arrow would be all that effective on a vampire, he'd have to ask Giles about that, but it was a skill. A skill that he could use. A way that he could be more of a man, not a little boy who got in the way.

He tightened his hold on the bow for a moment as he remembered his father's lessons, even the ones from his slurred speeches. A man protected what was his. He fought for what was his. He died for what was his. He killed for what was his.

And that was what he to be prepared to do. To keep his Willow, his little sister, safe.

She would live even if he had to die.

It would take some time, he knew, to get at the level he needed to be. But sooner or later Sunnydale's mini Justice League would have its own Green Arrow.

Authors note:

The first chapter is shorter than I liked but I'm already working on the next and hopefully longer chapter but please be patient with my busy schedule.

Oh and there is no DC crossover in this. Its just me trying to put things in Xander's point of view.

Tell me what you think.

p.s. This was originally in the Buffy only section when I wanted to make people guess who he was going to turn into. I'm a little nervous about putting it in the Crossover section because of how hard core some Type fans are and how this is written. But I'm willing to chance the back lash.