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Warning: A little bit of what could be considered a gay slur in this chapter sorry guys I hate writing it but it had to be done.

Sam didn't know how long he walked for. He wasn't paying attention to things as trivial as time and direction. His mind was spinning with this new and sudden complication: nothing would ever change.

So he and Dean were together…now what? Do they keep fighting monsters? Do they keep risking their lives every single day until one of them dies bloody? Sam just couldn't do it anymore, not when he suddenly had even more to lose.

Then again…hunting is who Dean is. Is it really fair of him to ask his brother to give up his passion? Sam never wanted to cost Dean anything he truly loved, but did Dean really love hunting? Or was it just all he knew?

Maybe it was selfish, but Sam couldn't get the image of a small house out of his head. Dean would mock it at first but he could totally see his brother getting into neighborhood barbecues and all that jazz.

"Hi," a voice said, startling Sam out of his musings.

Sam looked up to see a tall woman with bright red hair smiling sweetly at him.

Sam gave the woman a small smile before he continued to walk, his preoccupied mind barely acknowledging how empty the street had become.

The woman frowned and continued to follow Sam, shrewd green eyes sizing him up.

"Excuse me for saying," the woman said as she rushed a bit to keep up with his long stride, "but you are very handsome."

"Thank you but I'm taken," Sam said politely.

Maybe it was the fact that he got to use the word taken in reference to his brother that distracted him to much but Sam never saw the blow to the head coming before it was too late.


Sam groaned against the throbbing in his head as he came awake. He didn't recognize the dimly lit room he resided in but that was hardly new. Over the past few weeks he had gotten used to waking up in unfamiliar places, never knowing if he was awake or dreaming.

"Rise and shine Sammy," a cheerful voice said.

Sam struggled to focus on the person speaking to him. He could make out bright red hair and a pretty face that looked vaguely familiar; it was hard to focus with the pounding in his head.

"Come on Sam I need you to focus for me," The woman said as she lightly slapped the side of Sam's face.

Sam? She was calling him Sam, this could be his current life but really, who could tell anymore.

"Sammy baby I'm dying over here!" The woman whined.

Sam sputtered as cold water hit him in the face, the shock of it sharpening his senses.

"What the fuck," Sam coughed, spitting water onto the ground.

"He speaks!" The woman laughed.

"Oh God," Sam groaned. "What year is it?"

"Come on now Sammy don't tell me that little blow scrambled your eggs," the woman pouted. "This is only going to be fun if you're lucid."

"You have a strange definition of the word fun," Sam groaned.

"Are the festivities not to your liking?" The woman asked, "Maybe it's time to turn up the heat." The woman reached down into her boot and brandished a long hunting knife.

"What are you doing?" Sam asked as he began to struggle against his bindings.

"I have a few questions that you are going to answer for me," the woman grinned maniacally. "If you don't I'm going to start cutting a few things off."


"Boy what are you talking about," Bobby growled.

"It's Sam," Dean groaned, clutching his head. "Something hurt him."

"Dean calm down, how do you know-

"I JUST KNOW!" Dean shouted, getting to his feet. "I can feel it Bobby, he's scared."

"I believe you Dean just take a breath you are no use to your brother in a panic."

Dean glared at the older hunter but grudgingly took a deep breath.

"Alright boy now just focus. If you can feel Sam maybe you can find him somehow."

"How am I supposed to find him when I don't know where he is?" Dean rushed around the living room grabbing his gun and a few knives. "We need to get in the car and start looking for him."

"Dean Winchester you stop and listen to me for a god damn minute before I take you over my knee," Bobby scolded. "When you two cast that spell you woke some kind of connection between the two of you. If you can feel Sam's pain you might be able to get a bead on where he is through that psychic connection if you just slow down long enough to focus!"

Dean glared at the gruff man for a second before dropping onto the couch.

"I can't lose him Bobby…not now," he whispered, his head in his hands.

"You won't Dean," Bobby consoled

"How do you know? It seems like every life we live something terrible happens before we really get a chance to be together."

"Boy if there is one thing I know about you and your brother it's that you make your own luck," Bobby said as he laid a hand on Dean's shoulder. "You two idjits take what fate has in store for you and toss it out the window. Now I don't know much about you in the past but I can't imagine you were ever as strong as you are now."

