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Chapter ten: Lesson Plans.

Xander was frustrated.

Enough so that he ignored doctor's orders and started to pound out push up after push up just to blow off some steam. His ribs were already starting to hate him but he couldn't find it in himself to really care.

And it all had to do with that stupid computer teacher.

Okay, so maybe she wasn't stupid but she was certainly irking his nerves.

He had gotten his hopes up for lessons or some sort of guidance but noooo. He had to play the waiting game apparently. Sure she had a half way decent excuse of waiting for his body to heal from the damage he inflicted on himself but still, he wanted progress not more playing another round of the waiting game.

He didn't care if his body fell apart on him, he wanted the strength, the power, to do something and all being a Robin seemed to be getting him was more and more waiting. It seemed the more people he had looking over his shoulders the further he had to reach for the strength he needed. It was becoming unbearable.

The fact that Ms. Calendar called him an idiot about a hundred times the other day didn't help matters either. Apparently the way he was opening his pathways was "Like taking a hammer to the door instead of using the key". But he had to wonder if it really even mattered. Most of his potential circuits had been opened, even if a few weren't by him, so was it important how it happened?

He had a job to do and all these 'responsible adults' had been doing since they found out about all of his training was delay him. In all honesty if this was how their help was going to be he might stop being a Robin.

… Well maybe not. It wouldn't be like he would be the first side kick/apprentice to do something behind their mentors' backs. So maybe he could continue doing some of the small stuff without them knowing. That way he could still move at his own pace and get lessons in a field he wanted desperately to advance in.

Jenny Calendar had to suppress a flinch as a large bubble popped from her concoction and released a sickly smelling mist. Despite the foul smell she forced herself to inhale, to see how the potion she was brewing was progressing. Choking back her gag reflex she gave a satisfied nod, confirming to herself that everything was progressing well enough.

It was an old family recipe that if she hadn't already been so estranged from she would have never even dreamed of giving it to a non-member. But what did she care? They sent her here to die because she didn't fit their definition of moral, of clean.

Still, she was the one that accepted the assignment. She was the one that wanted to redeem herself in the eyes of the Family. She wasn't sure what she was really putting herself in danger for because she honestly thought that, and many others in her family definitely did as well, she had strayed too far from her family's ways to go back to them.

Maybe she was doing it so that her mother would actually look at her? To be able to think of her without feeling disgusted and disappointed.

But that was beside the point. The point was that her family sent her here because they found her undesirable, expendable. So she felt it only fair that she ignored a few traditions and laws so some poor kid didn't end up killing himself.

Seriously, she did some dumb things of her own when she was his age but she never went to borderline self-mutilation. At least his heart was in the right place, wanting to help in the 'fight against evil'. Something she found as admirable as she did stupid. Still she wasn't one to judge, nor was she one to enjoy being judged.

Speaking of which…

"You know this would probably go a lot quicker if I did this at home? Using my actual cauldron instead of a beaker from the science lab?" She asked Giles sarcastically.

"Be that as it may, I feel this is for the best." The man in question replied in a firm voice from his spot in the lab, watching the woman with a half eye as he read through the last of Xander's books. He knew he should have been paying her more mind but so far she didn't seem the type to try and poison the boy… It did help that he recognized most of the ingredients she was putting in her concoction and their purpose.

Though he did note with some worry that he had never seen them used in the ways she prepared them. He had tried to ask her about the process but she gave him a flat look and said it was a family recipe she would have to kill for if he asked too many questions.

He honestly couldn't be sure if she was joking or not, witches and their secrets do not like anybody coming between them. He wouldn't be surprised if she tried throwing a hex at him for watching as intently as he was.

Still he had to be sure. The children were under his watch and he would be damned if they didn't live to at least see their high school graduation, further if he had any say. And the woman in front of him was either a step towards that direction or dozen steps back.

He had to be sure, for their sakes. And for his conscience.

Speaking of which he couldn't help but ask, for seemed like the hundredth time that night, "A-and you're sure this will work?"

Jenny didn't bother to suppress her irritated groan as she gave the same answer she had been giving for the last few hours, "For the millionth time, yes. I drank the same thing when I was a child."

