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This is set right after the first Harry Potter book and right before the Last Olympian book, which is the one with the Titan war, for those of you who don't know.

SPOILER ALERT! Some of you may think that in this story they will be blood related, but that is not the case!

And just so you know, I will be changing MANY, MANY things! So if you see something that is different from what it is in the books, just go with it. I wrote it that way to fit into the story better.



I looked out the window of the train and sighed. I was leaving Hogwarts after my fifth year. It had been amazing, my adventures and all. I hope I go back next year. The train pulled to a stop at the station and I grabbed my bag from overhead. I slid the compartment door open and got lost in the small hallway of first year Gryffindors. I stepped off the train and up to a bored yet irritated Uncle Vernon.

"Hello Uncle." I said politely. He grunted and grabbed my shoulder, leading me to an old beat up car. I rolled my eyes at his childish manners, but knew to expect nothing less. The three hour ride home was silent. We spoke of nothing, as he usually did not like to speak to me other than to yell at me, tell me I was stupid, or give me chores. I know, great uncle right.

As we pulled into the drive-way my uncle hurried out of the car at an alarming rate for such a chubby man. He didn't wait for me, but he at least left the door unlocked after he slammed it in my face. I lugged my bags into the living room and set them down a moment to rest. That when I knew things were weird.

Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley all sat on the couch staring at me with big smiles on their faces. Something was wrong, horribly, horribly wrong.

"Ummm, hello?" I said unsure. Dudley's face was red and I knew he was about to combust if he didn't share what their little secrete was. Sure enough, he stood straight up and began to dance around in his footy pajamas singing, "He's gone! He's gone!" I wrinkled my brow in confusion.

"Who's gone?" I asked. Aunt Petunia spoke.

"What Dudley meant to say was that we are sending you away. We have picked at random some woman who looked fit enough to care for a child and she has agreed to adopt you." She said stoically.

I blinked.

"Well, bloody say something boy!" Vernon shouted. His face was filled with glee.

I suddenly broke into a big smile.

"WOOHOO!" was the last thing I said before racing up the stairs with Hedwig squawking in her cage. I grabbed things at random and threw them into the nearest bag I had, grabbed my previous bag with all of my school things in it, and raced downstairs.

"Details! I need details!" I shouted. They were still on the couch in shock at my happiness.

"Her name is Sally Jackson. She has been informed you were a-special, and she will know where to send you for school. She has her own son, only two years older than you." Petunia said.

"She accepted that I am a wizard?" they winced at the word but nodded.

"Well, that's odd. But I'll take it. When do I go?" I said excitedly.

"She was so excited—God knows why—to meet you, that she has agreed to drive all the way here to come get you herself. She should be on a boat right now. She will be here by morning. She is bringing her son because these are his last few days before he returns to some summer camp he goes to every year." Vernon said.

"Wait, boat? Where are they from?" I said.

"America, Upper-East Side of Manhattan to be exact." Aunt Petunia said excitedly. She always had this thing about Americans and their funny accents.

The three Dursley's stared at me in excitement. I knew they were excited to get rid of me, but I didn't care. I could hug them at the moment. That night I hardly got sleep, but when I did, I dreamed of what it would be like in America.


Knock, knock, knock!

I raced from my spot at the foot of the stairs where I had been sitting committedly for most of the morning. I swung the door open and was greeted by brown hair woman with kind eyes and a kind smile. I instantly liked her.

Aunt Petunia had spent all morning cleaning and the rooms looked spotless. The Dursley's were all dressed in their very best clothes, enforced by Aunt Petunia as well. I wore what I normally wore, a T-shirt and jeans. I was relieved to see that Sally Jackson was dressed casually as well. I stepped aside to let her in and as she passed by me I could tell that she smelled like cookies. I was about to close the door after her when a hand caught it. A hand connected to a teenage boy. He had raven hair, even darker than my own, and emerald sea green eyes. He was tan and muscular. Not the kind of burly muscular, but lithe and smooth like a swimmer. He stared at me and pushed the door open slightly.

