A/N: Short, sweet, and to the point. Alaric and Damon friendship, fluff.

Protective Dick

His mind began to wander as he watched her sleep. His eyelids found themselves drooping forward, his body relaxed, and soon Damon Salvatore was sleeping soundly next to Elena Gilbert.


Alaric was exhausted. He slowly climbed the stairs, his brain overworked and done for the night. Before escaping onto his bed something caught his eye, Elena, and something covered in black attire next to her.

He walked quietly up to her door and noticed the girl under the covers fast asleep. Next to her, with not one arm, leg, or any other part touching her was Damon. He was on his side facing her with his right hand underneath his head and his left carelessly on the bed. Both looked peaceful and innocent.

Alaric rolled his eyes.

He then stepped into the room and pulled Elena's quilt off the edge of the bed and draped it over Damon. Sometimes it was hard to believe Damon was over 100 years old.

As he turned to leave he heard Damon grunt, "What am I five?"

"I thought you were asleep!" Alaric whispered, turning back to him.

"I was?" Damon asked. Unaware of where he was, "Oops."

"Go back to sleep, I don't care." Alaric waved his hand.

"I should go…" Damon sat up and Elena stirred but then remained still.

"No man, you should stay with her. I think she needs that comfort."

"Are you kidding?" Damon hissed, "I thought you told me to back off."

Elena stirred again and Alaric glared at the Salvatore.

"Well I was mad at you, remember?" Alaric whispered.

"Oh I thought you were just being a protective dick."

"I'm always a protective dick and so are you." Alaric pointed out, "Just stay with her, I know it's weird and probably out of your comfort zone but she's just…she's been through…she's Elena."

Damon hesitated, "Fine but this conversation never happened!"

"Yeah okay." Alaric chuckled quietly, "Good night. Enjoy the blanket."

Damon smirked and snatched the blanket, flipped off his best friend Ric, and rolled over on his side, facing Elena and shut his eyes.

Alaric turned off the light and walked out.