It tasted nasty and made you feel like you were burning up for a night but the next morning you would be able to use your magic circuits freely. A much better option than bludgeoning your inner networks with brute force and praying nothing goes wrong. Hopefully it would also fix any damage Xander, and the animal spirit, did to his body while it woke up the remainder of his circuits.

Giles for his part was wishing he didn't have to rely on this still mostly unknown woman to do this but he did not learn most of his magic traditionally. Nor did he gain a great deal of it in what most people would call a decent way. Besides his own family way was to have the father flood the son's system with his own magic, which was only marginally better than how Xander was doing things on his own.

So caught up in his personal musing Giles had almost missed when Ms. Calendar stood from her chair with a self-satisfied clap of her hands. "There, almost done. Now all we have to do is let it sit for a few hours and it's done."

Giles gave an affirmative nod as he marked his spot in the book and moved a rune etched stone to complete a square around the lab station turned witch's cauldron. For a brief moment the counter seemed to shimmer before Jenny couldn't find herself able to look at her former work station. It was like she knew it was there but couldn't find it in herself to really care what was there or even deem it of notice.

In honesty it was a very low level spell and any practitioner worth a dime could find a way around it in a second. Hell, Jenny could think of three ways off the top of her head already but it would do for whatever night staff that worked at the school.

They were all of the non-supernatural verity, they'd checked. After finding out three people on their staff were involved in what goes on at night, with only one homicidal, they thought it best if they checked.

"It should be done by the time we come back in the morning." Jenny said as she retrieved her belongings, "We can give it to him after classes are over."

Giles nodded in agreement as he both heard the effects of the concoction from her and he wanted to be there to observe after the boy took it.

And if something did go wrong with that potion and if his young companion came to any unnecessary harm then any hesitance or restraint the old librarian had been struggling though would instantly disappear. And in all honesty it wouldn't be pleasant for anyone.


That was the only way to describe how Willow was walking towards the school. Not in a deliberate sense to gain the attention of the nearby boys, not that a few didn't take notice of the movements mostly hidden by her conservative clothes, but in the sense she was on the edge of jumping or skipping with each step. She was like a toy rubber ball as she moved through the halls looking like she was about to burst in either glee or excitement.

And in her mind she didn't see a reason to not be in such a mood. Because once again the world just got expanded in front of her, an ever happening occurrence for her since she met Buffy. Week after week since their meeting it seemed like something new would appear in front of her and rattle the world view she had previously had.

And as frightening as that notion may seem to other people to Willow it was exciting. Mostly because it meant there was something out there she didn't know, something new, something interesting, something she HAD to learn about.

Magic was just one of many things that been added to her ever increasing list. Though she was a bit miffed that Xander had jumped on the band wagon before and without her.

When she first heard of it she had thought it was a tool used by another monster that Buffy needed to Slay but after hearing the Xander was doing it she couldn't help but feel a desire to learn too. Unfortunately neither Giles nor Ms. Calendar could teach her till they made sure Xander didn't kill himself by accident. Something she appreciated, as it kept her crush alive, but she wished they would hurry up with it.

But at least until then she could watch and take note of everything happening in front of her. And since the two supernatural aware members of the school faculty said they would be fixing some of the damage had done to himself via potion there would be a lot to learn.

As her mind briefly drifted to the possible differences between potion making and chemistry and how the combined fields could advance, both her eyes found a strange sight. A sight of one Xander Harris not moving a single inch as he stared rather intently at his tweety bird watch, beads of sweat starting form on his brow.

"Um, Xander? Are you alright?" She asked cautiously as she approached the boy's seat in the courtyard.

For a second the boy didn't respond with more than an irritated pout before cursing in a hiss, "Damn it, almost had it." He said glaring at the wrist watch while giving Willow a distracted greeting as she sat next to him.

After a moment of silence, with Xander staring at the watch and Willow fidgeting with her skirt, the red head tried again. "Um, Xander what are you doing?"

"I'm trying to understand the inside of this thing." He said as if it was obvious, which it probably was but only to him.

"Wouldn't it be easier to take it apart then?" Willow understood wanting to understand something. She took things apart all the time to do just that, though they were usually much more complex then a seven year old wrist watch.

