Ichigo died. He became a Hollow. A very weak, small, furry little cat Hollow. He was easy prey to pretty much all Hollows. He was constantly on the run, barely eating or sleeping. Surprisingly he lasted 3 years by himself, getting by with tiny rodent and insect Hollows and sleeping in tiny caves and nooks that the bigger and more dangerous Hollow couldn't reach in, a few times pretending to be a baby Hollow to the more stupid mothers. At the moment, Ichigo was racing across the sands, a large Hollow on his heels. Thankily Ichigo was fast and lithe. He raced into a marked territory by accident, not noticing till the Vasto Lorde stopped. Ichigo blinked, confused why the Hollow stopped. He continued to walk deeper into the territory, not noticing the ocean colored eyes watching him streak across the warm sand.

The owner of these eyes was all for letting the weaker Hollows stay in his territory for a little while, more so in Mating season. Something drew Grimmjow to the smaller cat Hollow. He was interested to speak to this Hollow. "Hey" he called, voice sinful and deep, interest twisting around the single word.

"...Grimmjow..." Ichigo breathed, his eyes widening. His legs finally gave out, and he collapsed to the ground.

Grimmjow cocked his head to the side, the way Ichigo said his name sounded so familiar, so nice. Grimmjow walked over to the small Hollow, looking at him. "…Do we know each other Kitten?" he asked, gently picking up the smaller Hollow.

"I-it's me.. Ichigo.." Ichigo said, wincing when Grimmjow touched his leg, it really hurt.
Grimmjow nearly dropped Ichigo. "Ichigo? Ichigo Kurosaki?" he asked, trying to be as gentle as possible with the aching legs of the younger male.

"Y-yeah..." He sighed, the scent from the older male strangely making him relax.

Grimmjow slowly nodded. "…You seem tired…you okay?" Grimmjow asked, surprisingly concerned about the well being of this certain Beta.

"What do you think...?" Ichigo huffed, resting his head on Grimmjow's arm.

"Someone is being moody" Grimmjow teased, standing up. "You will stay with me then" Grimmjow commanded.

"Why... Why would I wanna do that?" Ichigo grumbled, his body going limp.

"My territory my rules…besides…you are in no condition to go anywhere" Grimmjow replied, walking back to his house.

"...Fine..." Ichigo sighed.

"Rest…I will get you something to eat" Grimmjow commanded.

"...Fine.." He mewed, closing his eyes.

Grimmjow smiled, quicken his paste to the house.

Grimmjow gently laid Ichigo on his bed before going to make something for Ichigo to eat later. Ichigo mewed sadly at the loss of warmth, the alpha bringing him comfort. Grimmjow heard the meow, sighing. He returned to the room. "Yes Ichi?"

"...Nothing..." He mewed shyly, looking away, if a cat could blush, he would be.

Grimmjow smirked, he lay on the bed next to Ichigo, eye to eye with him. "Why did you mew sadly then?" Grimmjow purred, reaching a hand up to pet the Beta.

"..N-no reason.." He gulped, unconsciously leaning into the touch.

"You haven't got any attention in a while…Beta usually don't last long without it" Grimmjow commented.

"...Beta?" Ichigo asked, glancing at Grimmjow.

"Betas are the more submissive…Alphas are the others…I would say in control but Betas control the relationship" Grimmjow explained.

"Oh..." Ichigo purred, his eyes half mast.

Grimmjow smirked, using his other hand to scratch under the chin. Ichigo was soon asleep, cuddled up to Grimmjow's arms. Grimmjow smiled, food could wait, right? He curled up on the bed, hugging Ichigo to his bare warm chest. He followed Ichigo to sleep.

Ichigo yawned softly; he had been asleep for a few hours at least. Though he didn't really feel like moving. Grimmjow muttered something in his sleep, pulling Ichigo closer to his chest. Ichigo wiggled, trying to break free of Grimmjows grip but to no avail. "Grimmjow..." Ichigo said quietly. "Grimmjow." He asked, louder this time. "Grimmjow!" He hissed, swiping his claws across Grimmjow's face, making four thin red lines appear in their wake.

Grimmjow sat up, grip tighten on Ichigo once again before going limp. "What was that for Ichi?"

"..you wouldn't wake up... and I uhh.. have to use the bathroom..." Ichigo mumbled shyly. "You wouldn't let go so..."

"Well you can go now Ichi…I will make you something to eat" Grimmjow replied. Ichigo nodded, hopping off of the bed and running outside to relive himself. Grimmjow went to the kitchen, quickly making a simple meal for Ichigo. Ichigo walked back in a few minutes later, following his nose to the kitchen. "Hungry Kitten?" Grimmjow asked, lifting Ichigo to the table.

"...Yes." Ichigo said, nearly mewing in happiness as a plate full of food was set in front of him.

"Then eat up…and I can make more if you want more" Grimmjow offered. Ichigo mewed at him, before digging into his food, eating as if it would run away if he didn't eat fast enough. Grimmjow sat down, watching, like a stalker would, his Beta eat. Ichigo was nearly done, rice sticking all around his mouth. "More?" Grimmjow asked.

"Yes please!" He chirped, looking up at him with big, hopeful eyes.

Grimmjow got up, making more food for Ichigo, giving it to him. "Couldn't hunt much when you were constantly being chased…right?" Grimmjow asked, sitting back down.

Ichigo nodded, but was focused mainly on the food as he devoured it. Grimmjow watched, happy to be around his future mate and Beta. "..I think I'm done..." Ichigo mewed after a few minutes, sitting down.

"So is there anything you want or need?" Grimmjow asked.

"Well... I uh.. sort of want to see my family and friends again.." He said quietly.

"Then let's go visit" Grimmjow replied, scooping up Ichigo in his arms.

Ichigo mewed happily at him, leaning up and licking his cheek in thanks. Grimmjow smiled, opening a Garganta to the world of the living. "I can't wait!" Ichigo mewed happily, for about the fifth time, nearly vibrating in Grimmjow's grasp.

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