Dean didn't answer for a moment. He thought about all the times he and Sam should have died but somehow made it out not only alive but still together. Sam was the living embodiment of his heart and he was his brother's strength. It was how they had always survived. Without Sam Dean would become bitter and hard, and without Dean, the hunters life would destroy Sam. One couldn't exist without the other, the thought was unfathomable.

Suddenly Dean felt a tug in the center of his chest, like a strong was tied around his heart. Sam was his heart and Dean's would always find him.

"I know where Sam is," Dean whispered.

"Good! Grab the keys son you're driving," Bobby grinned as he grabbed his gun. "Dean?"

When Bobby turned around Dean was clutching his thigh.


"NUGH!" Sam gritted his teeth as the red headed bitch twisted the knife into his thigh.

"You should be a drooling mess right now," the woman hissed. "I saw the powder on the floor I know what my cousin threw at you. You should be so out of your mind you will fuck anything with a pulse and yet you barely even looked at me on the street so tell me Sammy, how can this be?"

"Cousin?" Sam panted.

"I thought you were supposed to be the smart one," the woman drawled. "Yes my cousin, you slaughtered her and the rest of my covenant."

"You're a witch," Sam groaned.

"Wow you catch on quick," the woman sarcastically remarked. "I went to pay my cousin a visit and saw the scene, one tiny spell and I saw everything you and your pretty boy brother did to my family."

"They were killing people," Sam argued. "We gave them the choice but they refused to stop."

"Well now I'm going to kill you, just as soon as you tell me why my cousin's spell didn't work."

"Maybe it was a dud," Sam countered. "You know those magic shops, always ripping you off."

The copper haired witch yanked the knife out of Sam's leg, causing him choke back a scream.

"That was no dud baby I saw you get infected," she hissed into his ear, grazing the knife lovingly across his cheek. "Only way to save you was if you found your soul mate. Odds would be bad for a normal person but let's be real the only other person you come in contact with is your brother and I know you two didn't play tonsil hockey."

Sam looked away, refusing to let her see the emotion in his eyes but it was too late, she saw the flicker when his brother was mentioned, the knowledge.

"Oh my god…no way," the woman shrieked. "No freaking way!"

"What?" Sam asked, panicked. He didn't want her to know about what they discovered; he knew somehow she would find a way to use it against them.

"I can't believe this," the woman laughed. "The famous Winchester brothers so gruff and tough are nothing but a couple of fags. Incest, wow I'm sure your dad would be so proud."

"Enough red," a voice boomed from the doorway. Dean and Bobby stood, guns out, Dean wincing as he put pressure on the same leg Sam was stabbed through.

"Well there he is, the soul mate," the witch sneered eyeing Dean and then Bobby. "And who are you, the crypt keeper?"

"You better start running girl," Bobby growled as he cocked his gun.

"Dean she's a witch!" Sam shouted, trying to warn his brother.

"Shut up," the woman sneered as she whipped Sam across the temple with the handle of her knife, causing him to lose consciousness a second time.

Dean groaned as stars burst behind his eyes and the room started to spin.

"Dean!" Bobby shouted, torn between watching the woman and helping his friend. "Dean you need to focus, remember you aren't really hurt."

"Well this will be fun," the woman laughed. "Looks like I'll only have to kill one of you to get the job done."

"You know what happens to someone when they wake up their souls and then their mate dies?" The woman grinned.

"No but I know what happens to cocky witches when a bullet hits their brain," Dean said, blinking to focus.

"Let's find out."

The witch swung the knife aiming to slice Sam's throat but Dean knew he had one shot and couldn't miss. The shot rang true and the woman was dead before she could manage to reach Sam's throat. The victory however, was short lived. As the woman fell back the knife sliced into Sam's side, severing the stitches from his previous injury.

"Sammy!" Dean yelled even as his own side felt like it was on fire. Dean ran to his brother's side as Bobby ran to the impala to get the first aid kid.

"Dean?" Sam croaked, the pain of the injury returning him swiftly to consciousness. "Who am I this time?"

"You're Sammy buddy," Dean smiled even as his eyes glazed with tears. "You're my Sammy."

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