We're done! It's over! Huzzah! We have reached the point of quest completion!

But really guys, there's nothing I can say to express my gratitude that you stuck to this story. It certainly took me much longer to finish than Lost Companions had, and I'm glad that you all could be here to help me through it. I would have no chance of success without your support, love, reviews, and yes, ego-petting.

Now, as for the future of Sailor Kasterborous...

A few of you might be aware that my profile mentions I have a Sailor Moon story in progress. Well, I did. Then I re-read it, realized I hated it, and ended up utterly uncertain as to what I should do for quite some time. Well, y'know, a promise is a promise, and I did in fact promise a story, so I have to deliver. And anyways, "Sailor" is in my username for god's sake. I can't really live up to that until I... live up to it. *cough*

But, I do have plenty of plans for Doctor Who stories, which I will get to as soon as I can. I just have to cover my Senshi buddies first. I actually might to a oneshot for all you Whovians before I get into that... we'll see.

Be sure to subscribe to my story feed, and watch out for more! I LOVE ALL OF YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN DESCRIBE. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, ARIZONA INDEPENDENCE, WHATEVER. I LOVE YOU. So much.