"No, that's not how the spell works." Xander said absently as he used his magic to once again dive into the inner workings of the watch for what was nearing the hundredth time that day. In honesty he knew enough about the watch that at that point he could reinforce it to be a decent impromptu brass knuckles if he wanted to but he kept on feeling that if he pushed just a bit more he could understand more about it.

He knew where the parts went and he could guess what they could do but he wanted to KNOW. Sure, it would probably be easier just to get a book about clocks or something but not only was it decent practice but it was kind've fun.

Willow visibly perked up, "Spell? What spell? What does it do?"

Xander, who was used to her rapid fire questions, answered absently as he concentrated on the watch. "Structural Grasp. It… kind've gives me the blue print of what I look at."

As Xander kept his attention on examining every little detail of the watch Willow's eyes briefly glazed as she thought of what she could do with such a spell. Not just getting a design of an object but to continuously use the spell as one makes improvements to say a circuit board would be immensely helpful. Though any further thoughts on the subject were stalled as she realized what her friend was doing and where.

"Xander!" She hissed out in a loud whisper, "What are you doing!?" With that said she forced his arm down and breaking his concentration.


"Hey yourself mister! What do think you're doing? Didn't Giles and Ms. Calendar tell you 'No Magic'? And besides that, what are you thinking doing at school where everyone can see you!"

Xander shrugged on both counts. Partly because he prepared himself for a lecture if they did find out and partly because none of his spells were really noticeable. In fact the only one anyone might notice is Reinforcement and that was only if he broke whatever was in his hand at the time.

"Nothing's happened yet." He finally said to placate her, though it didn't do much.

"That's not the point! They said it could be dangerous!" A mix of anger and worry filled her barely whispered response. The worry came from the fact he was her Xander and she didn't want anything bad to happen to him. The anger came from the fact he was going against the elders of their group.

They knew best so he should be listening to them.

"Eh." He shrugged again. "They said they were going to fix it later today so what's a little more damage."

Willow puffed her cheeks out in irritation, holding back words she knew her mother would never approve of. Honestly this boy was going to give her an aneurism or heart attack one day. "I'm telling."

"What?" He asked in surprise, and some caution because he knew she would. "C'mon Willow. What are we? Ten?"

"Well, you're acting like it."

"Nuh-uh." He said in automatic denial before pausing and realized he just proved her point, hence the smug little expression on her face.

It took some self-control to not stick his tongue out at her.

When Buffy walked into the library it became painfully obvious that she wasn't prepared for what she was about to see. Her eyes widened with emotion and her fingers twitched in an almost meaningless way as she tried to find a target to put some pain on. Honesty the only reason why she hadn't moved to do so was because she was so worried.

"Xander!?" Her mouth moved only slightly slower than her feet as she was by her friend. A friend who was bright red, sweating and gasping for breath as he tried desperately to keep his balance with a firm grip on the nearby table.

"We did warn him." A vaguely amused voice answered from just out of her sight. Turning her head the Slayer found Ms. Calendar standing with Giles and Willow off to the side, the latter two looking a little worried while the former had an annoyingly amused smirk on her face. "Told him to sit down before drinking it, but would he listen? Nooo, he had to play that annoying macho crap." She gave the boy a rather smug look, "Serves him right."

Before Buffy could even fully contemplate chewing the computer teacher out, both figuratively and possibly literally, Xander grit his teeth and did his best to stand straight. "I'm fine" He ground out, stumbling slightly as he got his feet under him though it seemed like a gust of strong wind would topple him over.

Still hovering near her friend, all prepared to catch him when he eventually fell to his face, Buffy finally asked, "Okay, what's going on?"

"Xander here thought it would okay just to chug the potion without sitting down like we suggested." Jenny said still borderline patronizing as she kept her eyes on Xander. So far the potion seemed to be doing its job, flipping the switch in Xander's body and forcing all the circuits in his body to open up.

Luckily his previous method of opening them didn't seem to have any adverse effect on anything. Sure his body was starting to become feverish, that much was obvious, but that was normal. Still, Willow better be prepared with that water bottle in case he starts to overheat too badly.

As Buffy was caught up with the current events Xander was keeping a count in his head. Before he drank the nasty tasting potion he had opened eighteen circuits by himself, a few still feeling strange from the hyena, and now each was being reopened one by one like a countdown to his total number of circuits.

And he was currently feeling the twentieth opening for the first time.