"Forget I was coming too?" he said. He had a melodious voice, but there was something about it that just made me uneasy, like he was mischievous. He smirked at my red face.

"S-sorry." I stammered out. He walked up to his mother with the grace and agility of a cat. More like panther. I thought.

"Hello, I am Sally Jackson! This is my son Percy!" Sally said. Percy waved; a lazy movement of his hand.

I noticed something strange about him. Every part of skin that was showing on him had a scar. Both of his hands had scars on the top, and his left had a long thin scar running down his palm, like he'd caught a blade in his hand. He had a small scar right under his eyebrow, no longer than the length of the nail on my pinky finger, and you could only see it if you were looking. He had a scar on the back of his neck that definitely looked like it hurt. And as he was wearing a T-shirt you could see his arms, which had a various amount of scars that ranged from small to large, going up the muscles and all the way down to his hands.

He seemed nice enough though. For the next three hours he politely socialized along with his mom to the surprisingly hospitable Dursley's. Maybe my aunt and uncle were just excited to meet an American. I took the time to write a letter of all this to Ron and Hermione, and I went to go put it into the mail box.

As I walked back inside I saw that Percy was carrying all of my four bags, which weighed about sixty pounds each, mind you, with ease. He gracefully loped to their rental car and put them into the trunk. He walked back in, looking at me for only a moment, before going back to his mother's side.

Strange boy. STRONG boy. He looked like he'd carried that and more as he handled my bags. Odd character.

But I guess I should just be thankful that he and his mother had agreed to take me in. when I went back inside I saw Sally and Percy stand to leave.

"Well, we won't keep you any longer. Thank you so much, we appreciate it." Aunt Petunia said. Sally smiled and she said goodbye to all three. Percy smiled and waved and followed his mother to the car.

"Well, goodbye." They nodded and shooed me out and I ran out the door, not once looking back.



"So, are you excited?" My mom asks as we drive down the streets of London towards Privett Drive.

I smiled and nodded, but I didn't say anything. She scrunched her face up, but left it alone. I was sulking and she knew it.

I guess I just felt like she was trying to replace me. I mean, while I'm away at camp for the summer he'll be home, and when I'm home for the school year, he'll be away at some magic boarding school in London. Too convenient. It would go on like this until I eventually went to college.

Yeah, she told me about him being a wizard and their whole wizarding community. I called Chiron to confirm it and quickly believed, as Chiron said that many of his friends were wizards.

It irked me, but I knew this made her happy, and it really wasn't all that bad. I was probably just wound up with stress from the upcoming war. Nico had offered me a proposition, and I didn't like it.

When we got there, he seemed to have forgotten that there was someone other than my mother standing at the door, and accidentally tried to close the door on me. I chuckled at his embarrassment. This is where things went wrong.

My mom sat down and had a conversation.

I instantly knew we would be here for a while. She had apparently disregarded her ADHD son and his need to MOVE every once in a while. No, she had a nice chat with the kleptomaniac woman in her spotless living room.

Three murderous hour later my mom looks over to me to find me drawing on myself with a pen. I had gone all the way up my right arm (I'm a lefty), and it had no trace of skin left, just ink. She whispers to me to go wash my arm and get Harry's bags.

I shot up, glad for the movement. I raced for their bathroom and scrubbed my arm clean, then grabbing his bags from the stairway.

Let me just say, DAMN this kid could pack. I mean, I'd carried heavier before, and this was too easy for me, but this guy had serious issues. Aphrodite girls didn't pack half as much crap as he does (exaggeration).

We finally left and I asked the one question that had been poking my mind all night.

"Sooo, you're a wizard huh? Must be fun." He glared at me like he thought I was teasing him or something.

"You don't believe me do you?" he said harshly. I glared at his tone.

"I DO believe you. Why shouldn't I believe you? My dad's a god."

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