"Fucking witches!" Dean spat as he stepped on the gas urging the impala to go faster.

"Dean be careful!" Sam jumped as Dean swerved at the last moment out of the way of oncoming traffic.

Within five minutes they were parked in front of the motel they were staying at and Dean was half dragging Sam inside. Dean immediately began searching through his duffle bag until he found a pair of latex gloves stuffed all the way at the bottom.

"Give me your clothes and get in the fucking shower Sam," Dean growled. Sam rolled his eyes but did as he was told, knowing not to argue with Dean right now. The moment the door closed Dean set to work, piling everything Sam was wearing in the trash can and burning it. The actual hunt was simple enough even if witches gave him the creeps, but of course one had to throw this weird looking powdery stuff at Sam right before he ganked her. Now instead of grabbing a beer, maybe rubbing one out and hitting the sack he was gonna have to watch Sam all night to make sure he didn't grow another head or anything weird like that.

"Dammit Dean I liked that shirt," Sam whined as he emerged from the bathroom, towel draped around his hips.

"Yeah well next time don't let fucking Sabrina the teenage witch get the drop on you, who knows what that crap she threw at you is going to do." Dean eyed Sam warily as if any minute he was going to burst into flames.

"Dean come on nothing happened," Sam reasoned, his voice slightly muffled by the bathroom door as he got dressed inside.

"Nothing happened, yet," Dean corrected. Sam rolled his eyes once more and flipped down on the bed furthest from the door.

"So what do you want to do?"

"I want you to go to sleep so I can settle in for a thrilling night of watching your giant ass to make sure you don't turn into a peacock!"

"A peacock Dean, really?"

"Shut up Sasquatch," Dean mumbled as he flipped through channels on the old motel television.

Sam walked over to the television and switched it off, much to Dean's annoyance.

"Come on Dean we won, nothing happened, and it's barely ten o'clock. Let's go to the bar down the road and grab a beer," Sam smiled at his brother trying to coax Dean out of his bad mood with promises of booze and tail.

"You want to go out?" Dean said skeptically. "What happened to no drinking on the job?"

"Well we aren't technically on a job anymore and besides, I'm feeling like a good stiff drink."

"A good drink or one of your bitch drinks?" Dean smirked. He was torn between worrying over what that bitch threw at his brother and the urge to go out and relax for a bit. Ultimately the booze won, Dean figured he could watch his brother for signs of weirdness at a bar just as well as he could here.

"Fine, if that witch powder turned you into someone fun who am I to argue?" Dean laughed as Sam threw him one of his bitch faces before they left.


"I thought you wanted to drink," Dean said, gesturing towards Sam's nearly full beer.

"Huh?" Sam glanced back at Dean, "oh, sorry guess I'm just distracted."

"Wow," Dean leaned over to see several pretty girls, couldn't be more then 25, playing darts. Dean chuckled as he saw Sam's eyes stray to the backside of a particularly pretty brunette. "So how do you wanna play this Sammy? I could go in and talk up that blonde in the pink top do a little recon work for ya-"

"I got it Dean," Sam interrupted, taking a swig of his beer and heading over to the girls.

Dean watched equal parts shocked and impressed as his brother strode right up to the brunette and initiated conversation. Sam was normally painfully shy when it came to this sort of thing; Dean usually had to literally dump a girl in his lap to get Sam to talk to her. Dean ordered another shot of whiskey and sat back to enjoy his brother's awkward attempts at flirtation. After about five minutes of talking the brunette had her tongue so far down his brother's throat she could probably taste what they had for dinner and didn't that just make Dean crack a full grin. Dean knew Sam hated sleazy one night stands and this chick was getting aggressive, he couldn't wait to see how Sam got out of this one. Except, Sam seemed really into it. Dean went from amused, to impressed, to straight up confused as Sam dipped his hands down the back of the girls jeans to cup her ass. Part of Dean wanted to walk over there and mumble christo just for the hell of it but he was never one to cock block. Within five minutes Sam and the chick were leaving together, so wrapped up in each other Sam didn't even glance at Dean when he left.

"Kid better not fuck in my bed," Dean mumbeled, signaling for another shot.

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