According to Giles that is where it should have stopped. Because twenty was apparently the magic number for the average magic user but shortly after the twentieth fully opened another circuit he didn't know of opened itself.

And then another.

And another.

Again and again they opened until the final count was twenty seven. Xander gave himself a small pat on the back for being above average in something from the get go.

But then, just like what would happen when any other opposing force disappeared, he collapsed forward. Luckily Buffy was there to grab him before his nose hit the ground.

"Easy there." She said gently as she eased him into a nearby chair, making use of her superior strength to push the protesting boy into the cushioned seat. Willow wasn't that far behind her with the pre-prepared water bottle in hand.

As worried as the red head was she couldn't help the curiosity and excitement that once again bubbled up from her stomach to her brain. Did the potion work? It obviously did something from the still apparent adverse effects.

But if it worked the tradeoff of a high fever for a night for magical powers would be well worth it. Maybe she could convince Ms. Calendar to make her a vial of that stuff too. But that was for later, for now she had a Xander to take care of.

Meanwhile Giles was happy to note Xander didn't keel over and die. He knew the chances of the boy coming to any real or lasting harm were distant, this was more due to his knowledge of the ingredients than faith in his colleague, but it was nice to see his beliefs validated. And it did add a great amount of credit to Ms. Calendar's argument that she just wanted to help.

"So, how many Xander?" Said teacher asked, feeling the boy would prefer that question to another 'Are you alright?' or a 'Do you need anything else'. He already got a dozens of each from both the girls near him.

"T-twenty seven." He gasped after he guzzled half his water bottle.

Both of the magical adept in the room blinked as they found themselves mildly impressed. Due to their lineage both Ms. Calendar and Giles had an above average number of circuits but for a supposed first generation magus like Xander it was surprising. Off the top his head Giles came to two separate theories. One being he had magic somewhere in his bloodline or the second theory being that the Hellmouth 'encouraged' the potential.

While both seemed likely Giles would prefer the first option. God only knew the negatives of the second option. Something to keep an eye on to be sure.

"That's pretty impressive." Jenny admitted simply as she he nothing else to really say. There wasn't really much else to say or do until Xander got over his magic induced fever. The day after though, they would drill the basics and safeties so far into his head that he would be hard pressed to forget, ever.

But for right now, they had to let the boy rest, preferably in his own bed but the stuffy British librarian was insistent Xander stays for at least an hour so he could monitor the boy's recovery. Stupid in her opinion but the more times she proved she wasn't there to kill them, which was an annoying assumption, the more room she'd have to breathe in this over protective group.

And hopefully have a certain super strong blonde stop eying her like she was thinking of a hundred and one ways to skin her alive.

The wooden sword moved near gracefully through the air as she gave another frustrated swing, instincts telling her more how to swing the sword than Giles instructions. A practiced parry, trust, swipe, keep feet balanced and mobile.

It all came to her as she moved around the cleared space in the library. Movement after movement, swing after swing, the more she did it the more natural it felt. Another benefit of being a Slayer she guessed. Know how to use pointy objects.

Not that it really mattered to her at the moment. All she cared about was working off some of the frustration that had built up in her belly. She had been at it for hours after Xander left and still she felt only slightly better. Still she swung the practice sword a few more times with great emphasis so she could think on the subject a little more clearly.

Again. The dumb, stupid idiot did it again. Shedding away another slice of normalcy to enter a fight he should just leave to her. It wasn't like she had a choice, she tried and failed to ignore it and when she tried to have a normal life at home the bastards attacked her home. She had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, no choice but to fight.

But, Xander, he did. And he chose wrong. He was normal and then he turned himself into some freak, like her. She had hoped that Giles and Ms. Calendar would talk some sense into him, she knew she mentioned the idea to Giles, but no. They encouraged it. Sure they were saying it was for his safety, so he didn't do anything too stupid… again.

Still, it was a form of encouragement that they should have stopped.

They should have pushed him back into being the goofy school boy she first met all those months ago. But if they refused to do even that much to protect one who should be an innocent, a bystander, a civilian, then she was once again left without a choice.

She would be strong enough to be there. Be there to protect him, to protect them. To kill every monster in her path before Xander even realized there was a threat. Nothing was ever going to touch her friends or mother ever again.

