Allright, this is officially the last update that I am making to this story. You guys have been utterly awesome. thank you so much for all of the comments, support, and feedback you have given me.

So, I made a mistake on the gender of natattack201, I thought she was a guy-but again, NATALIE, very sorry. :( I have a friend named Nathan and he likes to be called Nat so I sort of just assumed. Awkward.

This update was to give you an estimate of how long it'll be before she can start the story back up. This is what she told me:

"I have maybe 4-5 chapters left of this story which I might be able to finish in 2 weeks if I hurry I'm not the best updating on a schedule :/ but I'm excited to start your story so tht will b a gr8 motivation :D"

So yeah. Basically, you should spam her story with reviews telling her to hurry up, because even I am anxious to see what she has planned!

Also, I'm thinking about starting another story soon, but I'm not sure. Should I?