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It's been four days since his fight with Kurt.

He's done well since then, making it up to his boy, and still managing to keep a respectful distance. Kurt's been waking up to flowers, all kinds of them. Blaine's covered the room because he's never sure what to get. He likes the little dandelions, always has, but he watches television sometimes, and he's never seen anyone give their special person flowers that blow away, so just those might be bad.

He's been cooking, too. He's never had to cook things that weren't people, but he's found that, so long as he pays really close attention to the directions on the boxes, he can bake really well.

He's got muffins heating up right this moment. He thinks Kurt will like blueberry, because he likes blueberry, and they must have some things in common.

Blaine's been thinking about talking to Kurt again.

Kurt hasn't cried as much lately, so he might be warming up to the idea of spending his life here.

It doesn't even have to be here. So long as Kurt stays with him, they can go wherever the boy wants, Paris even. Kurt seems like a Paris person.

Blaine can learn French. He would gladly learn French.

He'd do anything for Kurt, he really would. He could get him anything he wanted, make him anything he wanted or needed. Blaine's good at building; he built his house and the table and beds.

He'll build a crib for their pups one day.

Though, they probably can't have one. Kurt is too human.

He'll have to handle that somehow. Omegas get upset over things like that, and Blaine wants little ones running around. They'll be cute and jumpy and make Kurt smile, and Blaine would get to prove what a good father he could be.

Kurt would want his babies -people call them babies, Blaine remembers- to have a good father.

Although Kurt would also be a father, so they'd have to come up with something. They can cross that bridge when they come to it.

There's a little river close by. Blaine can build Kurt a pretty bridge, a bendy one with a railing they can wrap flowers around.

They can take pictures to hang up; Blaine's never had any real pictures to hang.

He looks at his bare walls and smiles. The thought that one day, the blankness would be covered with memories detailing years and years of his life with Kurt, is enough to get him through anything.

Kurt wakes up to muffins.

He eats them, and drinks the milk he can only assume Blaine set out on the little bedside table.

Unless Blaine has a maid, because that would make far more sense. Blaine didn't seem like the baking type.

He seemed like the crazy type who locks people in cellars.

Still, he'd rather have muffins than moldy bread or gummy oatmeal.

Besides, blueberry is his favorite.

He's gotten over his suspicions of Blaine poisoning him, so he allows himself to enjoy it. Blaine really isn't that bad, as far as kidnappers go. He hasn't tried to rape Kurt or mutilate him with an ice pick.

Maybe it's a little sad, but Kurt does appreciate that.

And maybe it's even more sad, but he also appreciates the effort the man makes.

He's developing a frightening nonchalance.

Blaine smirks as he listens in after Kurt wakes up. His boy likes blueberry. He gave a happy hum when he bit into the first one.

He'd continue listening to Kurt eat, but he's still got the self-awareness to realize that he's being what people consider creepy, so he pushes himself up from the floor and goes to clean the kitchen.

Kurt probably likes tidy things. He's always been very well put-together.

Blaine jumps a little when he remembers.

He got Kurt presents. Well, he has been giving him presents since he got here, but these ones are better than anything so far, because these ones present the perfect opportunity to get Kurt to spend time with him.

Nothing's better than that.

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