It was only a moment later, with a rather dry ironic humor, did she realize she was accepting the duty of the Slayer more than ever.

Xander had hoped after he talked with her for a little bit that she wouldn't do it but he should have known that it wouldn't have worked. His little sister was a teacher's pet and a rule follower to the near letter. So of course she told his new magic instructors.

The little tattle tale.

So he had Another, note the capital, talk about responsible and safe use of magic. They seemed mollified when he told it was only Structural Grasp, something they considered very low tier and with almost no risk. They asked him not to practice for at least another day when they could show him how to properly use his circuits

Apparently he was doing that at least half wrong too. Or so they said. He was pretty sure he was doing it the right way himself but according to them he knew jack. He'd offer them a benefit of a doubt for now but he was still going to do the physical stuff.

Speaking of which, he needed to find another marital art. While his self-made forms were keeping him on top of things he knew he needed more. Batman knew at least ten before he was able to make his bat style so he needed a comparable number.

Or at least the number that added up to all the gyms with free trials in town.

There was a Tai Chi place a few blocks from the sports store where he restocked his arrows, he might try there. Tai Chi was like Kung Fu right? And Kung Fu was just plain badass if the old movies were anything to go by.

"Alex!" The shout of his name broke him out of his stupor and with a sigh he recognized the call of the 'Happy Drunk Mother'. Which meant he was about to spend at least an hour of dealing with a mother who wanted to relive his childhood and coo about big he's gotten. Seriously, did drinking make people bi-polar or something?

Oh well. He supposed it was better than the alternative versions.

She couldn't believe she forgot. She and the principal had it planned out weeks ago but it totally slipped her mind. She had gotten too caught up with Xander's problem she had forgotten that she promised the principal she'd help digitize the books that were being shipped to the library.

It was to be a long, daunting, and frankly annoying task.

Open box, pick up book, scan book, save file, put book on shelf, and repeat.

And what was going to make it longer was that Giles had his own deliveries coming that day. Meaning that not only did she have her own books to sort through but had to make sure they didn't get mixed up with the librarian's, unless she wished to cross his bad side.

Luckily she blackmailed a certain group of students to help along with the local Computer Club to help her by basically telling them the sooner she was done with the book scanning the sooner she could teach Xander not to kill himself. Though considering Willow was already in said club and Giles was forced to help her as the librarian the rest of them would have been dragged along anyway.

Still though, with their help she should have it done in one night if some of them stay just a bit later. Which shouldn't be too hard if she worded things right with Xander which, if she read the way Willow looked at the boy right, would have the little red head following after him like a puppy.

A few hours later she would find herself correct as Xander mumbled irritably at her request but moved to go through another stack of books as the majority of the computer club went home. Willow, as expected, agreed to stay later not a second after him. Though Jenny was a bit worried that said girl was going to spend too much time skimming and not enough time scanning the books. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you looked at it, Buffy had to leave to patrol.

"Hey, Wills, I think that goes into Giles' "No Touch" pile." Xander said almost absently as Willow picked up a rather large and old looking book.

The red head scrutinized the cover for a bit before accepting that Xander was right. Besides the obvious age it was written in a language that she didn't understand. This was obviously not the easy reading or reference material her fellow students required.

After placing the book down in the specified pile in front of the fretting librarian, who had been keeping an almost accusing eye on everyone in the room as he sorted through the "No Touch" pile as Xander insisted on calling it, continued onto the next book.

A little over an hour later Buffy returned and Giles started the daily debrief. Xander had to force himself not to ease up as he had to stay on task. To stay on task meant that the stupid thing would be over sooner and he could get back to learning magic.

And with that mindset things moved quickly along, something Xander wasn't shy about cheering for when they finally finished not twenty minutes later.

"Finally!" He called out looking like he was only two steps away from breaking out into a dance.

Jenny rolled her eyes at the boy's actions. "Oh, it wasn't that bad."

"Says you." His flat tone making the teacher snort in response. "Now can we get to the magic?"

Jenny spared a glance over to where Giles had pulled out a map and had a half annoyed Buffy point something out. It looked like the two of them might be there for a while so Jenny didn't see any reason why she couldn't start the lesson without Giles.

"Alright." She said, clearing the table in-between them so they had a clear view of each other. "Okay, since we need to wait for Giles to do the Circuit check let's do a quick review and get to the bones of the basics." She paused for a moment wondering where to start and how to word it, "Let's start with incantations. Do you know why we do them?"

"To impose our will on the world?" Xander half guessed as he tried to remember lines from his magic books.

"That's… not completely wrong." She admitted, feeling a bit disappointed that he didn't know more. "But what I'm asking you is why do we need to say anything to do that? Why do we need to vocalize for most spells?"

"Um…" Xander shrugged when he found he didn't have an answer.

"It's… I guess the best way to explain it is that it's so we can trick ourselves into believing that we can do it." A brief questioning stare from the boy made her elaborate. "If you don't believe with near absolute certainty that you can when you cast the spell then it will definitely fall apart on you. So to avoid this most spells require words to hypnotize yourself into believing you can do it. Certain words also help you visualize what you're doing making the spells that much easier."

As Xander thought over the teacher's words he realized he was doing something similar without really noticing it. 'Contact'. A single word had made all of his spells noticeably easier and he only really started saying it because it kind've sounded cool when he did a spell.

"Now, some people can do spells without saying words but most of them are either that big headed or thinking the words in their head. Either way, both of them probably still do a little self-hypnotism. Mostly it's a mental image to make their magic… wake up. To make it ready to be used. It makes doing spell that much easier, and a little bit quicker to cast."

"Can you explain that a bit more?" Willow asked from just off to the side, note book in hand and completely ignoring the fact she scared the crap out of the other members of the conversation as they forgot she was there.

Jenny blinked and hesitated for a moment, wondering for a brief instant why Willow was so interested. Then it hit her that Willow wanted to learn to. She gave mental groan at that thought. She was going to have to talk to Giles about that later.

"What I mean is that there's," she waved her hands in circles as she thought of the right words, "A mental image people have that lets them feel their magic better." She hoped that made sense to them because she was having a hard time explaining the concepts to them as she learned such little things since before she hit her double digits. It was almost like teaching someone the basics of your native language. "Most people will usually visualize how they think or feel what their magic is like. You wouldn't believe how many times I've heard someone say theirs involved fire, even when it isn't even their element."

"Element?" Willow asked out again, planning on scraping every little bit of information from the lesson even if it wasn't meant for her.

Strangely, at least for Willow, Xander was the one who answered her, "Everyone has an element Wills." He said feeling a bit at odds with the role reversal himself, "Fire is the most common but there's also water, earth, wind and a fifth that varies on the style of magic. So far I've heard about wood, metal and ether."

Jenny gave him an encouraging smile, "That's very good Xander!" she praised before she began her corrections. "A little out dated, but good. Now days we call the first four the "Commons", since most people are one of them, and the other three fall into what's called the "Exotics", because while not rare people are less likely to have them. There are some people with unique elements but that's incredibly rare."

"Cool." Xander said, absorbing the information and hoping for one of the unique elements. After all, all heroes needed something unique about them. Or at least fire. Not only was it cool but he'd get to barbeque the leeches at his leisure. Ah, the happy places his mind wandered to.

"Don't get too excited." Jenny warned him, "We're not going to be looking into that till well after we find your mental image and make sure you can do what you already know without frying your insides before anything else."

Xander suppressed a rather childish "Awwww" before it even left his mouth. No flame broiled misquotes for him, at least for now.

But he really couldn't wait for the day that was a reality.

They said it was like a sprain.

He had twisted his magic wrong and it was limping to keep up with the run he was forcing it to keep. And just like a twisted ankle it could heal, if he didn't put too much pressure on it for a while.

But it wasn't like that was going to stop Xander. Continuing along the same analogy he would take small little steps so he could limp along the road to his goal. It was a thousand mile journey to reach it and every tiny bit counted.

That didn't mean he was going to be stupid about it though.

He'd be as cautious as he could allow himself to be, try to stay within a certain limit that he knew he was probably going to stumble on a few times. Still though he was glad his situation wasn't as bad as the time Batman had his back snapped by Bane.

He would recover, hopefully sooner than later, and he would track down that bitch. And the next time they would meet he'd make sure he was strong enough to end her.

She would get hers and Jesse could finally rest in peace.

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